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  • Over the past month one might have notice the numerous commercials for the Susan G. Komen Race for Cure. With establishing partnership with local hospitals and area oncologists women who are either diagnosed or recovering from cancer will have a year round connection in contributing to find a cure. Another strategic plan is to involve the families that are connected as well. So often the families who are providing care for their love ones are forgotten about their own needs not only physical but most important mentally. By establishing a year visibility the Susan G. Komen organization can raise more funds for breast cancer awareness.
  • To provide continuous visibility to the Susan G. Komen throughout the community on a yearly basis for education, support and funding from an effective campaign over the next five months.
  • Design a timeline for information distribution and compose a feedback evaluation plan of detailed information. To implement another target slogan “Placing Ribbons in our Footsteps” shows how the efforts of the foundation will continue to make a presence even after the race has taken place. Create a constant social media not only with Facebook and Twitter but with text alerts that informs person of either weekly or monthly events that target around breast cancer awareness and fund raisers. Promote a strong outlet for relaxation and resources for caregivers of cancer patients as well as support of grievances from the disease.
  • Women and their families who are impacted by breast cancer regardless of age, race or demographic background and the to the caregivers that attend to women battling this disease.
  • Television media for information commercial and a vibrant slogan campaign, social media advertisement for target audience, electronic article submissions to print media. Text alerts are going to be a big push. Organizations will be able to send in information about functions or services being done then they will be distributed to people who register on the Susan G. Komen web site. It is my goal that the since the Ohio State James hospital is known for their extent research and successful treatment options though traditional chemotherapy and clinical trials. they would be committed to this five month campaign.  I would like Mt.Carmel, St. Anns and Riverside hospitals to provide counseling in areas outside of treatment areas where patients and loved ones could be provide either walk in or by appointments. This area would provide a neutral atmosphere where the disease could be talked with an open dialogue where in treatment areas are normally quiet and filled with nervousness of the disease progression in individuals.
  • The campaign is expected to start in May it will start while the Cure for the Race campaign is in its final stage before the race that is scheduled the first week of June in downtown Columbus. During the months of June information gather during the race will be disbursed for text alerts. In July the hospital and medical centers will become visibility involved with a focus drive meaning that each facility will have a designated week where the “Pink Ribbons in our Footsteps” would be feature with an “open house” appeal feature at the entrance of the building with local celebrity appearances. August and September would include visitations to treatment areas where treatment blankets will be disbursed and appearing at women focused community events. Start up cost of $50,000 consists of initial advertising such a print with community news papers such as the Columbus Dispatch and The Other Paper. Additional advertising consist of promotional flyers, brochures, and advertisement through television commercials. Second quarter cost of $25,000 consist social media with Facebook and Twiteer, web design and maintenance. The last quarter cost will duplicate the seconds of $25,000 promotional items such as t shirts, treatment blankets, and print for car wraps to increase community visibility
  • The evaluation of the campaign will be determined by the attendance of the local breast cancer awareness activities, this attendance should also gain additional funds being raised. Visitation to area hospitals where resources are provided should increase and more family are collectively benefiting from resources given to them that weren’t originally there. The last goal would to be to look at opportunities that could strength the objectives as the years progress
  • Prplanppt450as

    1. 1. Pink Ribbons in ourFootsteps<br />Angela D. Stafford<br />PR PLAN PRESENTION<br />PBRL450-H1WW<br />C. Keithly<br />May 6. 2010 <br />
    2. 2. Situation<br />“We are so close to creating a world without breast cancer. The science is there. Now is the time for us to see this fight through so that no one ever has to fear breast cancer again.”<br />~Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker<br />Founder and CEO<br />
    3. 3. Goal<br />*Funding<br />*Awareness<br />*Support<br />
    4. 4. Objective<br />“Pink Ribbons in our Footsteps”<br />
    5. 5. Target Audience<br />
    6. 6. Impact Value<br />TACTICS<br />STRATEGIES<br /><ul><li>Ohio State Arthur James Cancer Clinic
    7. 7. Mt. Carmel
    8. 8. Riverside
    9. 9. Mark H. Zangmeister Center
    10. 10. Slogan Campaign
    11. 11. Text Alerts
    12. 12. Television
    13. 13. Social Media</li></li></ul><li>Time & Cost<br />April-May<br />June-July<br />August- September<br />
    14. 14. Evaluation<br />Did we do it?<br />What we learn from it?<br />How can it be better?<br />
    15. 15. Donna Rose Stafford1945-2007<br />This presentation and my diploma is in honor of MY MOM. A 2o yr warrior of the battle of breast cancer. Using prayer and laughter as her armor.<br />
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