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H1B Transfer, H1B Sponsor, H1B Jobs, H1B visa, H1B Employer, H1B Software, H1B Consulting, H1B Contracting, H1B free transfer

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H1 B Transfer, H1B Employer, H1B sponsor, H1B consulting, H1B Visa

  1. 1. H1B Visa 1 H1B Transfer Index 1. H1B 1 2. H1B Transfer FAQ 3 3. H1b Transfer without Documents/paystubs 5 4. Checklist 6 5. About Us 6 H1B Transfer to AV Infosoft, Is H1B Transfer Safe? AVinfoSoft works with individuals. We help you re-establish your h1b visa status and situate you on projects with legitimate clients and make sure you get paid, and their by maintain your h1b visa status. What is the maximum period a person can remain unemployed before an H1B transfer is filed? Ideally "zero". However h1 transfer without pay stubs, can be approved when the gap in employment is short. Be prepared, you may have to travel out of the US, get the new visa stamped, and return to the US to be able to commence employment with the new employer. Our attorney will be glad to answer your concerns at our expense. Why Call AVinfoSoft First? Transferring H1b to AVinfoSoft: H1b Transfer Checklist We are here to help unconditionally. If you have some legal issues, our attorneys can answer your questions. Obviously we cannot take everyone who wants to join us, however, we would like to help YOU. In fact we have helped hundreds get back on their h1b status and therefore a successful h1b transfer without pay stubs "I am sure you are thinking, why would AVinfoSoft want to help ME? Is their a catch? You see, I got help when I was in your situation. Now is my opportunity to pass on the same helping hand I received?" Several university studies and two congressionally commissioned reports have shown that H1B visa holders are paid less than Americans. Though the law requires H1B visa holders to be paid the prevailing wage, the definition of that term is filled with numerous loopholes. Why to AVinfoSoft? American citizen and green card/PR can market themselves freely and get top dollars for their work as a professional in the IT/computer industry. However for many with H1B visas, it remains just a dream, until their H1 Visa Transfer to GC happens, which unfortunately, is depend on their employer who holds their H1B Visa. Employers can delay the process, which they often do, for obvious reasons. Apply for H1 Visa Transfer to AVINFOSOFT for an immediate green card sponsor process. We bridge the gap, by giving you the power to market yourself freely at the going rates, and we keep only part of billing rate, you get the rest. Now you can work for any employer of your choice, any location of your choice, and at a rate YOU choose! AV InfoSoft Email
  2. 2. H1B Visa 2 AVinfoSoft recruits and hires, US citizen and permanent residents on a W-2 basis. Please read our FAQ to find out how you can net up to 20% more dollars, compared to working for other US staffing companies. H1 Visa Transfer > Green card process It takes between 1-2 years to get a green card for all countries* Many US citizen wonder, if USCIS should be handing out green cards so quickly. *It takes 6-8 years for Indian nationals on H1b status, to get their green cards. Why is this disparity? Why does it take 3 to 4 times longer for H1bs of Indian origin to get their green card, compared to lets say, H1 visa from Afghanistan. During the 6 to 8 yrs that it takes to get their greencard, it makes it impossible to change jobs, due to GC sponsor delays. Is it a surprise that more h1 transfers taking place, to AVINFOSOFT also happen to be from India? Why H1b Transfer? We DO NOT sponsor new H1b visas, because we are against unfair treatment of Indian nationals. We believe that the H1B work visa program must be made employer independent, so that they are not dependent by the employers and also, come up with a plan based on the US Constitution of treating all nationals equally, so that, even Indians get their greencards within 1.5 to 2 yrs, like the rest. In fact, if you already have a h1b, we will help you get rid of it, ASAP, by sponsoring you for a green card. If you are an IT professional, of any origin with a H1b, H1 Transfer Documents can be processed by us at no net charges to you. We offer you mobility, and prevailing wages. Transfer to our company will set you up on a level playing field with the locals. H1 Transfer to AVINFOSOFT: Who Benefits? If you have a H1B, H1 Visa Transfer to our company, will benefit YOU. US citizen benefit also, because you are not here taking their job, by working for bench salary or no bench pay. H1B Transfer: FAQ The amount of time it takes to get a greencard has increasing dramatically, unfairly, only, for Indians. What used to take 2-3 years, may now take as much as 6 years or more, to get a greencard. That means, for 6-8yrs H1b visas from India will be working for wages far below, what the H1b Visas from other countries, including Pakistan, who will get their greencard in 1-2yrs. We see a great need, in this market, in helping the H1b transfers to make prevailing wages. At the end of the day, no one wants to get under-paid for long. Who is eligible to apply for jobs at AVinfoSoft? Citizen/Greencard faq: We hire US citizen and permanent residents. You may see a 20% improvement on your W-2, because of our low mark-up, 8-10% (instead of 33%, for most staffing companies). AVinfoSoft is an equal opportunity employer. H1B Transfer of IT professionals, to our company, find our services most useful because of the gross inequity of pay of H1 visa workers vs citizen/greencard holders. Many, who's H1B Transfer to AVINFOSOFT may see a 100% increase in pay. AV InfoSoft Email
  3. 3. H1B Visa 3 If I am on a H1, H1b transfer, from my present employer required? Yes. H1b transfer takes about 3 to 6 weeks. Please read the rest of the faqs. How can someone with H1b visa get paid market wages, without a greencard? You got to be joking! You, as a professional market yourself (we can assist, if you need), as if you have a greencard, by posting your resume on DICE, Monster.com, etc., You get paid what you are worth minus 8-10% for actual costs and management of AVinfoSoft. Why is AVinfoSoft? We at AVinfoSoft do not consider ourselves generous. or example, you spend 4 yrs at an IIT. They pay you $80,000/yr, if you are lucky or ($40/hr). They bill you at $100/hr. Is that fair? (Or perhaps we don’t know how to do business, like one manger of 100 h1b workers posted on h1b forum) US citizen/greencard: Most US owned recruiting agencies, mark you up 33%-50% and place you with the clients. If they are paying you $60/hr, they are billing you at $90. If you think that's unfair, you give us a call. Our mark up is a fair 8-10%. If you, are a manager of a company, in charge of hiring, and tired of your recruiters ripping you off, please get in touch with us. Remember that AVinfoSoft consultants are more apt to get on your project and stay on the project, because they are getting better pay through us, than by any other staffing company. When I "H1b transfer" to AVinfoSoft, can't my sponsor find out? No. Their is no way for your sponsor/employer to find out, unless you tell them. After the H1B transfer, you, can fire them! We do not practice any delay tactics that they employ for obvious reasons. If- your current greencard sponsor is not paying you prevailing wages, labor certification may get turned down. As you know, about 45% of the labor certifications get audited and expected to go higher to 60%. Thats a 6-9 months of delay right there. If you are under-paid by your employer, immigration can demote your status from an EB2 to EB3. This means an extra 2 yrs of waiting for your greencard. I am in my I-485 process. My H1B transfer to your company possible? Yes. We can port/transfer your greencard process. Simultaneous H1B transfer, will give the underlying security that h1b offers. I would like to transfer my h1 to AVinfoSoft. Employer I am working for has not paid me a check for the past 3 months. I just found a project. Is H1b Transfer to AVINFOSOFT, possible? AV InfoSoft Email
  4. 4. H1B Visa 4 USCIS requires pay stubs from your previous H1 visa sponsor, in order for H1b transfer, among other things. Give us a call, we will help you how to the challenge. H1b Transfer H1b Transfer Wwithout Pay Stubs We are often asked this question: What happens if you were unemployed for a period of time before a new employer files an H-1B transfer petition? Our experience is that the USCIS uses its discretion and approves the transfer with change of status when the unemployment period is comparatively short. But it if it is more than a few weeks, then the situation could be a little more complex, please call me at AVinfoSoft to discus this issue. H1b Transfer can still get approved, but with USCIS processing, meaning you should depart the US and get the visa stamp to be able to work for the new employer. In such cases, we, the employer will not put you on our payroll until your h1 transfer petition outcome is known. We also recommend premium processing for such petitions. After transferring the H-1B to a new employer, does one need to leave the US to obtain a new H-1B stamped before starting the new job? If the H1B is granted with extension/change of status, i.e., with an I-94 with new validity dates, there is no need to get the visa stamped. Another way to overcome the h1b transfer without pay stub issues, when the gap is long, is to write a letter to your h1b employer, demanding bench salary. This of course has to be done by a professional and documented properly. Stop worrying, and call me. What have you got to lose? Chances are we can help you, even, if the gap is extra long! H1b Transfer Checklist: Checklist of documents to be provided by the H1 applicant (i.e. prospective employee) : Clear copy of I-94 card. Complete copy of passport along with copy of the visa stamps. All previous approval notices. The Department of Homeland Security may delay your case if we do not provide these. Full copy of all degrees, diplomas, transcripts and mark cards. Please do not trim edges. Note : Numerical course codes must be explained. Provisional certificates are not acceptable. Educational credential evaluation. Copies of work experience letters or reference letters that you may have. Complete & detailed updated resume. AV InfoSoft Email
  5. 5. H1B Visa 5 If you are in the US on valid H1 status & are now transferring your H1 (i.e. changing your employer), most recent pay slips. Please provide last three pay slips if available. Occupational / Physical Therapists : Please provide copy of your state license and visa screening certificate. If you are on H4 now : copies of spouse’s H1 approval, I-94, recent pay slip & marriage certificate. If you are on F-1 now, copies of your I-20s, OPT approval notice & Employment Authorization / “Practical Training” card. If you are on J-1 now, copies of : DS-2019, IAP-66 and all J-1 waiver documents. Documents to be provided by the spouse / child of the H1 applicant (i.e. by the H4 applicant): Copy of passport along with copy of visa stamp. Copy of your I-94 card (front & back). Copy of marriage certificate (in case the H4 applicant is the spouse of the H1 applicant). Copy of birth certificate (in case the H4applicant is the child of the H1 applicant). About Us We work, not only US Citizen, GC holders, make more money (about 20% more because of our low margins), but also professionals on H1b visa status to market themselves freely and get paid at going rate in the United States. You are your own Boss You will decide your rate We are working on 80/20 Billing, 90/10 Billing H1bs: We believe that their is no reason one should work long hours and earn less money just because of not having a permanent resident alien status. AVinfoSoft For job openings Visit: www dot AVinfoSoft dot com Email your resume: career at AVinfoSoft dot com AV InfoSoft Email