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  • 1. 1st Junior high school Alexandria- GreeceStudents: Spyros L., Vaggelis M., Konstantina P., Giannis M., Demetra K. Maria P. , Steven M. Persefoni Mp. , Helen Ts., , Hara St., Helen k. , Magda S., Afroditi Ts. , Alexandra Fl.
  • 2. Alexandria is an agricultural town in the center of a plain near riverAliakmonas (this place in the past was called Rumlouki whichmeans Greek land Romiotopos-ellinotopos). It is located in the prefecture of Imathia in central Macedonia.The town of of Alexandria is about 52 Km from Thessaloniki, 21km from Veroia the capital of imathia and about 20 km fromvergina. Vergina is situated close to the site of ancient Aigai(latined as Aegae) , once the royal capital of ancient Macedonia Alexandria was liberated from the Turks on the 18th October of1912. Alexandria’s older popular Greek name was Gidas. Gidaswas formally annexed to Greece on the 28th July of 1913 by thetreaty of Burchrest. There are different versions concerning theoriginal name of Alexandria. The first version states that itoriginates from the Turkish word gida ( food). According to localresearchers, the name dates back to the Byzantine period andmeans "Land Road". In 1953 it took the name Alexandria in honorof Alexander the Great. There are a lot of buildings in Alexandria: 2 nursery schools, 7kindergartens 7 primary schools, 6 schools of secondary educationfrom which 2 are for technical education, one school for specialeducation, a Town Hall, churches, a police station, 7 banks, a trainstadium, a municipal library, choir center, a swimming center,cultural center, a stadium, 2 gyms, one hotel, one amphitheatre,restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets and a lot of shops. Most of the families who live in Alexandria live in blocks of flats.However, many inhabitants still live in houses.
  • 3. Town hallTrain station
  • 4. Monument which commemorates the heroes Local stadium Theoharis Kougas square
  • 5. amphitheatre Local stadiumFolklore associations
  • 6. 19th of May square Recently the Alexandria Municipality built a swimming pool. There are given swimming lessons for beginners and swimming competitions take place, as well.Swimming center
  • 7. Local gymThis is the first school whichwas built in Alexandria.It is a very big schoolwith a lot of students.It is made of stones.
  • 8. Alexandria in Christmas
  • 9. CHOIR CENTERAt the premises of thechoir center in Alexandriaadults and children canattend lessons, practiceand prepare for concertsall around Greece, evenabroad Graffiti of our town
  • 10. Church dedicated to Virgin Mary’s Assumption The central church is dedicated to Virgin Mary. It’s a beautifulchurch with great pictures depicting Saints, Virgin Mary , Christ.
  • 11. The swimming pool, thesmall amphitheater andsport fields (including tenniscourts, basketball courtsand skateboard place). KonakiKonaki is the building wherethe Turkish Bey used asHeadquarters of the region. Itwas built in 1904 beside theold Konaki which was depictedin a map of the Turkish period.The last Turkish owner ofKonaki was Isin – Bey wholived in Istanbul before.
  • 12. AliakmonasA river that runs near Alexandria is Aliakmon. Aliakmon is thelongest river in Greece
  • 13. Traditional music instruments of Alexandria The Greek tambour “daouli“ The Greek clarinet “zournas“
  • 14. The traditional dressing The traditional dress is considered to be one of the oldest in theGreece The male costume does not have any peculiarity contraryto that of woman. The dominant element of the female dress is a headband calledkatsouli. It consists of three handkerchiefs, and represents andancient helmet. According to the tradition Great Alexander admired the localwomen about the courage and heroism that they showed in abattle in which men showed cowardice. He ordered thus women towear men’s helmet, which as time went by became a part of theirtraditional dress.
  • 15. Alexandria choir The idea of a choral group was imported to the little town of Alexandria in 1987. The first director of the choir was Gregoris Savvopulos. Likely the idea grew up and nowadays there is a Municipality Choral Center, witch is supporting two choirs. First theyoung- children’s, female choir “Melissanthi” and the mixedadults’ choir “Alexadrian Voices”. Eleni Theodoridou is the choirs’main director, Kostas Pantelidis accompanies at the piano andGregoris Savvopoulos is the art director.The choir participated in many concerts in 2010 in Istanbul, in2009 in Wernigerode,in 2008 in Graz, Austria . This year we arepreparing for a trip to Italy.
  • 16. SOURCESwww. Google.grwww. Alexandria.grwww. Choir.gr