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Integrated Marketing Communication (Healthy Being)
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Integrated Marketing Communication (Healthy Being)


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  • 1. MKT305 Integrated Marketing Communication Instructor: Michael Savod Jennifer Wang Kai Nortey Natasha Geraghty-Medved Nicole Hughes Stacy Lin Tatiana Sklyam ina
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  • 6. Blueprint
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  • 10.
    • Advertising
    • Public Relation
    • Sponsorship
    • Cause Marketing
    • e-Communications
    • Sales Promotion
    • Direct Marketing
    • Personal Selling
  • 11. Healthy Being will be advertised through various media channels.
  • 12. Are you aware that our food is nutrient rich and has been independently researched by nutritionist? Unlike any other fast food restaurant, Healthy Being provides delicious, nutrient-rich, low fat, affordable, quick meals. We provide a vegetarian menu, different types of bean dishes, a variety of well prepared salads, and more. Healthy Being has a drive –thru for your convenience. Don’t miss out!!! Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Whole, At Healthy Being Proud sponsor of San Jose’s “Schools Environmental Conference” 1880 Olivetree Dr. San Jose, CA95101 Tel: (408)415-9633 www.healthbeing .com
  • 13. Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Whole, At Healthy Being MOMS! Are you always on the go? Don’t have time to cook for your kids? Stop by Healthy Being! It’s fast, easy, affordable, and you don’t have to waste time standing in line. Unlike any other healthy fast food restaurants, our conveniently located drive-thru is available for you and your kids. Our food is nutrient-rich and well-balanced, and we have an assortment of meals, and individual items to choose from. Stop by Today! Proud contributor of Public School Green Gardens 1880 Olivetree Dr. San Jose, CA95101 Tel: (408)415-9633 www.healthbeing .com
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  • 21.
    • American Public Health Association
    • American Red Cross
    • County of Santa Clara Public Health Department
    • Diabetes Foundation
    • Santa Clara School District
    • San Jose State University
    • United Food
    • Curves
    • Farm Fresh to You
    • Kaiser Permanente
    • Knoll Organic Farms
    • Weight Watchers
    • Donating Sponsors
    • Participating Sponsors
  • 22.
    • Meet & greet w/ special guest & officials of all sponsors
    • Exchange contact info of all attendees, guests, invited/notified per event & those who expressed interest
    • Company name/logo/link/banner exchange on all event promotions: Print, radio, electronic signs and web.
    • Exclusive rights to host an event at each of our sponsors facilities at a later date. This event will be promoted exclusively to their mailing list.
    • Both parties receive
    • We receive
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