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Meet the teacher evening
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Meet the teacher evening


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Meet the Teacher Evening Wednesday 9 th February Welcome to Room 18 Miss Budd
  • 2. A bit about me
    • 27 years old. Originally from Thames, where my parents still live. My fiancée Mike and I are getting married in March and I will become Mrs Fairweather.
    • In my sixth year teaching, this is my fourth year at Greenpark.
    • Teaching strengths; Maths, ICT and Literacy.
    • Interests; art and crafts, spending time with friends, going to the beach, movies and more!
    • What I enjoy about teaching; smiling faces, being creative, and reward when a child clicks. Every day is different and I have the opportunity to meet a variety of people.
  • 3. Housekeeping
    • Please ensure all of your child’s belongings are named.
    • Absences from school; contact the office by 9am.
    • Year 2 is about your child becoming independent.
    • During terms 1 and 4 sunhats must be worn.
    • Drinks in class; water only!
    • Cath Thompson will come in every second Wednesday (odd weeks) to teach while I am released for ICT/KnowledgeNet.
  • 4. Daily Timetable
    • Daily Oral Language.
    • Handwriting.
    • Maths; Numeracy and Statistics.
    • 7 minute run.
    • Reading/Shared Reading.
    • Writing; Recounts.
    • Spelling (programme is a work in progress)
    • Inquiry/Topic; Building the Dream Team.
    • Maori; pronunciation, greetings and feelings.
    • P.E; PMP, Minor games.
    • The Arts; Music, Dance, Art Suite.
    • Library.
    • ICT (use of the Junior COW (Computers on Wheels))
  • 5. Morning Tea Duty 1 st half lunch Duty Second half lunch duty Duty Sick bay duty Sick bay duty Syndicate Meeting Staff Meeting Singing/Oral Language/Story/ Game 2.45-3.00 Syndicate sports/Jump Jam 2.15-2.45 Roll/SSR Story Pack up Syndicate Assembly 1:45pm Roll/SSR Story Reading Roll/SSR Story Reading Roll/SSR Story Reading Roll/SSR Story Alphabet Reading 1.30-2:15 12.45-1.30 12.00-12.45 Spelling Testing/Shared Poem Maori/Writing Writing (odd weeks music/dance) Inquiry Art Writing Library Writing Inquiry Writing 11.15-12.00 10.45-11.15 Maths (Numeracy) 7 minute run Maths (Numeracy) cont… 7 minute run Maths (Topic) 7 minute run Maths (Numeracy) cont… 7 minute run Maths (Numeracy) 7 minute run 10.00-10.45 Roll Oral Language – Current Event (using thinking hats) Handwriting Roll Oral Language – Buzz Groups Maths (Numeracy) PMP (9:45-10:15) Roll Oral Language – Buzz Groups Handwriting Roll Oral language – Whole Class Maths (Numeracy) PMP (9:45-10:15) Roll Whole School Assembly Oral language – Class Buddies 9.00- 10:00 Odd weeks Rachel Chaney teaching 2011 Friday Thursday Wednesday Tuesday Monday Term 1 Rm18
  • 6. Expectations of Students
    • Morning; bag and book bag away, chair down, out to play if the weather is fine.
    • Work quietly when required.
    • Always try their hardest.
    • Use manners.
    • Tidy work.
    • Follow class and school rules.
  • 7. Homework
    • Reading books; fluency books will be coming home till week 4 when your child will bring home readers they have read with me at school that day.
    • Spelling; Programme still a work in progress. Testing will be Mon-Thurs night. Buddy testing (Rm3) every Friday.
    • Book bags need to come to school everyday with readers and spelling notebook.
    • Poem; your child will bring home their poem book with a poem they have read with the rest of the class during the week. Please ensure they come back to school ready for the poem the next Friday.
  • 8. Questions and Queries
    • If you would like to see me regarding anything you can e-mail [email_address] or phone before or after school to make an appointment.
    • If you would like to keep up to date with the happenings in room 18 please check out http:// /