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  • BloggingIs but one type of web 'property' or applicationStatic websiteWikis (e.g. Wikipedia)Message ForumsMedia OutletsPodcasting Today I represent blogging asOne viable possibilityOthers may suit your needs betterSomething to be researched, make sure it works for you.
  • Let me start with a story…3 years ago, I had a static web page. Left over from a job search in 2005, it existed solely to establish a web presence, to be an online business card. It got about 15-18 visitors a month.In late '08, I'd just found myself unemployed. The web's utility had changed dramatically. I knew my website needed to become a focal point of my self-promotional activities.
  • My goal was to improve my visibility on the web;to be found easily; and,let people learn about me (essentially pre-sell who I am).I turned to my 'old' website, gave it a facelift, and started to write.
  • Image credit: SEO - Svilen Milev ( - SEO Term Glossary ( of SEO/SEM: (
  • Image credit: SEO - Svilen Milev ( - SEO Term Glossary ( of SEO/SEM: (
  • The single, no matter what, best way to get traffic to your site, to get people to see you, to find, you, is to create new, fresh, frequent, quality content.Period.That's how Google works, how Bing works, how Yahoo! works.
  • Back to the website… Remember, to get found (I was like bottom of the 3rd page in Google results), you need to create frequent content. Using FrontPage, and then Expressions, I quickly realized the time involved in the simple mechanics of the process were going to kill me.
  • Fundamentally, I realized what I was looking to do was, essentially, this thing called 'blogging.‘I spent two weeks getting my mind around what it was;The only definition of a 'blog' you could find, basically said, "Online diaries were called web logs.Nobody wrote a definition of 'blogging' online other than 'web blog' shortened to 'weblog' to 'blog.‘Initially, I wanted to make sure I understood the concept.Then I worked to understand implementation.Then I spent time evaluating tools like TypePad, WordPress, blogger, Drupal, Joomla, and more...doing hands-on work or in-depth reading if it was beyond my immediate technical skills. 
  • The key, is: Forming effective relationships that, ultimately, can be monetized in some manner.
  • What is a CMS?Mechanically, a blog relies on software called a CMS, or Content Management System. Short take: A CMS is a database, and does not use a collection of static HTML web pages. Every 'page' a viewer sees is rendered live, on the fly.It takes care of automating everything from publishing (posting), to updating links, tag clouds, navigation links, sidebars, and usage stats.What you really need to know: The 'posting' process that might take you an hour using FrontPage in a static HTML based site, can be done in 60 seconds using a CMS like WordPress, TypePad, or the others.
  • A generic blog can be up, running, and first year paid for, inside 15 minutes.With minimal technical skill, with some coaching, you can have (use as example) an effective blog online inside a week (perhaps 20-30 hours effort).
  • Selected ISP, Redirected domain (DNS), InstalledWordPress: <60 minutes Theme (free) selection, plug-in installation, and development: ~20 hoursTechnical Skill: Basic*DNS propagation time not included.
  • "I like what you had to say, can we talk further, have coffee?"Almost all requests have been from business owners, CEOs, and other senior managers. Regular Requests for book reviews. Weekly now. I’m at the point where I can pick and choose.
  • Better LeadsA well-executed blog gets you in front of the right people, who might actually need your service, and (having seen your work) trust considering having you do some for them.Establish Trust - Blogging can put a 'face' to your online effortsBetter Than In-Person NetworkingFace-to-face relationship building is always important. Typical networking events struggle to deliver more than a meet-n-greet. Blogging gives you the time, the exposure you need to do just what networking is all about: Build relationships.Learn from your followersCome up with product ideas sooner, or that you might never have had on your ownDiscover problems they're having; introduce new product offerings to suit.Recruit employeesRespond to Criticism (Ok, double-negative...deflate negativity)We all like to share positive pieces. That's good PR.We need to have an established platform from which we can respond to negative media attention.Offer better service.A blog is another venue for customer interaction, to show you're 'human after all,' and provide customer service.
  • Blogging has matured into a reputable, serious contributor to corporate marketing efforts. The only question is, is it for you?
  • LA2M - JT Pedersen on Blogging's Business Benefits

    1. 1. Speaking on Blogging’s Business Benefitsto Lunch Ann Arbor Marketing ( January 18, 2012 Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
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    4. 4. Visibility WebsiteSell Be Found Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
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    10. 10. Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
    11. 11. Here’s What a Blog Is A blog is a continual stream of thought, by a person (or organization), that you come to know over time. and, Through interaction (RSS, Comments, Email),supports a relationship between blogger and the readers. Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
    12. 12. Content Track Media Stats CMSTools RSS Nav Email Bars Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
    13. 13. What DoYou Need? Your domain ($10-30/year) An ISP to host the site ($6+/month) (If self-hosting) Install the CMS (15 sec.) Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
    14. 14. Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
    15. 15. Practical Examples Dozens, Requests for Meetings, Interviews Free Stuff Recognized. Public Speaking Requests to Contribute Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
    16. 16. GrowingYour Business Better Leads Learn from your Followers Respond to Criticism Offer Better Service Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
    17. 17. Still Question Blog’s Value? Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
    18. 18. Still Question Blog’s Value? Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen
    19. 19. Copyright 2012 | J. T. Pedersen