"Mastering the Pitch" Session Handout


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Regardless of your profession or your role, everyone is in sales. Whether you’re selling a service, a budget, an idea, a program or a story angle, we all sell something to prove our ROI and polished pitching skills help us do it. But how do you improve your pitching skills to accelerate your career?

Find out during this interactive session led by Stacy Armijo, Vice President and Austin General Manager for Pierpont Communications. Stacy will share tips and demonstrate techniques that enhance your credibility with listeners to increase your odds for success, such as projecting a powerful presence, mastering the art of the question, framing conversations successfully, closing strong and more.

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"Mastering the Pitch" Session Handout

  1. 1. “Mastering the pitch: How to nail the big meeting to get what you want” By Stacy Armijo, Vice President and General Manager, Austin for Pierpont Communications What we’re not going to do (Image: Cheesy salesman) What do you think of when I say “pitch”? Not about “being smooth,” sucking up or deception If it’s a good pitch, it should elevate your credibility, not jeopardize it What we will do Define what you want… specifically Discover what your audience needs Find the intersection Ask for the order Set the terms for response Define what you want… specifically Think of something you need to pitch Don’t be wishy washy – “buy in,” “support,” “feedback” Be clear – Approve funds, execute a contract, commit to a profile The easier you make it for me to say “yes,” the more likely I am to say it Anyone want to state what they want? Discover what your audience needs Put twice as much thought into questions as key messages Demonstrate your expertise through questions (sincerely) Eliminate distractions, use reliable recording devices to really listen Do not listen only for what you want to hear or objections you expect Listening tips: Write down new questions; Put reminders in margins; physically re-focus, if needed My golden question: “What haven’t I asked you that I should?” Find the intersection Play back what you heard and confirm it Here’s how I think I could help – Clear, simple, direct If possible, frame the factors by which they should decide
  2. 2. Ask for the order If you don’t ask, you don’t get Example: Toured eight office spaces; one leasing agent asked for my business Find a comfort phrase… “I think Pierpont could do good work for you and I’d like the opportunity to do it.” No vague endings; clearly state your desired result Set terms for the response Avoid the mushy stuff: “What are your thoughts?” “Let’s talk again.” If necessary, clarify the decision-making process: o “How will this decision be made?” o “Is it likely others will be involved?” “What is your timeline?” If needed, you set terms, “Okay, I’ll call you next week.” Tips Listen more than you talk… and really listen Project confidence and professionalism: in person, over the phone, in writing Mirroring – Tone, pace / length of communications, dress Brevity is the soul of wit Always be ready to walk away Your Turn on the Mound Think of a pitch you can give and prepare to do the following, in 3 min. or less: Tell us what you want Explain why we need it Ask for the order Set the terms for responseStacy Armijo is Vice President for Pierpont Communications. As the General Manager for the firm’sAustin office, she oversees all public relations clients and has played an integral part in helping theoffice grow since 2002. Stacy has led account teams that have garnered numerous communicationawards and is valued by clients for her ability to communicate complex ideas concisely and producemeaningful results. She speaks regularly about public relations, marketing, social media and communityinvolvement.To contact Stacy or for more information about Pierpont’s services, email sarmijo@piercom.com or call(512) 448-4950.