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Much to learn you still have. Help you we can. Conferences are expensive. Learn to leverage social media tools in order get the most ROI on your investment. Presented by Stacey Harmon of & Andy Kaufman of

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  • Conferences are expensive. Learn to leverage social media tools in order get the most ROI on your investment. What used to be a 1 or two day event, can now be stretched into a multi-week engagement opportunity because of tools like twitter, Facebook, and foursquare which enable you to build stronger connections, provide greater value, and learn more than was possible than just a few years ago. You'll leave this session with an action plan you can put into immediate use to get the most possible out of you investment in RETS and future conferences.
  • About Us (Who we are - introduction slide)# of conferences we went to last year:
  • Andy’s introduction he wrote
  • Discussion of strategyAudience poll: Bloggers? Twitter users? Know what a hashtag is What type of phone are you using? Who comes with their own wireless card?
  • Have the right tools ready to bring with you.Tools include…
  • How many know what this is?Determine the event hashtagIf no hashtag, create one.
  • Set up a search in Tweetdeck and monitor the conference conversationStart following people who will be attendingStart engaging peopleReach out. Tell people you want to meet them.RT conference account on relevant informationGoogle the conference from the year before. See the conversation, summaries from the day before.
  • Create a “Wanna.Meet” twitter list and @reply the people who are on it.
  • Check website for a list of speakers. Follow the speakers. @reply them.
  • Create a post about the conference.Create a post about the conferenceYou are goingWhat you are looking to doWho you are looking to meetBlog Comment on the event website, or the site of attendees.Ad the event badge to your blog
  • Join the event fan pageLeave a note on the wallAsk a question of other fans.RSVP for the event and any surrounding events that are publicized on Facebook
  • Download Software to Your Phone:Is there a conference app?Twitter ClientFoursquareYelpFacebook
  • Did you provide your twitter handle on your registration? Do they want a photo of you?Did you provide your URL? Your blog?No website or blog? Linked in URL. Facebook URL. Twitter Profile. Company website.
  • Three Points: Order them ahead of time Consider them specifically for conference networking Social media information Unique/conversation piece (metal, transparant, moo, zazzle)
  • Include your twitter handleInclude your facebook profile URLHave something uniqueMoo.comMetal Cards (7DS)Junior Mints
  • Internet access helps. Don’t assume there is internet access at the event.Is a wi-fi card something to invest in? If you have it, it really helps. Otherwise, internet access can be spotty.
  • Obviously: Laptop Camera
  • Extra battery for cell phoneCell phone charger
  • Flip VideoExtra BatteriesTripod
  • Establish Credibility & Be a “Finder”
  • Tip: Copy/
  • REOMAC - TweetupCalifornia Association of Realtors
  • Monitor TwitterInfo about other sessionsParticipate in the conversationCompliment when you see good thingsComment on items of interest to youMonitor FoursquareFind where the crowds are “Trending Now”Join people for mealsTry to Friend the key people.ill work on this part of the presentation through to the end.
  • 1 year old600,000+ usersApps for: iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and AndroidMobile website. people are attending, organizing, speaking.Trending NowLastest version?
  • need this slide?
  • A very strong social toolTake them. Be in them.Andy
  • FlipTake VideoUpload videoInterview people (blog post material)CAR show.Live BroadcastingQik
  • Write a blog post. Give link love to their blogs. (vs. their twitter handle)Follow the blogs of people you met. Comment on their posts.
  • Post Photos to Facebook & Tag People. Tweet this stuff out. (a link to the presentation)
  • Follow people
  • Follow people on TwitterType in their name + twitter into GoogleGoogle: Stacey Harmon TwitterReview the hashtag to follow people@reply people thanking them for whatever you appreciated about the conference or your conversation.
  • Friend them on Facebook. Include a noteIt was great to meet you at RETSO. I really enjoyed our conversation about ____. I look forward to seeing you again and staying connected here in the meantime. Connect with them on LinkedIn
  • Make a twitter list for the conference. People you meetPeople who tweetSpeakersAnyone who adds value or made an impression on you at the conference
  • How many know what this is?Determine the event hashtagIf no hashtag, create one.
  • Master Jedi Tips For Conferences

    1. Master Jedi Tips for Conferences<br />Real Estate Tech South | Andy Kaufman & Stacey Harmon | #RETSOJedi |March 25, 2010<br />Flickr Photo Credit: xtyler<br />
    2. Stacey Harmon<br />Andy Kaufman<br />
    3. Conference<br />=<br />Investment<br />#RETSOJedi |@andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />
    4. Conversation<br />Conference<br />Pre - Conference<br />Post - Conference<br />Strategy = ENGAGE<br />#RETSOJedi |@andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />
    5. Master Jedi Tips:<br />Pre-Conference<br />#RETSOJedi |@andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />Flickr Photo Credit: xtyler<br />
    6. #RETSO<br />#RETSOJedi |@andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />
    7. #1<br />1<br />
    8. 2<br />
    9. 3<br />
    10. Research the Schedule<br />4<br />
    11. 5<br />
    12. 6<br />
    13. <ul><li> Conference application (if one)
    14. Twitter client
    15. Foursquare / Gowalla
    16. Facebook
    17. Yelp
    18. Pegshot
    19. Qik</li></ul>7<br />
    20. Registration<br />8<br />
    21. Business Cards<br />9<br />
    22.<br />
    23. WiFi Access<br />10<br />
    24. To Pack<br />
    25. Power & Battery Life is Key<br />
    26. 11<br />“Powerful” Social Object<br />#RETSOJedi / @andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />
    27. Batteries<br />12<br />
    28. Master Jedi Tips:<br />conference Time<br />#RETSOJedi |@andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />Flickr Photo Credit: xtyler<br />
    29. Live Tweet<br />1<br />
    30. Post Live Tweets on Facebook<br />2<br />
    31. TweetUps<br />3<br />
    32. Monitor / Participate<br />Monitor for: <br /><ul><li> Trending Places
    33. Location of your friends</li></ul>Participate:<br /><ul><li> Check in
    34. Give shout outs
    35. Leave tips</li></ul>Monitor for:<br /><ul><li>Hashtag
    36. Info about other sessions
    37. Party info</li></ul>Participate:<br /><ul><li> Live tweet
    38. RT
    39. Compliment</li></ul>4<br />
    40. 5<br />
    41. Photos<br />A very strong social tool<br />Take them. Be in them.<br />Andy<br />6<br />
    42. Video<br />7<br />
    43. Master Jedi Tips:<br />POST conference<br />#RETSOJedi |@andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />Flickr Photo Credit: xtyler<br />
    44. Blog<br />1<br />
    45. Photos<br />2<br />
    46. 3<br />
    47. Follow & Connect<br />4<br />#RETSOJedi |@andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />
    48. 5<br />
    49. Handwritten Notes<br />6<br />#RETSOJedi |@andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />
    50. Do, or do not.<br />There is no try.<br />#RETSOJedi |@andykaufman @staceyharmon<br />
    51. Andy Kaufman<br />@andykaufman<br /><br /><br />Stacey Harmon<br />@staceyharmon<br /><br /><br />Flickr Photo Credit: xtyler<br />