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Ns420 coursesyllabuspresentation

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Course Syllabus Presentation

Course Syllabus Presentation

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  • 1. Welcome to NS420!
    Instructor: Stacey Day, MS, RD
    AIM: staceydayRD
    Phone: 26-416-0165
  • 2. Methodsof communication
    Course Announcements
    Kaplan email
    Grade book
    Phone Number: 267-416-0165
    Please only call from 9am – 9pm, EST
    If I do not answer please leave me your phone number, best time to reach you, and your time zone.
  • 3. Seminar
    Seminar is optional in this class as it is not graded.
    However, seminar is a great source of enrichment to the course materials and I encourage everyone to attend
  • 4. Syllabus
  • 5. NS420coursematerials
    E Text books
    Title:   Nutrition Therapy Advanced Counseling Skills          
                Author: Kathy King and Bridget Klawitter 
                ISBN: 978-0-7817-7798-8
                Publisher: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins
    Software – Microsoft Word is required
  • 6. NS420 Assignments
    Unit 3 Project 1
    Unit 5 Project 2
    Unit 7 Project 3
    Unit 9 Project 4
    The projects in this course is a case study that will build from one project to the next.
  • 7. NS420 Course Calendar
    Each unit starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday at 11:59 PM.
    Dates are located in the syllabus.
    Learning Activities
  • 8. NS420 Grading Criteria
    Discussion Board - 45% of grade
    50 pts x 9 wks = 450 points
    Projects - 55% of grade
    Project 1– 125 points
    Project 2 – 150 points
    Project 3–150 points
    Project 4 – 150 points
    Total Points 1000
  • 9. Grading scale & time table
    Kaplan University Grading Scale (A – F)
    Grades will be posted:
    Projects and Discussion– within 5 days of due day or by Sunday of the following unit.
  • 10. Gradebook
    Check your grade book for grading comments
    * Indicates it hasn’t been graded
    Once graded, a numerical value will be assigned and appear as “25/25”
    “0/25” indicates the assignment is due but has not been received
    To find your comments on graded assignments click on your score “25/25”
  • 11. Gradebookexample
  • 12. Latework & Incompletes
    Late Work – No late work will be accepted!
    Kaplan University does not allow late work to be accepted. If there is an extenuating circumstance as described prior, then contact me for alternative arrangements. Documentation must be provided
    Must have 75% of the course work completed
    File due date 4/4/11
    Work completed by 4/22/2011
  • 13. LateWorkpolicy
    Extenuating Circumstances
    Personal/family member hospitalization
    Death in the family
    Military assignment
    Note: computer related issues, internet connectivity issues and clinical blocks are not considered extenuating circumstances.
    Please contact me to make alternative arrangements if needed PRIOR to the assignment being due.
  • 14. TutoringandHelp
    KU Writing Center
    APA citation
    Review grammar
    See sample essays
    Chat with a live tutor
    Paper review service - Submit a paper and receive feedback in 48 – 72 hours.
  • 15. APA Format required
    Be sure to have your project assignments submitted in this correct format
    Title Page
    Double spaced
    Reference page in APA format
    You can potentially drop your grade from an A to a B by not following this format.
    Use the tools, on line help, and tutors available to you (Writing Center)
    References at the end of papers must be cited in the body of your paper.
  • 16. Resources to help you
    Announcement “Accessing the Writing Center” ppt
    Doc Sharing “Project Assignment Guidelines”
    Course Home: Writing Center Info
    Course Home: On line communications
    Student Coaching
  • 17. Rubrics – Grading criteria
    Due Tuesday by 11:59 PM for full credit
    Weekly Discussion Threads
    Initial response by Saturday
    2 responses to classmates on the topic
    Course content & organization
    Make frequent references to course reading
    Add a citation and reference in APA format
  • 18. Other
    Attendance/tardiness policy
    Plagiarism Policy (see link under course home)
    1st offense: Failure of assignment
    2nd offense: Failure of class
    3rd offense: Expulsion or permanent dismissal from the University.
    Netiquette (in syllabus & posted under course announcements).
  • 19. Syllabus questions???Please email me at sday2@kaplan.edu