How to get free music on ipod touch


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How to get free music on ipod touch

  1. 1. All rights reserved—— How to Get Free Music on iPod touch?If you have an iPod touch in hand but contained far fewer songs than the gigabytes ofstorage space, then you may want to get some music files to it for leisure timelistening. It may cost you much to purchase songs from iTunes to your iTouch. So youmight be wondering if there are free music files that can be downloaded for the iPodtouch. Actually, get free music for iPod touch is able to be achieved.This article is rightly written down here to show you how to get free music on iPodtouch. If you want to download free music for your iPod touch, then just go ahead tosee where and how to get free music for iPod touch now!How to Get Free Music on iPod touch with iTunes?The quickest legal way to download free music for iPodtouch is rightly going to iTunes Store, which frequentlyoffers free promotional tracks as part of various albums, anda new free track-of-the-week is offered up each week. Justfollow the steps below to get free music for iPod touch withiTunes now!1. Power up your iPod touch. Directly click the icon of"iTunes" app from the home screen to start it.2. Then click on "Music" tab and the "Free on iTunes" icon in the interface.3. Click on the tab at the very top of the page, featuring the name of the artist and the single.4. Click the "Free" button besides each song to download songs free of charge.How to Get Free Music for iPod touch from the Internet? There are lots websites supports users to free download music files. If you want to download free music for your iPod touch legally, then you can just visit those sites which legally support MP3 format song downloaded free of
  2. 2. All rights reserved—— For example,,,,,PureVolume, Bandcamp, Free Music Archive, etc.How to get free music on iPod touch from the Internet?Step 1: Go to any website list above to download free music to your hard drive.Step 2: Copy/move the download MP3 format music files to your iTunes library from yourhard drive by simply dragging the files directly onto your "iTunes" icon. Then all yourdownload files will be filtered automatically into iTunes.Step 3: Run the iTunes and connect your iPod touch to computer with the USB cable. Thenjust transfer your iTunes newly added songs to iPod Touch by directly dragging the songsfrom the "Music" library onto the "iPod" icon.Tips: If you want to extract the audio that embedded in videos or DVD to play on your iPodtouch, then you can let the Cucusoft iPod touch Video Converter suite do you a favor. It willhelp you convert DVDs and videos to iPod touch compatible video and audio files for betterentertainment.More Articles: How to Add Movies to iPod touch, How to Fix a Frozen iPod touchKeys: How to Get Free Music on iPod touch, Get Free Music for iPod touch, Download FreeMusic for iPod touch