Alternative rock research


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Alternative rock research

  1. 1. Alternative rock songs with a narrative and performance video.
  2. 2. Avril LavigneWhen you’re gone.
  3. 3. Avril Lavigne - When you’re gone. In this video we see three stories of relationships unfolding as the video goes on. This is the first shot we see of each scenario and we can see already it is about relationships. The title of the song emphasizes the loss of a loved one, however with these three scenarios we can see it is not just about death.
  4. 4. From just two clips of the music videowe see this scenario unfolding intosomething more. At first we see a mangoing away from his loved one to thearmy as seen from the costume themale is wearing. Which relates to thetitle of the song „when you‟re gone‟.Then the next shot is of the femaleholding her stomach. The way in whichshe is doing this represents that shehas found out that she is pregnant, asfrom the size of the bump it is quitesmall. So from just two still shots takenfrom the music video we as anaudience can identify what is going onin the video.
  5. 5. In the first shot we see the youngcouple having a romance in private.This is shown through the positioning ofthe two characters close togetherlooking at each other whilst touchingone an others faces. Then this shot isspoilt by the next shot as we see what Ibelieve to be the parent of the younggirl interrupting the romance andpulling her away from the boy. This isanother reference the title „When you‟regone‟ as we see that the parent doesn‟twant the girl to be with the boy. Fromthe parents costume itrepresents that the family is quitewealthy and doesn‟t want to lose theirhigh status because of their daughtersbehaviour.
  6. 6. The old man sitting on the bed we cansee is alone. The movement he ismaking with his arm touching the otherside of the bed is representing that hiswife is no longer there. From hiscostume it symbolizes that he has noone to make an effort for anymore on adaily basis.Moving on to the second shot we seea high angle mid shot of the manlooking at a picture. The high angleshows that he is vulnerable and hurtby the loss of his loved one. This shotalso makes it seem like the audienceis the spirit of the mans wife lookingdown on him as we see a glimpse ofwhat the picture is he is holding.The image in the photograph is of himand his wife in the past, possibly ontheir wedding day. This is another clueas to the missing of his wife.
  7. 7. The performance aspect of this video is mainlyset in an old, dark room with a piano in themiddle as the artist (Avril Lavigne) plays it.The other location is in a light forest. Theshots are quite simple and are cut with thepace of the song. The mixture of performanceand narrative are similar in time and shows.The mixture of performance spaces gives themusic video a dynamic interesting effect whichthe audience will be more interested to watch.Although the different locations are verydifferent to each other, they make sense withinthe music video and I like this so I mightinclude elements of mixed locations in mymusic video but keeping it to a few locationsso it is simple yet effective.This last shot is a close up performance partof the music video. These close ups happenaround 40 times within the video and all havethe artist singing with the majority of theseshots being at a slight high angle. This as wellas eye contact with the camera suggests thatshe is telling us her story, and with the lyricssaying “you” it suggests even further that us,the audience is the person she misses.
  8. 8. Christina Perri Jar of hearts.
  9. 9. Christina Perri – Jar of hearts. This video has a big performance element in it, which links to the narrative. This could mean that the lyrics what she is singing (performance) are about her story (narrative). The main setting for this performance is outside in a dark street with a lot of fog effects. The narrative and performance aspects of this music video tie in really well with each other and work really well all together as a completed music video. As we can see from the three screen grabs from the music video we have the performance (top), narrative (middle) and performance and narrative together (bottom). This shows the versatility this music video has to offer and is a great narrative for the audience to follow and possibly relate to.
  10. 10. These 3 scenarios are of all the women the male has stolen the hearts off of. The firstshot of ach scenario (left) reveals where they are (car, telephone box and outside). Thesecond shot (right) shows him stealing the hearts of the women, therefore relates to thetitle of the song “jar of hearts”. We now know this song is about love and possiblycheating in a relationship. By using more than one scenario with the women emphasizesto the audience how much of a player he actually is, so we as an audience feelsympathy for the women falling for him, but not him.
  11. 11. This section of the music video is very dance based with lifts included. The women here represent the women who the male has stolen the hearts off. We see them rebelling against him now with the movements including writhing andforce. The narrative of this music video includes a message to men and women of hownot to treat women and how not to fall for someone too easily.
  12. 12. GreendayLast of the American girls.
  13. 13. Greenday – Last of the American girls. This music video is mainly performance but has a narrative included as it includes a female character and two female dancers. The performance and narrative are separate from each other as we can tell by them being in different shots and not all in one shot. They may be mixed together but not seeing them in the same shot makes the video a performance with the narrative helping to tell the story of the performance. The video is mostly set on a deserted field like land so the performance and narrative of the music video link together. From the top image we see a long shot of the band playing together which gives the audience a sense that the band is close and works as one. We an see all of the band members clearly in this shot so it shows the audience that they are all equals in the band. The middle image shows the dancers at the side of a television. On the television is the lead singer performing which looks very interesting as we are watching a television on a television. We now see in this image the performance and the narrative mixed together in the same location.The bottom image shows part of the narrative which is very interesting to watch as the carblows up from her hand which is shaped as a gun.
  14. 14. These 3 close up to mid shots show the bandmembers and there rolls within the band as wecan see the lead singer (top), a drummer(middle) and a guitarist (bottom). These shotsare to show the band off in a performance sothe audience can relate to them. These shotsare very early on in the music video so theaudience can relate to them throughout thevideo and they then know who they are in theband throughout. The shots link together asthey are all taken outside at early night time,which shows that the band is playing together.The shots are all very similar as they are all thesame distance so not one person in the bandhas a better shot, so shows that they are allequally important to the band.
  15. 15. These images are a sequence in which shows householdrooms but in a deserted field using props. Thismakes it interesting for the audience to watch asit something you‟d never normally wake up to orsee. The bottom left picture shows the all therooms in an establishing shot after the first shotof the bedroom scene. This gives a clue as towhat is to what we will see next.
  16. 16. These three screen grabs from Greendaysmusic video are the first three shots we see.They are of random objects but all meansomething.Headphones (top), mean music, this could showthe passion for music Greenday has and theimportance music is to them as the headphonesare alone on the chair with a spotlight on them.A clock and an erne (middle), which the twotogether can represent that a loved one is goneand they were young. That person could be the“American Girl” the song is about.Make up (bottom), represents there is a femalein the music video. The “American girls” theyspeak of are hinted at wearing quite a bit ofmake up.All of these objects could be clues as to whathappens within the music video, so it gets theaudience thinking and wondering what theobjects represent as they don‟t really makesense as part of the music video at thebeginning
  17. 17. Conclusion.From analysing the other alternative rock videos I have found out a lot about this genre andhas influenced my ideas for my story boarding for the better.I have discovered that all three music videos have shots happen in three. Arvil Lavignes‟“When you‟re gone” music video have three scenarios for the narrative side of the video.Christina Perri‟s “Jar of hearts” music video has three scenarios also within the narrative ofthe video. Greenday‟s “Last of the American girls” music video has shots of three with at thebeginning has three shots of three random objects before the first shot of the artist, then threeshots of each of the band members in a sequence of shots. All of these have elements ofdoing things in three to emphasize the narrative and the meanings.They are all located outside either in a forest (Avril Lavigne), in a street (Christina Perri) or inan open field (Greenday). These locations are very different from one another which provesan alternative rock video can be located anywhere with the right effects. Like in ChristinaPerri‟s music video set in a street wouldn‟t look as good or as effective than it does with theeffect of fog.All of the music videos I analysed are performance and narrative based videos which workreally well together. Avril Lavigne‟s and Greenday‟s music video has the performance andnarrative separate from each other and works like a story with moving images to emphasizethe meaning behind the lyrics. Whereas Christina Perri‟s music video has the performanceand narrative elements mixed in with each other where they are both in the same shot.All what I have discovered has helped towards story boarding my own music video.