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Brand identity   coldplay
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Brand identity coldplay


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  • 1. Website, digi pack & music video. Brand Identity
  • 2. This is the official Coldplay website and as you can see it is all quite free hand and colourful. The colour is quite neon so it stands out on the black background. The cartoon like icons on the top of the page which are links to different pages on the website. As you hover the mouse over each one it starts animating and contributes to the cartoon nature of the website. Like the Duffy website this one also has a shopping link. This suggests that the band Coldplay is very well known and is liked for people to buy their merchandise such as t-shirts and digi packs. I really like the icons at the top of the page and the links they go to such as news, so the audience can see what the band is up to and future tours etc. I like the timeline link as well because this shows what they have done in the past so it becomes memorable for the audience. Coldplay's official website.
  • 3. The digi pack cover for the Coldplay album which is yet to be released has a very noticeable coloured background. This brand identity makes the album stand out on a shelf full of albums. The title of the album is in big writing in the centre of the cover yet outlined in white with no filling of colour, so we can see the background through the text. This colourful digi pack may represent that it is quite laid back with the track list with a grunge effect to them. By looking at this cover I can imagine the track list to be bold, high energy and lots of strong instruments. Although I’m unsure as to what this is, I think it possibly could be a sleeve in which the album fits into which has a cut out of the title initials. However, it could also be the inside of the digi pack. Either way it links with the digi pack above as I think they have toned down the laid back colourful effect by using a plain grey with the title cut out revealing the same colourful image beneath to give a simple hint as to what is inside the sleeve. Coldplay’s digi pack.
  • 4. Coldplay’s ‘Every Teardrop is a Waterfall music video. As you can see at the beginning of the music video all the colour moulds in to this image on a brick wall. The images tell the story of the track and represent some of the words within the track also. The formation of the colour all comes together from different directions to make the image so the audience sees a lot of colour merging together before it makes a final image such as this one. I think it would be interesting for the audience as it gives a hint as to what image the colours are trying to make as they are doing so. In this still image of the music video we see the artist with a moving background of colour forming shapes on the wall and floor. These are full of colour and add an interesting effect to the bare walls without colour. We can now see how much colour is used with Coldplay and that colour is what links the texts together so is becoming a brand identity for the band.
  • 5. Between 1:43 and the end of the track the shots are very quick and have a background of neon drawn images on the wall with the band in front of them. This links the band with the colour story and creates a special effects in the dark and looks very interesting for the audience to watch. I think the colour is very important for this video as it is what tells the story of the song they are singing. The images help the audience with decoding the message within the track. Colour is used throughout the music video therefore in this particular music video colour has become it’s brand identity. The colours are bold and bright to make sure the audience can see the images drawn with the colour so that they are drawn to the images which are supposed to give meaning to the story.
  • 6. The brand identity within the 3 texts of Coldplay is colour. This is what links all the 3 texts together to give them a strong bond and relationship. Colour has set a bold statement on each of the texts and has made them each interesting. Although colour is what links them all together they all use colour individually in different ways. With the website colour is used for highlighting key features. Colour is used on the digi pack to represent the style and mood of the track list. In the music video colour is used to tell the story. However, even with individual colour shown in all 3 of the texts the audience can still piece each of them together through the brand identity and type of colour that is used which is bold, bright and contrasting.