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STAG Profile

  1. 1. About STAG Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved
  2. 2. An overview of STAG Focused test engineering company, estd in 2000 Offices in Bangalore & Chennai A method centric approach to test engineering Test Engineering Services Group Knowledge Services Group Enterprise Business Applications Embedded & Telecom Banking & Media Financial Apps Mobile applications Training Healthcare Protocols Consulting ERP, eLearning Assessment Test Automation Functional test automation practice Performance test practice Custom tooling Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 2
  3. 3. Approaches to “Clean Software” Approach Key characteristic Effective Consistent Efficiency Scalable Visibility Agile Process driven Test process is key approach Independent test team Domain centered Domain specialists approach weedout defects Automation driven Tools/Automation is approach key driver Ad-hoc/creative/ Focus on individual's exploratory approach ability to uncover defects Frequent& continuous Focus on number of cycles evaluation approach to uncover defects Engg method Scientific approach to centered approach detection/prevention Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 3
  4. 4. What is method-centered approach? An approach that fosters a scientific way of thinking & disciplined way of doing Method = Scientific concepts + Set of steps A scientific way to hunt down defects Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 4
  5. 5. STEM 2.0 Illustrated Phase-wise goals Discipline-wise goals Understand expectations Formulate and Evaluate, refine formulation o do of product and quality od depeen understanding and deepen understanding Tt to HA OW NE Phase #1 wW Phase #2 wH Phase #3 DO Kno Kno BASELINING FORMULATION EVALUATION Understand market space, business Formulate the scope of work Based on the scope, setup the D1 D3 D7 problem, technology Formulate the quality levels environment and execute the tests Understand who the users are Formulate the types of tests based Report defects discovered Identify & understand business use cases on the potential defects Learn from the context & refine UNDERSTOOD the problem- Milestone #1 FIGURED out HOW to do - Milestone #2 READY TO RELEASE - Final Milestone Identify understand the features that Formulate the techniques & process Generate reports for management on D8 make the business use cases for optimal defection/prevention progress, health and risk Understand who uses what and their Identify what requires tooling Take actions to ensure progress frequency of usage Formulate the scope of each cycle towards the goal Understand the attributes expected Estimate effort/time by the end-users Identify risks and formulate risk Understand where & what aspects to focus mitigation plan Understand the critical success factors Identify inputs, model behavior D4 Understand what is 'good quality' Generate test scenarios/cases i.e. what is clean software Refine using structural properties Identify & understand the potential D2 Assess completeness defects critical to be detected/prevented If tooling/automation is required D5 STEM Core Concept Map these potential defects to identify what needs to be automated Technique use cases/features and design & code tool/scripts Principle Design measurements to track our Guideline progress towards the goals of high D6 quality, on-time delivery Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 5
  6. 6. STEMTM - STAG Test Engineering method STAG’s test technology STEM = STEM Way + STEM Core Is a collection of EIGHT key 32 key concepts power how disciplines/workflows executed over each step in a discipline is THREE phases. Each discipline/workflow to be done in a scientific consists of clear steps. manner STEM promises: High early stage detection 30-50% better Higher quality software 300%-1000% better Deskilling & team scaling 100-200% better Better net to catch defects 200%-500% better High ROI on tooling upto 100% Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 6
  7. 7. ACTIVITIES C1 1 Partitioning - Clearly partition the functional and non-functional requirements 1.1 For each requirement identify the nonfunctional aspects 2 Behavior modeling - Model the functional behavior using a semiformal notation 2.1 Read the specification or experiment with the software to understand the intended behavior 2.2 Identify the various inputs that participate in this requirement. Note that some of the inputs may be via user interface while some of them from within the system. C2 2.3 Understand the specification of each input. Input granularity principle is key to figuring this. C3 C4 2.4 … 3 Generation - Design test scenarios and generate the corresponding test cases 4 Refinement using structural properties- Use code structure/design aspects to add/delete TS/TC 5 Requirement tracing - Trace the scenarios/cases to the requirement/feature/code-component 6 Fault tracing - Trace the scenarios/cases to the potential defects that it will uncover 7 Assess the coverage of the test scenarios/cases STEM Core Concepts 1 Reductionist principle 2 Input granularity principle 3 Box model [ y=f(x)] 4 Behavior Stimuli approach 5 Techniques landscape 6 Complexity assessment 7 Operational profiling 8 Test coverage evaluation Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 7
  8. 8. STEM application results Significantly lowered defect escapes – 1000% Estd. high maturity system quickly (3months) Improved efficiencies via automation -500% Enhanced defect finding rates- 500% Scaled up teams very quickly- less that 4 weeks Early stage defect detection - 2x Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 8
  9. 9. What we do… Test engineering group Knowledge services group Full Cycle QA Training Managed QA Specialized workshops in test Offshore test center engineering Finishing school for large SI cos Slice QA services Test design, Test strategy development Assessment Release assessment Test competency assessment Unit test assessment Requirement testing Performance assessment Consulting Test capability assessment and Tooling & automation improvement Functional test automation Development quality improvement Script migration Custom tooling Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 9
  10. 10. Work showcase • Have run a 20 people OTC for a large US based eLearning co. • 5 people OTC for a US-based telecom co. • 7 people OTC for a US-based compliance co. • Managed QA for a eLearning product company • Managed QA for a pharma product dev. co. • Test design service improved #TC by 2x improving test coverage for a internet banking co • Our custom tooling reduces cycle time by 5 times for large BI product company • Performance/load assessment for a shipping logistics company ensures that system is ready for deployment • Our training for a large US based financial co. reduces defects at late stage by 30% Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 10
  11. 11. Thank you. STEMTM is the trademark of STAG Software Private Limited Copyright 2008,STAG Software Private Limited. All rights reserved 11