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The hero’s journey
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The hero’s journey


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hero's journey notes

hero's journey notes

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  • 1. In Greek Mythology The Hero’s Journey
  • 2. The hero’s journey
    • A pattern of storytelling:
    • Leaving an ordinary home
    • Following a Call to Adventure
    • Receiving help from guardian, sidekicks, special weapons
    • Crossing the threshold into the new world
    • Facing challenges
    • Overcoming temptations
    • Achieving the goal
    • Returning home, having learned new lessons
      • In mythology
      • Great literature
      • Modern movies
      • Our own life experiences
  • 3. What is a hero?
    • Someone who leaves the world of their ordinary life
    • to undergo a journey to a special world ,
    • where challenges and fears are overcome in order to achieve a goal.
    • The achievement is then shared with other members of the hero’s community
    • when he returns home.
  • 4. The Call to Adventure
    • Ordinary home : protagonist (main character) has a home he wants to leave.
    • Returns to home after the journey
  • 5. The Call to Adventure
    • Call to Adventure : Sets the story rolling
    • Something disrupts the hero’s ordinary life at home
    • Challenge is presented
  • 6. Call to Adventure
    • Refusal of the call : At first, he chooses not to move forward
    • He does not want to not give up his position, power, ideals, goals, or responsibilities
    • Based on his fear of the unknown.
    I don’t WANNA GO!
  • 7. Guardians, sidekicks, and special weapons
    • Guardians : inexperienced hero gets help from a supernatural character
    • Provides guidance and advice
    • Companions or sidekicks support him on the journey.
  • 8. Guardians, sidekicks, and special weapons
    • Weapons: Receives a special weapon, or item (sword, encouragement, etc.) to help with their step forward into the unknown.
  • 9. Crossing the threshold
    • Crossing the threshold: moves out of his ordinary world, into a new world.
    • Confronted with an obstacle that must be overcome before he can fully enter the dangers of the unknown journey.
  • 10. Crossing the threshold
    • Hero commits to the journey.
    • Mental journey merges with the physical journey
    • Helps the character understand his purpose.
  • 11. New challenges
    • Hero is tested, usually in dangerous situations.
    • Makes new allies and new enemies
    • Relies on the help of his special weapon and assistance from guide/companions.
  • 12. Overcoming Temptation
    • Someone or something tries to destroy the journey.
    • Often, destroyer has been sent by a larger evil to stop the hero.
  • 13. Overcoming Temptation
    • Overcomes his lack of knowledge and fears
    • Grows to accept his role as a hero.
    • Begins to learn new lessons
  • 14. Achievement of the goal
    • Hero becomes confident, and often receives gifts and/or emotional rewards.
    • Understands how the ultimate goal can be accomplished and the mission is completed
  • 15. Return home
    • Hero returns to the ordinary world
    • Can adjust to who he might be in the future
    • Has learned lesson about who he is, transformed
    • There is no longer fear
  • 16. The hero’s journey in YOU
    • We are born
    • We will separate from our families
    • We will have dark and light times in life
    • We will have friends who help and guide
    • We will be faced with difficult hurdles
    • We will have to prove ourselves
    • We will triumph
  • 17.
    • The Hero’s Journey in modern movies