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Editing stages

  1. 1. The close up shot of the artist is the first shot we see of this sequence, then at the same time as that shot is fading out, the long shot of the female is fading in. I did this by putting the shot of the artist on ‘Video 2’ and the shot of the female on ‘Video 1’ and over lapping them with a fade on the end of the artist shot and a fade at the beginning of the female shot. To get the constant fade back into a dominant shot of the artist I put the fade I used for the beginning of the shot of the female across the close up shot of the artist which fades the female shot out at an appropriate speed. I used the same shot of the artist at the beginning and the end of this sequence so that he doesn’t change position during the fading.
  2. 2. This is the first shot of the sequence and he is the dominant shot as the fade hasn’t come in yet. This shot gets the audience to notice him and the words that are representing him. This is the start of the fade with the other shot of the female coming in slowly in the background. This shot shows the female slowly overtaking the dominant artist shot, meaning that she is in his mind. This fade stays constant until the fade stops. The use of lighting here makes it look like she is fading in from the bright light in between the trees and as she is dressed in white it is even more effective as the fade makes the audience wonder what it is that is fading in.
  3. 3. The shot then goes back to a dominant shot of the artist slowly fading the shot of the female out again. This whole sequence suggests that it is the female who the artist is thinking about. These shots alongside the lyrics emphasises this suggestion from “they’re just living in my head”. This sequence put together, although took some time to complete by trying different techniques I found this was the best way to get what I want. I believe this sequence looks interesting and also has a meaning behind the shots. This lets the audiences imagination wonder what is happening and they can establish the meaning behind this sequence through the hints I have gave them with how I have put the shots together, which is what I want from my music video. It is going well so far and by trying different techniques