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Practical apps for school librarians and the 21st century learner
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Practical apps for school librarians and the 21st century learner


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  • 1. Stacy Cameron @stacycam @txla #txla14 Practical Apps for the School Librarian and 21st Century Learner
  • 2. Fun and colorful! Kids enjoy playing the games and earning points. Don’t want to create a new quiz? Edit an existing one!
  • 3. This changes with each game you start.
  • 4. Alternatives to Kahoot Pros Cons Socrative ● works on any device with Internet access ● Space Race feature runs like a game ● Your room number never changes ● new version of Socrative (beta) has some bugs - use older version Infuse Learning ● works on any device with Internet access ● not as well-known as Socrative
  • 5. Excellent way forstudents to post their work to ONE location as well as get their videos, pics, etc. off a mobiledevice.
  • 6. Alternatives to Padlet Pros Cons Dropbox ● save work in the cloud ● share with others ● does not put all student work on one page like Padlet Google Drive ● save work in the cloud ● share with others ● does not put all student work on one page like Padlet
  • 7. User-friendly, clean, free, keep constant URL just change content, plenty of themes - no need to upgrade Example: My school’s weekly newsletter
  • 8. Alternatives to Smore Pros Cons Tackk ● easy to use ● free ● works like Smore ● backgrounds are more colored textures than pics like Smore ● I had trouble with the changes saving with Tackk
  • 9. Saves to Google Drive, easy to use, fun style. Works well on an iPad and can embed URL and images. Use for brainstorming with students before research projects.
  • 10. Alternatives to MindMup Pros Cons Mindomo ● been around for awhile - well-known ● part of Google Apps for Education, but… (see cons) ● Not a free service Mind Meister ● add as an app to your Google Drive for quick access and to save directly to Google Drive ● uploading files is not free ● cannot add hyperlink?
  • 11. thinglink.comExamples: 8th grade ILA Health class Thinglink Use as a fun alternative to a research project. Students add text evidence to support the pics and can make their own videos or upload from YouTube. Teachers can use to teach info and post to class website.
  • 12. Alternatives to Thinglink Pros Cons Prezi ● fun alternative to Power Point or Google Presentation ● can upload video, images and links ● definite learning curve to Prezi - more so than Thinglink Stipple ● works a lot like Thinglink - same idea of tagging images ● looks like it’s more for commercial/business use ● not as user-friendly as Thinglink (IMO)
  • 13. Questions? Access all of these online resources @ bit. ly/PracticalApps