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Learning on the Move! Coming to a small screen near youEdwin curran
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Learning on the Move! Coming to a small screen near youEdwin curran


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Learning on the Move! Coming to a small screen near you Dr Edwin P Curran

Learning on the Move! Coming to a small screen near you Dr Edwin P Curran

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Learning on the Move ! Coming to a small screen near you. Dr Edwin P Curran School of Computing and Mathematics University of Ulster [email_address]
  • 2. Where do our students learn?
    • Lectures?
    • Tutorials?
    • Practicals?
    • Revision classes?
    • Cramming in last week before exam?
  • 3. Is mobile learning the answer?
    • “ It's elearning through mobile computational devices: Palms, WindowsCE machines, even your digital cell phone .” (Quinn 2000)
    • “ how the mobility of learners augmented by personal and public technology can contribute to the process of gaining new knowledge, skills and experience . “( Sharples et al 2007)
  • 4. An age of personal and technical mobility
    • http:// /
  • 5. Mobile internet devices
    • “ A mobile internet device is something that you carry around in your pocket, and can deliver the full internet, with no compromises ,”
    • “ Eventually we will blanket the globe in wireless broadband connectivity ”
    • ( Paul Otellini , Intel, 2008)
  • 6. Mobile learning activities
    • “ Ten years of research into mobile learning has revealed no single ‘killer application’ for mobile technology in learning, but instead has offered a set of promising scenarios such as … …handheld response systems in classrooms”
    • ( Sharples et al 2007)
  • 7. Mobile learning activities
    • Should be driven by specific learning objectives
    • create quick and simple interactions;
    • prepare flexible materials that can be accessed across contexts;
    • consider special devices that might add to the learner experience (for features of mobile example, the use of audio);
    • use mobile technology not only to ‘deliver’ learning but to facilitate it,
    • make use of the facilities in current mobile devices for voice communication, note-taking, …
    • (Naismith and Corlett, 2006)
  • 8. Challenge
    • Let’s explore how we can harness existing technology to make our classes more fun, more engaging and enrich the learning experience for more of our students.
  • 9. What is teaching?
    • The purposeful creation of situations from which motivated learners should not be able to escape without learning or developing. ( Cowan 1998)
  • 10. Do I have to use all these? Sony PSP Apple iPod
  • 11. Do I have to use all these? V L E small screen devices Tools to create questions and learning activities Audience participation system
  • 12. Audience participation systems
    • InterWrite PRS
      • IR and RF
      • Latest version 4.41
      • Talk to WebCT/Blackboard
  • 13. Audience participation systems
    • TurningPoint
      • IR and RF
      • Latest version 4.0
      • Talk to WebCT/Blackboard
      • sits as a toolbar in PowerPoint
      • allows competition
  • 14. Creating learning activities
    • StudyMate
      • Authoring tool
      • Create Flash-based activities
  • 15. Better stop now!
    • Will this guarantee
      • better engagement of students?
      • higher level of satisfaction?
      • enhanced level of continuing enrolment?
    • Implementation in semester 2