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Becoming a Test Craftsman - Inspiration from other disciplines
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Becoming a Test Craftsman - Inspiration from other disciplines


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An interesting experience of an individual who drew inspirations from other disciplines in his journey to become a test craftsman.

An interesting experience of an individual who drew inspirations from other disciplines in his journey to become a test craftsman.

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Becoming a test craftsmanInspiration from other disciplinesT Ashok, Founder & CEOSTAG Software Private
  • 2. To reflect, be inspired to realize the infinite potential that each one of us have. Go beyond the typical routine of work. This is about becoming a craftsman, a master who delivers objects-de-art.Here I share my inspirations from other other disciplines in my journey to becoming a craftsman. 2
  • 3. Inspirations from my dog - “Taggy” I had a beautiful and adorable dog – a black cocker spaniel (“Taggy”). A wonderful medium-sized dog with lovely drooping ears, she loved to be in the midst of us. Being a house-dog, I had a big challenge in ensuring that she had no ticks/fleas. Tick Flea Inspirations from de-ticking 3
  • 4. Removing these bugs from a dog, particularly a hairy one, is indeeda very daunting task. You never really know the number of bugspresent and it’s always a challenge to know if you did indeed do agood job.As a test practitioner, I was curious to learn from this activity toimprove my skills to detect “software bugs”. Reasons for bugs Areas to look in Types of bugs 1. Pickup from 1.Between digits 1. Ticks other dogs 2. Underbelly 2. Fleas 2. ‘Breeding’ 3. Clammy areas... How to de-tick 1. Flea collar 2. Diet control 3. Brushing 4. Shots/Pill 5. Medicine bath 4
  • 5. Interesting observationsParting hair in opposite direction made the “bugs” stand outWater on coat made hairs stick making the “bugs visible” & immobileLearningsIntelligent detection My dog has been my mirror, she helped me reflect on software> types of bugs, areas testing.> methods of detection(external, internal) I am in search for the “pill” and the “coat” that can “kill” and>diligent observations of “shake” out defects.symptoms - itching, rash 5
  • 6. Inspirations from“Sherlock Holmes”Deductive reasoningSmart work instead of hard work Hypothesizing “potential defect types” 6
  • 7. T he to “Q ra act ue p st id of io ly un n d in ia de g” g rs n o tan se d in g Inspiration from Doctors7
  • 8. Inspirations from Japanese “Bento” Test cases (HBT)Attention to details Form & Structure Orderliness 8
  • 9. Inspirations from Kids Experimentation 9
  • 10. Inspirations from Artists B P 10
  • 11. Get inspired from all things around you...... s  
  • 12. Be the master.Enjoy. Have fun. Thank you!