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Digital media limacol

  2. 2. LIMACOL Target Markets • • • • India USA Trinidad & Tobago Jamaica • • • • St. Lucia St Vincent Guyana Barbados
  3. 3. DIGITAL MEDIA WHY USE DIGITAL MEDIA FOR LIMACOL • • • • • • Easier communication with diverse customers in several regions and territories More cost effective means of using “Adaptation Marketing Strategies” in different countries The ability to provide a unique destination for like-minded consumers who will interact with each other and develop advocacy Adaption to the Lifestream Age – consumer generated content, mobiles, wifi, digital cameras Anytime, Anywhere marketing – 24/7 Access (including potential of a 24 hour focus group for development) Growth in Social Media • Twitter has over 500 million users worldwide • Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide
  4. 4. DIGITAL MEDIA We’ll How We ll Use It • • • • • • • • • • Actively solicit feedback and opinions from consumers on the products and utilization in their everyday world Provide easy access to information including purchasing opportunities Convert customers into well-informed advocates, and consumers into new customers Build brand awareness and influence the perception of the brand Build Ease of use, Frequency & Efficiency in customer Service Link online contests to traditional media through events and deals Similar creative used for traditional media will be used for online Banners, Ads & Posters Share information on how Limacol can be purchased online Use online catalogs to share information Integrate the service offerings across platforms & countries
  5. 5. INTERNET USERS IN LIMACOL MARKETS Country Caribbean Region Barbados Jamaica St. Lucia St Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago India USA Guyana Population (2012) Facebook Internet Users (2012) Penetration Rate Subscribers (2012) Penetration Rate 41,565,815 278,550 2,889,187 161,557 13,480,693 92,328 1,581,100 142,900 32.4% 33.1% 54.7% 88.5% 6,674,100 121,620 673,860 57,180 16.1% 43.7% 23.3% 35.4% 103,869 76,000 73.2% 36,740 35.4% 1,222,505 650,611 53.2% 441,240 36.1% 1,205,073,612 137,000,000 11.4% 62,713,680 5.2% 313,847,465 245,203,319 78.1% 166,029,240 52.9% 744,768 225,593 30.3% 124,100 16.7%
  6. 6. Analysis Caribbean Population – Limacol Markets 41,565,81 5 Internet Users = 34% of the Caribbean Population Facebook Users = 16% of the Population 13,480,69 3 6,674,100 Population (2012) Internet Users (2012) Country Caribbean Region Limacol Markets (Caribbean) Percentages Facebook Subscribers (2012) Almost 50% of Internet Users in Limacol Caribbean Markets are on Facebook. Assumption made – Others are split among other popular Social Media Platforms. Population (2012) Internet Users (2012) Facebook Users (2012) 41,565,815 13,480,693 6,674,100 4,277,600 2,768,532 1,454,740 13% 21% 22%
  7. 7. Analysis Limacol Markets – Internet Users St. Lucia, 161,557 St Vincent and the Grenadines, 10 3,869 Jamaica, 2,889 ,187 Trinidad and Tobago, 1,222, 505 Guyana, 744,76 8 Barbados, 278, 550 USA, 313,847,4 65 Country Barbados Jamaica St. Lucia St Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago Guyana India USA Internet Penetration 278,550 2,889,187 161,557 103,869 1,222,505 744,768 1,205,073,612 313,847,465 216,3 70,502,1 ,aidnI
  8. 8. Analysis Limacol Markets – Facebook Users St Vincent and the Grenadines, 3 6,740 India, 62,713 ,680 Barbados, 121 Jamaica, 673, 860 ,620 Caribbean St. Trinidad and Region, 6,674 Lucia, 57,180 Tobago, 441,2 ,100 40 Guyana, 124,1 00 Country Barbados Jamaica St. Lucia St Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago Guyana India Facebook Subscribers (2012) 121,620 673,860 57,180 36,740 441,240 124,100 62,713,680
  9. 9. LIMACOL DIGITAL HEALTH Facebook has 2,136 Likes, last posting December 24th, 2012 – Page started since 2009. Limacol Currently does not have Instagram Pinterest A Youtube account A Twitter account
  10. 10. DIGITAL MEDIA Proposed Tools & Platforms To Be Used • Social Networking – Facebook (Improve Management & Strategy) • Microblog – Twitter • Peer to Peer Sharing – YouTube • SMS/QR Codes – Coupons & Discounts • Website Development Blog Mobile website with full functionality
  12. 12. Digital Media Social Networking – Facebook Target: Target: Increase facebook LIKES to 20,000 by the end of 2013 Strategy: Strategy: Utilize facebook to increase connectivity Tactics: Tactics: • Introduce the “Sample the Limacol Experience” – A running Ad that when you click on it you can receive a Limacol sample • Give consumers a reason to become a fan – Include interactive banners & design a quick link poster that leads to discounts and coupon codes under a reward system. • Be Cool – Limacol inititive on facebook to tap into the younger generation market ---consumers get incentivized to tag their friends and share their pictures if they catch them doing something cool • Create Tabs that leads to a mini site for each country within facebook that allows clients to access Limacol product information • Share videos created from Youtube Channel
  13. 13. Digital Media Microblog – Twitter Twitter Summary: No Twitter Site Target: Create Page & increase FOLLOWERS to 2,500 by end of 2013 Strategy: Utilize Twitter as Cool page for Limacol Tactics: Limacol Experience – Set up different hashtags that include “fresh” and “cool” this will used each time Limacol posts. Encourage followers to use these hashtags when they talking about Limacol. customers. Spotlight customers We’ll increase loyalty and retention by focussing attention on customers’ testimonials ---sharing and asking them to share their experience on twitter. Create other Twitter accounts for specific followers. These will be focussed on specific topics such as service, news etc.
  14. 14. Digital Media YOU PEER – TO- PEER YOUTUBE Youtube Summary: No Youtube Account Target: Target: Increase number of views and subscribers in relation to video uploads. Strategy: Make YouTube Channel Account a “Cool & Connected” space Strategy: Tactics: Tactics: • Create Short “There are easier ways to stay Cool” video clips about 20sec. • Create Short “Fresh” video clips about 20sec. With search scenarios that link to communities & connectivity - (Also clips taken from any main TVC) • Client Testimonial videos –Ask customers to share before and after experiences • Link Youtube page to Facebook page to run contests and redeem prizes while allowing clients to participate in uploads
  15. 15. DIGITAL MEDIA SMS COUPONS & DISCOUNTS Target: Target: Increased Usability & Sales based on rewards Strategy: Use SMS to build relationships and amplify customer service Tactics: Send customers mobile codes and coupons via texts that can be redeemed at different outlets for cash offer or free products BLOG A Blog will enable Limacol to have its own branded social platform. It will act as a unique destination for like-minded consumers and the Limacol brand to interact with each other and develop advocacy. It can be a fully integrated blog, including discussion forums, social networking, photo/video galleries, Facebook integration, & RSS feeds. It will enable ongoing two-way dialogue with loyal customers and actively solicit feedback and opinions a 24-hour focus group. Competitions can be included as a rewards-based points system, in which points can be exchanged for rewards (such as product samples, VIP access to events, and gift cards), thus strengthening the consumer's relationship with your brand.
  16. 16. DIGITAL MEDIA WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT (WILL BE OUTSOURCED) we propose developing a premium website with: Enhanced Website - videos, photos and special offers SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly Web Pages & URL Structure SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly Content with Ongoing Updates Local Search Submissions (Google, Yahoo, Bing) Online Contact Form Built for Future eCommerce Integration Built-In Blog Unlimited Branded Email Accounts Reporting - Google Analytics, Web Analyzer Hosting Set Up and Installation Domain Renewal/Registration Link –Email, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube Ongoing Additional Content Updates
  17. 17. DIGITAL MEDIA MOBILE WEBSITE WITH FULL FUNCTIONALITY: Use the Mobile site as an alternative information portal to the website, so clients and prospects can have access anytime, anywhere. Convert current website content to mobile friendly information – in particular useful tools such as Catalog, product uses, suppliers. PARTNERING Advertise on Directory sites and Partner to offer sales bundles across sites such as, Leverage reviews and shares on sites such as Copyright Stacy-Ann Duhaney
  18. 18. Digital Media Budget