Community Building

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  • 1. Unlocking Community Building Relationships, Teams and Communities community-presented-at-tn-coaltion-71812
  • 2. Click here to go to poll.
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  • 4. • Define community building, stages of community/ coalition building and barriers to the process.• Discuss community building techniques/tools that can be utilized in SART Coordinate Response Teams
  • 5. What doesCOMMUNITYmean to you?
  • 6. Community: A group of people who share a common place, experience or interest.Community Capacity:The ability of community members to make a difference over time and across different issues.
  • 7. Group Activity“Lost at Sea”Quick group activity to illustrate someobstacles/barriers to forming effective teams/communities.
  • 8. What is needed forsuccessful Community Building?
  • 9. Important Concepts in Community Building• Relationship Building • Feelings of influence and• Collaboration membership• Common shared Purpose • Common language, (shared ideas, experiences, knowledge and dialog mission and passions) (interaction must be easy)• Room for divergent views • Emergent Structures• Authenticity (social structure emerges organically)
  • 10. Stages of Community BuildingONE-FORMING: Pseudo-community; organizing, avoidconflict or real relationshipsTWO-STORMING: Chaos/conflict; can use structures andrules to avoid real relationships; determining boundariesTHREE-NORMING: Cohesiveness (after trying quick fixes fora while the discovery that only by letting go of agendas canwe meet each otherhonestly)FOUR-PERFORMING:Community - functional(shared mission, way ofwork, mutual respect,room for divergent views)
  • 11. Barriers to Community/ Coalition Building?
  • 12. Barriers to Community BuildingBarrier: Turf & CompetitionStrategy: Ego, turf and territoriality are realities in community building.Recognize self-interest (indiv./org) as part of what motivates people and look forstrategies that take self-interest into account. Minimize impact of turf, etc. byappealing to larger good/mission.Barrier: Bad HistoryStrategy: Never forget the power of history– know what it is or discover it.Create an open and fair process that allows everyone to participate, set groundrules, shape the coalition’s agenda.Barrier: Failure to ActStrategy: Community/coalition must have a process and operate in a planfulmanner, but it also need to produce actions and results (in its first weeks andmonths of existence). Include smaller actionable steps that can be completed –while also working on the long term goals.
  • 13. Tools & Resources for Building Relationships, Communities and Teams See Handout
  • 14. How is all of this applicable to your Community’s SART/Coordinate Response Team? Facilitated Group Discussion
  • 15. Contact