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  • In the service provider space for SMB Brand is the most important element of gaining market share. Without awareness customers do not know you exist. Without simplicity of service, the customer will not be able to cross the chasm from locally installed applications to a new paradigm of subscription based services and without differentiation, you will become one in a sea of offerings that are quickly commoditized. Use the brands that are well known to familiarize your potential customers with the business you are involved with. Don’t talk about virtualization if what the customer understands is a lower cost, simpler alternative to locally run apps. With products from Citrix you can also take advantage of the fact that running Windows apps in a Mac environment is also feasible with a subscription service.Citrix Referral for OnlineSelling to the SMB means reaching out to where they are. In the U.S. for instance media such as Fox News is one of the best collection points for managers of businesses who have the spending authority to bring SaaS into the business. Finding the right medium and media for your specific market will determine your success in reaching your potential customersFinally, viral marketing techniques are critical to success in 2009 and beyond. Therefore it is absolutely essential that you engage in electronic media and forums to optimize the views that you will receive. By practicing common Search Engine Optimization techniques, you will find customers driven to your company site and to your products.
  • App delivery solves those top IT challenges providing a superior user experience and flexibility for the end user with availability on any device from anywhere, quicker and easier app management with single instance app management to reduce costs and improve security, with scalability and app compatibility.
  • Citrix Service Provider Program is complimentary to Windows Server and Terminal Services. While Windows offers a wide swath in capabilities, CSPP provides depth of services and a variety of additional efficiencies. The (5) major topics of depth are Centralized Control, Application Compatibility, an optimized User Experience through a variety of profile settings and usage characteristics (USB, Universal Print, SmoothRoaming, etc) Comprehensive Access (which provides a larger base of application delivery) and scalability (for thousands of subscribers).XenApp Centralized Control – Single Point ConfigurationIntegrated app publishingApp and resource based load mgmt & load throttlingConfiguration loggingFarm Based ManagementDelegated administrationUniversal printer driver and advanced printer managementCentral MonitoringApp performance monitoring,system monitoring, and reportingExtensible InfrastructureSystem Center, OpenView, Tivoli, UniCenter integrationActive Directory and LDAP supportApplication Compatibility -Operating System FlexibilityMixed OS Server Farms2000, 2003, 2008Backwards compatibilityMFXP, PS 3.0, PS 4.5Multiple delivery methodsClient side virtualizationServer side virtualizationApplication to OS compatibilityIsolate application from OSApplication to Application CompatibilityIsolate conflicting applicationMultiple version compatibilityApplication Security PolicyPassword policies for all applicationsOptimized User Experience –SimplifiedEnhanced web accessApplication single sign-onSelf-Service Password ResetSeamlessBroad peripheral supportTransparent desktop integrationSmoothRoaming™OptimizedSpeedScreen™ TechnologiesProgressive Display of image informationIntelligent bandwidth utilization over any networkComprehensive Access – Universal Device AccessBroad Client Support(All Windows, DOS, Pocket PC, CE, Macintosh, Java, OS/2, Symbian, Unix, Linux) Backwards client compatibilityEnd-to-end Security Integrated SSL VPNBroad authentication supportApplication Single Sign-onPolicy based managementServer and farm based policiesConnection based policiesApplication password policiesSmartAccessScenario based accessRobust endpoint analysisGranular resource controlService Provider Scalability –ServerOptimized use of server resourcesCPU utilization and memory optimizationIncreased user density: 25%+ more users per serverUp to 400 XenApp Work loads with 64 bit and WS 2008Server FarmSingle-point managementIntelligent and flexible load managementMulti-site and backup site supportSupports 1000+ servers per farm
  • Signed Citrix Managed Service Provider Partner AgreementProcess managed through Citrix Authorized SPLA Distributor Named business, marketing, sales and technical contactsMaintain technically certified personnelMinimum of two (2) CCA Certifications for Citrix products deployedTechnical Support Technical Support contract purchase required to obtain authorized support Access to hosted solution to be made available on requestTo enable review, testing and support


  • 1. Citrix Service Provider Business Overview
    Scott Swanburg
    Director - Emerging Markets, XenApp
    Kurt Moody
    Senior Manager – Tech Marketing, XenApp
    July 8, 2009
  • 2. Business Proposition for Hosting Windows applications
    What/Who are the target market(s)
    Revenues and why SaaS should include non-web apps
    Subscription licensing
    XenApp and Terminals Services – Better together
    Optimizing with Essentials for XenServer
    Hosting applications and hosting desktops
    Citrix Service Provider
    Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute
  • 3. Hosting Windows Apps – Market Landscape
    86% SaaS
    58% Virtualization
    SMB Behaviors
    -20% IT Staff
    “Technology-Savvy SMBs Are Key to Catalyzing the Economic Recovery”
    -2009 Microsoft SMB Insight Report
  • 4. Market Sizing – SMB Worldwide
    Target Audience
    • 10 - 250 employees
    • 5. Up to 75 remote users
    • 6. Limited IT generalist
    SMB IT Spending
    by Industry
    by Application
    Nat’l/Int’l Gov
    Local/Region Gov
    Web Servers/Apps
    File/Print/DNS Servers
    China: 38%
    EU: 27%
    United States: 11%
    Japan: 9%
    The market for software as a service (SaaS) is forecast to reach $8 billion in 2009, a 21.9 percent increase from 2008 revenue of $6.6 billion– Gartner (May 8, 2009)
  • 7. Revenue Projection
    Near term opportunity maps to 1.9 Million SMBs Worldwide
    * Assumed monthly subscription of $70 U.S. x 10 active users per month
  • 8. Focused Marketing – the key to revenue growth
    Brand - Awareness
    Brand – Simplicity
    Brand - Differentiation
    Marketing – Where will your customer find you?
    Spend where your customers look
    Practice Search Engine Optimization
  • 9. Citrix Service Provider Program
  • 10. Hosting Applications and Desktops
    • Superior user experience
    • 11. Any user on any device
    • 12. Anywhere, anytime on any network
    • 13. Online or Offline
    • 14. Applications follow the user with same look & feel
    • 15. Superior application management
    • 16. Install once, test once, deliver instantly to everyone
    • 17. End to end visibility of user experience
    • 18. Security, control and compliance
    • 19. Scalability and flexibility
    • 20. Instantly deliver apps anywhere
    • 21. Highly available
    • 22. 99% application compatibility
  • Citrix & Microsoft – Better Together
    Citrix drives depth by enabling App Delivery
    Citrix XenApp Hosting Services
    End-to-End Application Delivery
    Optimized UserExperience
    Service ProviderScalability
    CPU & Memory
    > 25% per Server
    Supports 1000+
    Policy Mgt -
    Server, Client
    & Application
    Universal Client
    Single Sign On
    Optimized for
    App and Resource
    Based Load Mgmt
    Universal Printer
    App Isolation from
    O/S & other Apps
    Mixed O/S &
    Server Farms
    (00, 03, 08)
    Windows Server Terminal Services
    “Presentation Virtualization Platform”
    Windows Server increases the breadth of the solution
  • 23. XenServer 5 & Citrix Essentials For XenServer
    Virtual Infrastructure
    Virtual Infrastructure
    Virtual Infrastructure
    VM Lifecycle Automation
    Resource Pools & XenMotion
    Dynamic Workload Management
    Shared StorageOptimal VM Placement
    Automated High Availability
    Provisioning Services
    XenServer (Free)
    Essentials for XenServer
  • 24. Demonstration
  • 25. What is a Citrix Service Provider?
    Do you provide software services and hosted apps on a rental, subscription or services basis?
    Are you a hosting provider, a MSP, a SI or an ISV that provides software as a service?
    Is one of your primary objectives to avoid up-front license fees and minimum commitments?
    Is your goal to maximize the number of end-users served from the same underlying software?
    Will your customers accept not owning the software or having it located at their site?
    If you answered Yes to these questions then you most likely fit the CSP program
  • 26. Stay
    Next Steps
    Provide the best hosting solution with the latest products
    Use CSP Hosting Services Products to deliver
    services to subscribers
    certified administrator
    Complete the CSP Partner Agreement
    Get Connected to your Citrix Distributor
  • 27. Q & A
  • 28. Citrix Service Provider Webinar Series