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In the News, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc


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21% of employers offer legal services to
employees as part of their benefits package.*
*Source: Society for Human Resource Management

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In the News, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc

  1. 1. The Time Take a look Come at this sample of recent news has about Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. Toronto Sun AOL Money Forbes February 1, 2010 and Finance November 2, 2009 Nevada Business Journal QMI Agency February 2, 2010 America's 200 Best Small February 2010 Real Estate Issues Top List Foreclose Tops List of Companies Legal Service Plans An Idea of Legal Service Requests Legal Woes Whose “Need” Has Come Amy S. Choi Pre-Paid Legal Services, Joseph F. Dempsey, Esq. Arizona-based lawyer Inc. is ranked number 66 Charles E. Davis said the In 2009, real estate- climbing 64 positions from “It’s been said there’s nothing more numbers represent just related issues including its 2008 ranking of 130 on powerful than an idea whose time the “tip of the iceburg” foreclosures and land- this list. For the second has come. Sometimes that idea when it comes to the lord and tenant disputes consecutive year Pre- can reshape an entire industry. public need for afford- topped the list of requests Paid Legal Services was Having access to legal counsel able legal services. “Too at Pre-Paid Legal Services. ranked number one in from one central and trusted often, people with Some 358,000 consumers the category of return on source is important. Having an common problems like sought answers to their equity (ROE). ongoing relationship with a law firm foreclosure, credit or real estate questions that is tested on its performance collection issues wait too from the organization ... and client service is exceptional. long to deal with these The number of people Having access to these services issues. A preemptive ap- seeking foreclosure help The Motley Fool at an affordable, predictable fee proach sometimes saves is probably ten times October 31, 2009 structure is invaluable.” a lot of money and much what it was two or three The Most Undervalued anguish and heartache,” years ago,” Charles E. Stocks in the Market Davis said. Davis, managing partner of Mesa, Arizona-based Pre-Paid Legal Services, Davis Miles, a member of Inc. listed as one of the 20 Pre-Paid Legal, told Hous- undervalued small cap The Oklahoman: ing Watch. stocks Oklahoma, Inc. November 15, 2009 Sights are set on rise in Pre-Paid Legal’s era [PPL ranks No. 4 on state list] Steve Lackmeyer Sacramento Business Journal January 22, 2010 November 6, 2009 Entrepreneur “The economy is still in the Offering Legal Services Embraces Self-Effacing doldrums, people are Benefits Employers Approach losing their jobs — and Lindsey Robbins conditions couldn’t be “We’re a small company better for Ada-based Pre-Paid Legal. At least in a growing industry, pro- “If you had told me before My Business viding services to more I turned 40, I would have October/November that’s the outlook for CEO than 500 clients . . . and helped 40 people turn Harland Stonecipher, 2009 we need adequate legal six-figure profits, I would A Productive Perk whose company saw net protection,” Silvestre said. have thought you were income rise 6 percent the The company has used Jennifer Larson crazy,” [Darnell Self] 21% first half of 2009 with cash Pre-Paid Legal for 16 said. “I’ve always been a flow of $35 million, up 28 years. “You always have giver. I’ve always had the percent.” of employers offer legal services to it, like life insurance. It’s heart to give, but not the employees as part of their benefits package.* not that you want to use pocket. In our business, *Source: Society for Human Resource Management it; it’s a safety net.” you can’t succeed unless you’re helping others.” Studies have shown that employ- ees who are satisfied with their benefits tend to be more satisfied with their jobs in general. Propo- For more information nents of prepaid legal plan benefits about the benefits of say access to legal services tends Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., to reduce employee absentee- please contact this ism because employees can get Independent Associate: the services they need. They don’t need to miss work to sort out their legal affairs.