Finding (and Expressing) Your Brand Voice
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Finding (and Expressing) Your Brand Voice



Your brand voice is how you communicate to the world, and what people “hear” when they read and listen to your communications. Are you doing enough to establish a distinctive voice in your market ...

Your brand voice is how you communicate to the world, and what people “hear” when they read and listen to your communications. Are you doing enough to establish a distinctive voice in your market — and how does it affect how people experience and feel affinity for your brand?



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Finding (and Expressing) Your Brand Voice Finding (and Expressing) Your Brand Voice Presentation Transcript

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  • Your brand voice
  • “An expression of the values that shape your organization— it best delivers the messages you’re trying to send andshapes the perception of your brand not only through whatyou say but how you say it.”Brand voice is:
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  • 26Componentsof yourbrand voice• Essence• Point of view• Personality• Tonality
  • 27The brief, tell-all statement that captures what abrand uniquely stands for.Brand Essence
  • 28Free the “what if?”
  • 29Magical family fun
  • 30Rewardingeveryday moments
  • 31Gettingto thebrandessence:• Try to think of several words that bestdescribe the experience of doingbusiness with your company.• Think about what your customers feelwhen they shop at your store or buy yourproduct — what are the emotions your brandevokes?• How are you different from yourcompetition? What do you do better thananybody else?• Is the brand experience true no matterwhere people encounter it? Are the wordsyou use still relevant whether consumersinteract with you online, in a retail store, at atrunk show, or anyplace else?
  • 32How your brand sees the world, and your uniqueknowledge and perspective that drive what youcare about.Brand Point of View
  • 33Whatyourpoint ofviewincludes:• What you know about — betterthan anybody else• What you choose to focus on andcare about• How you uniquely bring thosethings together to create somethingthat people care about
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  • 42The characteristics that make up your brand;how people perceive you.Brand Personality
  • 43Uncoveringyour brandpersonality:• If a brand were a person, whowould it be?• What adjectives would you use todescribe that person?• What are people’s perceptions ofyour brand? How do they respondto your brand?
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  • 48How your brand “sounds” to the worldBrand Tonality
  • 49Yourtonality iscreated by:• The words you choose• The syntax you use (how you putthe words together)• The style you use (choices inpunctuation, capitalization,formatting, etc.)
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  • 54Brand essence: Innovative fun that offers value for themoney
  • 55Brand point of view:•We have always succeeded in business by offering consumers another way, abetter way and being willing to fight their corner. The world has changed a greatdeal in the 40 years that Virgin has been in business but we have moved with thetimes and we have always listened to what people want.•Our vision is to contribute to creating happy and fulfilling lives which are alsosustainable. We do not want sustainable lifestyles to be dull and hard work, butfor people to enjoy life, safe in the knowledge that were working hard to make allour products responsible and sustainable.•“Virgin Atlantic makes every day a happier day. It is a tonic for the soul,delivering great product, and great experiences for customers all around theworld.”
  • 56Brand personality:•Optimistic•Humanistic•Rebel•Clever•Charismatic
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  • 61ConsistentUniqueAuthentic
  • 63THANK YOU!