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Stannah Stairlifts is a UK company with 150 years history. They produced stairlifts for almost 40 years now. They are known for beautiful looking stairlifts, and are better known in Europe than the US.

The Stannah Stairlifts Company has a very strong presence in the UK, its country of origin. They have sold over 500,000 units worldwide. The company installs all the stairlifts in the UK directly.

Stannah Stairlifts does not have much direct presence in the USA. It sports two Stannah Stairlifts USA showrooms on the east coast, in New York and Massachussetts....

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Stannah Stairlifts Usa

  1. 1. Stannah Stairlifts Problems? How To Avoid Unfortunate Surprises With Stannah Stairlifts USA by
  2. 2. Need help ascending a stairway? Can Stannah Stairlifts really be for you? If you reside in the USA, find out how you can get best Stannah Stairlifts prices, and prevent any complaints.
  3. 3. Stannah Stairlifts established its beginning in the UK a century and a half ago. They built stairlifts since the nineteen seventies and they are recognized in European countries.
  4. 4. Reputation Of Stannah Stairlifts USA
  5. 5. New York City and Boston are the only places in the US in which at present Stannah has direct presence.
  6. 6. Virtually all Stannah Stairlifts USA installs are carried out by means of the authorized and trained technicians throughout the USA.
  7. 7. Getting installation done by means of independent installers has its benefits - quite possibly you will find several businesses in your location that are undertaking the setups, and you'll be able to get both great price as well as excellent service as described below.
  8. 8. Getting The Very Best Price For Stannah Stairlift And Reducing The Chance Of Complaints
  9. 9. You may have several Stannah trained techs available near you. So look into your neighborhood phone book under "construction", or search online for stairlift setups and inquire whether they are qualified to put in Stannah stairlifts. If yes, plan for a visit. After the evaluation of the stairs you will get a price quote also.
  10. 10. Here is a hidden secret for you: Stairlifts are not deemed commodity items and the profit margins in the industry are large. You will have plenty of room to negotiate down the price of setup, especially if you now have multiple quotes in your hand.
  11. 11. To learn more about Stannah see website stannah_stair_lifts.html