Thmas Jefferson: A time of conflict
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Thmas Jefferson: A time of conflict



Thomas Jefferson's challe

Thomas Jefferson's challe



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Thmas Jefferson: A time of conflict Thmas Jefferson: A time of conflict Presentation Transcript

  • A Time of Conflict The Challenges of Thomas Jefferson’s Presidency
  • The Election of 1804
    • Jefferson chooses new VP: replaces Aaron Burr
    • Committed to staying neutral in foreign policy
    • Jefferson wins easily
    • Burr leaves Republican party
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  • Burr attempts to stay in politics
    • Runs for governor of New York
    • Hamilton campaigns against him
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  • Fight for Honor
    • Burr challenges Hamilton to a duel to the death
  • The duel
    • July 11, 1804
    • Heights of Weehawken, NJ
    • Burr shoots Hamilton in lower abdomen
  • Consequences
    • Hamilton dies the next day
    • Burr becomes a political outcast
    • Tried for treason & murder
    • Acquitted and leaves the country
  • SS is Everywhere!
  • Challenge #1
    • Trade with Britain and France critical to US economy
    • We sold crops and resources to Europe, purchased manufactured goods
    • Trade being threatened by PIRATES!
  • Pirates!
    • Attacks on American ships in the Mediterranean Sea
  • The Barbary States
    • Attacks come from North African coast:
    • Morocco
    • Algiers
    • Tunisia
    • Tripoli
  • Why were they attacking?
    • Took property
    • Enslaved sailors to hold for ransom
    • Wanted America to pay tribute
  • Vocabulary:
    • Tribute : money paid by one country to another in return for protection
  • What should we do?
    • Jefferson would not pay tribute
    • Warships to Med. Sea to protect our ships
  • The Philadelphia
    • Ran aground on Tripoli coast
    • Crew imprisoned
    • Americans raided the harbor and burned the ship to keep it out of pirate hands
  • Send in Marines!
    • 600 sent to capture Tripoli
    • “ to the shores of Tripoli” still part of Marine anthem
    • Inspired confidence in our ability to deal with foreign nations that threatened America
  • Challenge #2 U.S. Neutrality
    • Britain and France both wanted us to choose sides
    • We wanted to keep trading with both
  • How to win the war….
    • France and Britain looking to hurt one another
    • Cut off foreign trade
  • How was America involved?
    • Britain warships began to seize American ships trading with France
    • French warships began to seize American ships trading with Britain
  • Impressment
    • Britain needed sailors for its war against the French
    • American soldiers were impressed : Forced to serve in the British navy
  • What to do?
    • Jefferson looks for a peaceful way to stop impressments and the seizing of American ships
  • Challenge # 3 Embargo
    • Embargo : government order that forbids foreign trade
    • Embargo Act of 1807: forbid American ships from sailing to foreign ports
  • OOPS!
    • Exports fall from $109 to $25 million
    • Hurt American farmers and planters
    • Outrage!
  • In New England…
    • Merchants depended on trade
    • Resort to Smuggling : illegally importing/exporting
  • Repealed
    • Congress repealed Embargo Act
    • President James Madison later passed a new law the forbade trade with Britain and France only
  • Challenge #4: Native Americans
    • Settlers move west into new territory
    • Indians pushed even farther west
  • Jefferson retires
    • Steps down after two terms
    • Did not want to be remembered for his presidency
    • James Madison (Republican) wins Election of 1808
  • Tecumseh
    • Organized western tribes to restore Indian lands
    • Britain supplied with weapons
    • Traveled and the message spread
  • Battle of Tippecanoe
    • William Henry Harrison (governor of Indiana)
    • Defeated the Native Americans
    • Tension remain high between Natives and settlers, and between Americans and British
  • What are we left with?
    • Huge tension between America and Britain
    • Why? They are…
      • Attacking ships
      • Impressing soldiers
      • Supply Native Americans with weapons
      • Affecting ability to trade