Media evaluation q3


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Media evaluation q3

  1. 1. Out of three potentialposters and magazinecovers our piers andteacher gave feedback onour individual work.We placed the three ofeach on the table androtated in groups givinganonymous feedback oneach others work.We come to theconclusion throughfeedback that a simpleformat should be used forboth poster and coverkeeping in theme with thesimplistic techniques ofsight and sound.Through using feedback as navigation forwhich route to take we were able to gainan understanding of what the audienceprefer to see and which material createsthe greater impact, be it simple or not.
  2. 2. For our first edit of our teaser posters we tried two very differentapproaches and asked for feed back to choose the more appropriate ofthe two.The first of the two was a verysimple picture of the characterstaring at the camera against aplain background, the image wasdarkened through affect to createa bleak look reflecting the theme.The second consistent of manyimages of the trailer collaged intoa blurred image, this was alsoused through an edited effect andallowed us to create one image ofthe main parts of our trailer.
  3. 3. From the two edits, our audience feedback showed that the moresimplistic effect had a greater impact, the use of one clear image editedwith a bleak surrounding darkness created a better response and so wedecided to use this.We also got feedback from anoutside source; a girl in our sixthform named Lily Evans. “The firstimage was the better out of the twobecause the anger showed in Jon’seyes and the fact they cropped thephoto and focused in on the eyesand sams got a big cock”
  4. 4. In order to create the „Sight and Sound‟ magazine cover for ourcampaign, we used two main programmes. Ribbet and Paintshop Pro7. These allowed us to crop the original photo to a suitable size. Fromthis we could also add effects such as black and white, extra black andwhite and Holga-ish. After this the programmes then allowed us to addpugs and cover lines where needed.
  5. 5. We only did one edit for amagazine cover due to the factthat our first edit seemed to gainpositive feedback from ourtarget audience which in thiscase were members of ourmedia class. We used sufficientresearch and planning toensure that the first edit of ourmagazine would be the onlyone needed.There were also varioussources of feedback fromteachers including MissDurkin and Mr Todd. Theirfeedback was the most validas they had worked withmany other ‘Sight and Sound’recreations from classesbefore. They came to theconclusion that we hadfollowed the rule of thirdsidea for the layout of thecover.
  6. 6. We decided to go with the idea of My Name Is Jon as it is very relevant intoday‟s society with numerous child abduction cases in the news on a dailybasis. We wanted to take precautious steps when dealing with such asensitive subject as it can be vulgar if portrayed wrong. However we felt thatit conveyed different characteristics of a thriller being unique in the style ofdarkness used.We chose not to go with the typical conventions of a teaser trailer as thenarrative of the film is not the typical thriller. We wanted to show a sense ofnormality about the trailer as we feel that society is becoming desensitised tothe subject.
  7. 7. Our main feedback method for the idea of the thriller teaser trailerwas a self feedback group activity. We all drew spider diagramsand had input on basic ideas we thought could work well. Fromthis we each chose our favourite idea and continued to developthree separate ideas which we posted on our blogs. From this ourgroup came together as a vote and decided to continue andexpand on the idea of My Name Is Jon.
  8. 8. Sophie Barker - Sophie told usthat the darkness of the posterreflected the theme andnarrative very well. She said thatour use of plain background andshadows allowed us to portraythis.Rachel Gande - Rachel thought that ourposter was simple yet creative. Sheliked how we used very little words yetconveyed the theme of the film throughuse of colour or lack of it. She liked howwe used the same image from ourmagazine to create a mysterious look tothe character through use of shadowingedits etc.
  9. 9. Steph Hawkins - Steph thought that themagazine cover was set out in the sameconventions as a typical sight and soundmagazine. She said that the image waspositioned the same as many othercharacters would have been positioned andthe pugs/cover lines were appropriate to thenew style of Sight and Sound covers. Amy Holt - Amy saidthat using sight andsound instead of otherssuch as Empire showedthe small independenttype of film it was. Italso reflected theseriousness of thenarrative and themesbeing portrayed.
  10. 10. Mr Lall - Mr Lall said that wemanaged to understate thetrailer well and create a goodenigma for the audience aboutthe unravelling of the plot. Healso said that we didn‟t give toomuch information away aboutthe character or narrative,adding to the „tease‟ of theteaser trailer.Mr Farnsworth - Mr Farnsworthtold us in his own words that“They Nailed It”, After he hadalready seen other films andtrailers conveying the samecontext as ours. He said that theway we used simplistic shotsadapted the ideas of a normalthriller.