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MBUS 502 Chavez Summer 2012
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MBUS 502 Chavez Summer 2012


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Published in: Business, Education, Technology
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  • 1. Research Tips for MBUS 502:Financial Decision Making for Managers Laura Berberian Stafford Reference Librarian
  • 2. Library Research Tools Library Catalog –  Titles of Books  Titles of Journals, Magazines and Newspapers  Searches Simpson Library, Stafford Library, and eBooks  Databases  Articles in Journals, Magazines and Newspapers  Company and Industry information
  • 3. UMW Libraries
  • 4. Subject Guides
  • 5. Subject Guide • Click on “Industry and Company Profiles” or the “Articles” tab
  • 6. Subject Guide • Click on the name of a database to begin searching
  • 7. Can I use the databases from home? • Log in with your Canvas username and password • Contact thejsmith Library if you have accesspassword problems
  • 8. - Company Financials • Enter a company name or ticker symbol • Click “Go”
  • 9. - Company Financials • Use the Tabs to navigate to different company data
  • 10. - Company Financials• Use the drop down menus to find different setsof information• Use the sub-tab options to find different sets ofinformation
  • 11. - SEC Filings• Click the “Filings” tab to search for SECfilings• Click on the icons to retrieve full textdocuments
  • 12. - Annual Reports• Click on “Reports” to access companyannual reports• Click on the links to access to the completedocument
  • 13. - Industry Reports• On the Basic Search screen,click on “Report Search”•Select Industry Reports•Select an industry
  • 14. - Industry ReportsClick on the PDF icon to access the report
  • 15. - Industry Reports• Locate detailed industry reports• Search by keyword or industry code
  • 16. - Industry Reports• Download the report as a PDF or MS Worddocument
  • 17. - Industry Reports• Navigate to market segments, marketcharacteristics, and regulation
  • 18. • To search for companyfinancial information, click the“Companies/Market” selection inthe top menu
  • 19. • On the“Companies/Markets”screen, click on the“Company” option
  • 20. • Search by companyname or ticker symbol• Click the magnifyingglass icon to begin yoursearch
  • 21. • To view financial information, find key ratios, orread current news on a company, use the menuoptions on the left of the screen
  • 22. • Provides 5 yearsworth of financialdetails• Results can beprinted, saved, ordownloaded intoan Excelspreadsheet
  • 23. Business Source Complete • Enter your keywords • Consider using some of the “Limit your results” options • Click “Search”
  • 24. Business Source Complete• Click “PDF” or “HTML” links to retrieve articles• Click “Locate Journal Article” if not full textthrough the database• Limit your results further by using the options onthe search results page
  • 25. “Locate Journal Article” page • Is the article available in a UMW database? YES. • Click the database links to retrieve articles.
  • 26. “Locate Journal Article” page • Is the article available in a UMW database? NO. • Request article using ILLIAD
  • 27. Business Source Complete • To search for company information, click the “More” option • Click “Company Profiles”
  • 28. Business Source Complete • Enter the company name • Click “Browse” • Click the name of the Company when it appears
  • 29. Business Source Complete • Click the PDF link to access the report • Full reports usually include a SWOT analysis • Use the icons to print, email, format, and save documents
  • 30. What if my materials are at the maincampus Library? What if UMW doesn’t havewhat I need? Use interlibrary loan (Illiad) to request materials not located at the Stafford Library  Create an online Illiad Account  Submit requests through Libraries’ website  Request books, articles, dissertations  Delivered online or to the Stafford Library  $2 fee for articles located at Simpson Library
  • 31. Illiad: document delivery and interlibraryloan From the Library home page, under “Services,” select “Interlibrary Loan”
  • 32. • Try different databases• Try different keywords• Use an “asterisk” for multipleword endings - *• Phrase Searching - quotationmarks• Avoid stop words like: in, an,of, for, on, by• Ask Librarians for assistance• Writing Center
  • 33. Need help? Have Questions?  Come to the Library  Mondays - Thursdays 1 p.m. - 9 p.m.  Fridays 1 p.m. - 7 p.m.  Saturdays 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Contact the Library Staff   540-286-8025  IM: cgpslibrary  Set up a Research Appointment   540-286-8057