I pad iphone changed appearance of android tablet phone


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Daring Fireball author John Gruber has always been a supporter of Apple, his most recent view is that: the Apple device in appearance and tablet is essential on the Android phone and tablet.

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I pad iphone changed appearance of android tablet phone

  1. 1. All rights reserved——http://www.ipadtomactransfer.org/ iPad/iPhone Changed Appearance of Android Tablet/PhoneApple hopes that an iPhone can meet all the needs of users, but in fact this is verydifficult. There are mobile phone users who want the phone be integrated with aphysical keyboard, some users will want the phone to be used with large screen andstand for watching movies. Android phone is able to meet these needs.iPhone does not support text reflow, while Android is able to support this feature. Thisfeature makes the text on the website of the width fit the phone screen, eliminating theneed to drag the scroll bar when browsing back and forth. Since the Android phoneoffers so many features, so why should the user buy the iPhone? The answer isobvious. iPhone is still the best mobile phone design. The iPhone application is morethan better on the Android phone. In addition, Apples influence means that operatorscan not make changes on the iPhone. (Related: How to Delete Podcasts from iPadiPod iPhone)All in all, iPhone single size does not fit all. And because Android is an open sourcesystem, therefore, companies such as Sony and Amazon develop some interestingservices on the Android platform. This is the iPhone can not do.But do you know, the appearances o original Android phone and Tablet are not whatwe see today. They are largely influenced by Apple iPad and iPhone. See the detailsbelow.iPad changed appearance of Android Tablet?Daring Fireball author John Gruber has always been asupporter of Apple, his most recent view is that: theApple device in appearance and tablet is essential onthe Android phone and tablet. Look at the followingpicture directly, how iPad changed the industry withsimple design. (Related: Upload Movies to iPad 2)iPhone changed the appearance of theAndroid phone?
  2. 2. All rights reserved——http://www.ipadtomactransfer.org/John Gruber placed a GIZIMODO link in his blog, the link is from the ancient in December2007. Why this time? This requires a combination of some background information: Androidrelease was on November 5, 2007; the first Android phone (yes, the G1) release in September22, 2008. (Related: iPad 3 to Mac Transfer)GIZIMODO gives a spy in this article, its the Android test models:As for the final out of the Android model results? We have seen, no increase screen keyboardoccupies the mainstream. So John Gruber thinks that iPhone makes the Android become soelegant.Related Links:Backup Apps from iPad to iPad 2, DVD to iCloud Converter for Mac