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Quiz conducted by aayur kaul 6 quiz

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Spqc quiz 6

  1. 1. Sardar Patel Quiz Club (2012-2013) - Aayur Kaul - Sixth Quiz of this Semester
  2. 2. NEW RULE :Pranit’s Team will start with (-10) marks. :-PAbusive language to be used in case of emergencies only.
  3. 3. “I have had but one good Idea in my life” Amul man X , who pioneered milk cooperative movement and steered India’s milk revolution, passed away in Gujarat on 9 september 2012.ID X?
  4. 4. Dr. Verghese Kurien
  5. 5. Who is He? And what is he famous for?
  6. 6. D. Udaya KumarFor the new Indian Rupee symbol.
  7. 7. The major biologically active compound in X is delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly referred to as THC.Humans have been consuming X since prehistory, although inthe 20 century there was a rise in its use for recreational,spiritual or religious and medicinal purposes. It is estimatedthat about 4 percent of the world’s adult population use itannually 0.6 percent daily.Identify X.
  8. 8. Marijuana.
  9. 9. Who won the only Paralympics medal for India inLondon Paralympics this year?
  10. 10. Girisha Hosanagara
  11. 11. The largest city in Morocco is also the name ofan Oscar winning movie and has a famous port.Which city?
  12. 12. Casablanca
  13. 13. A plaque at a famous landmark in this city has aninscription saying “Urbs Prima in Indus”(the landmark was founded 100 years ago)Which city?
  14. 14. Mumbai This plaque is at the Gateway of India, whose founding stone was laid in March 1911 to commemorate the arrival of George V that year
  15. 15. Which famous Hindi story begins thus:
  16. 16. The writer Dilip Chitre published a translation of this saints poems fromMarathi into English.Which saint?
  17. 17. Tukaram
  18. 18. He died in Bristol, Englandin 1833 while on a visit tothat country.This statue, sculpted byCalcutta-based sculptorNiranjan Pradhan, waserected in Bristol in 1997.Whose statue?
  19. 19. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  20. 20. A poster for which corporate entity?
  21. 21. 5th November 2011 was declared a state holiday in Orissaby the state government to celebrate Presidential assentto two significant changes.Name them?
  22. 22. Orissa → OdishaOriya → Odia
  23. 23. The Mullaiperiyar dam is located in Kerala, but has been leased to Tamil Nadu after a 1886 treaty between the then Travancore State and the Madras Presidency.For how many years is this lease?
  24. 24. 999 years.
  25. 25. Who are the only father-son pair to have each (i.e.independently) won the Dadasaheb Phalke award?
  26. 26. Prithviraj and Raj Kapoor
  27. 27. Singer Himanshu Joshi and percussionist TuheenChakraborty are the two most recent (though not fullypermanent) members of which Indian group?
  28. 28. Indian Ocean “Band”.
  29. 29. This is a long-running popular show on Vividh Bharati, which features stories in radio play form. It shares its name with a Jaipur landmark.What show?
  30. 30. Hawa Mahal
  31. 31. There are several Birla Mandirs in the country, each witha presiding deity. At which of these temples, in Rajasthan,is the deity the goddess Saraswati?
  32. 32.  BITS Pilani
  33. 33. People of this North Eastern state speak 20+ different local languages, so a mixture has emerged as a link language. The name is a portmanteau word made of the main ethnic group in the state and a language of a neighbouring state.What is this name?
  34. 34. Nagamese
  35. 35. A very famous Indian personality famous for his styleof speaking, he won the 1999 Screen Award as the BestLyricist in the Non film Music category for his album‘Nai Disha’. Identify the person.
  36. 36. ”In days of yore, it was compulsory for those in theservices to have nonvegetarian food to allegedlyincrease their stamina to face the rigours of combat.”What did this practice eventually evolve into?
  37. 37. Military Hotels
  38. 38. ____ is a form of folk theatre ,said to have originated in Maharashtra in the 18th century.The plays originated as entertainment for encamped armies.The word literally means drama in several Indian languages.Which word?
  39. 39. Tamasha
  40. 40. Gandhi told him to refrain from using big words andwrite in a simple language and transliterate what the`harijans say. He rewrote the novel at Gandhisashram. Nineteen publishers in London rejected thescript, but with E.M. Forsters preface, it was acceptedby a publisher.. Identify the Novel that went on tobecome a classic and the Author
  41. 41. Mulk Raj Anand – the untouchable
  42. 42. X was considered a very tough leader. By his orders in 1960,a demonstration by the Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti wasfired upon by the police resulting in the deaths of 105demonstrators. This led to public outrage that shook thecentral government and eventually to the formation of thepresent State of Maharashtra.X’s reign introduced India to coalition politics.Accused India’s Research & Analysis Wing of being a guardof his main rival and closed down most of the agency.Despite all this, he is the only person to have received thehighest civilian awards of both India (Bharat Ratna) andPakistan (Nishaan-e-Pakistan).Who?
  43. 43. Moraji Desai
  44. 44. India is the only country to have won all theinternational paegents it participated in, (MissUniverse, Miss World and Miss Asia Pacific) in thesame year (2000). Name all three winners.
  45. 45. Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Diya Mirza
  46. 46. This word has been discussed recently in the Bangkok Post, theTimes of India and other Asian newspapers. A search suggests ithas been in use in the USA for about the past year but is onlynow beginning to appear in print.It refers to people who have been laid off from a multinationalbecause their job has been moved to India — a business practicedesigned to save money that is arousing passions in somecountries, especially Britain and the United States. When thispiece first appeared, in the newsletter, many subscribersimmediately connected it with the X torpedo, a tube packed withexplosive used by troops for blowing up wire entanglements,which got its name because it was invented in that city.One Web site is selling T-shirts with the slogan “Don’t Get Xed”as a way of telling people about the issue.
  47. 47. Bangaloored
  48. 48. What was introduced in 1988 and named tocommemorate the 100th year of the birth JawaharlalNehru?
  49. 49. The Shatabdi Express
  50. 50. The popular Indian lore says that on pilgrimage toMecca in the 16th century, Baba Budan, a reveredMuslim holy man from India, discovered for himselfthe wonders of X. In his zeal to share what he’d foundwith his fellows at home, he smuggled seven ________out of the Yemeni port of Y, wrapped around his belly.On his return home, he settled himself on the slopesof the Chandragiri Hills in Kadur district, Mysore State(present day Karnataka). This hill range was laternamed after him as the Baba Budan Hills and one cansee his tomb even today near Chikmagalur.
  51. 51. X- Coffee, Y- Mocha
  52. 52. There is a wide range of products produced under thisbrand. This includes paper files, clothes, bread andfurniture.It’s factory has amongst others, a carpentry,chemical and tailoring units. It even has a bakingschool. What brand?
  53. 53. Tihar Jail (TJ’s Brand)
  54. 54.  The current squad of the club is as shown: Sanjib Sanyal (captain) Anustup Majumdar Suvomoy Das Abhijit Sikdar Eklak Ahmed Arindam Ghosh Rajkumar Pal Naved Ahmed Md. Sami Priyankar Mukherjee Abhlim Ghosh Ahbishek Jhunjhunwala Wridhiman Saha Iresh Saxena Sultan Ahmed Debabrata Das Bunty Gwala Coach: Palash Nandy Bowling coach: Satinder Singh Other players who have played for the club include Virat Kohli, Lakshmipathi Balaji and Chaminda Vaas. Identify the club.
  55. 55. MohunBagan Cricket Club
  56. 56. Who is she?
  57. 57. Sunanda Pushkar
  58. 58. Naveen patnaik
  59. 59. Babri Masjid
  60. 60. The person on the left wrote a book about an Indian citycalled.. “Looking for X”. X is the guy on the right. ID X
  61. 61.  2006 Farah Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Shilpa Shetty 2007 Urmila Matondkar, Jeetendra, Shiamak Davar 2009 Saroj Khan, Vaibhavi Merchant, Juhi Chawla 2010 Remo D‘Souza, Malaika Arora Khan, and who?
  62. 62. Madhuri Dixit
  63. 63. Just as Mumbai is said to have got its name fromthe goddess Mumbadevi (from “Mumba aai”),what suburb of Mumbai is associated with thegoddess Padmavati?
  64. 64. Powai
  65. 65. Connect
  66. 66. Highest Run Getters in an Innings in Respective worldcups.
  67. 67. If you work in these places, you may be operatingunder ‘bagan time’, an unofficial time zoneintroduced during British times. This is one hourahead of Indian Standard Time. Where would yoube working in?
  68. 68. Assam Tea Gardens
  69. 69. Which author made his feature film acting debut inthe upcoming film “Saat Khoon Maaf” directed byVishal Bhardwaj?
  70. 70. Ruskin Bond
  71. 71. If Benson, Flynn, Wesson, North, Yardley, Russell,Harrison, Brooks, Willis, Burton, and Smith made upthe opposing XI, who captained the representativeIndian side?
  72. 72. Bhuvan (Lagaan)
  73. 73. This daily activity involving the Pakistan Rangersand the Indian Border Security Force since 1959 hasnow been ‘toned down’ on the request of a topRangers official. Where does this activity takeplace?
  74. 74. The Wagah Border
  75. 75. Also known as Meenakshi, the name of whichmythological figure means “large or winnow-likenails” in Sanskrit?
  76. 76. “Shoorpanakha”
  77. 77. This is an image from a1946 play. Who is theactor in the image?
  78. 78. Sivaji Ganesan
  79. 79. This Organization/Club/Group was started by threeindividuals from a college in 2009. It is a non-profitOrganization/Club/Group. It has no exact records of howmany members it has and hosts an event every week forits members. Its description says “We are a group ofmiscreants who meet every _______ to share and spreadgyaan”What are we talking about?
  80. 80. Our very own “SPQC”.
  81. 81. Which word, derived from the Urdu words for“tying” and “binding”, and meaning “organization”or “arrangement” is often used in relation tocertain duties of Indian police forces?
  82. 82. Bandobast
  83. 83. The Paisley pattern is often used in designs acrossthe world. Though it originated in the Middle Eastand India, it gets this name from the Scottish townof Paisley, because their weavers were once theleading producers of shawls bearing this pattern. InIndia, this motif is associated with a fruit which itclosely resembles. Which fruit?
  84. 84. Mango
  85. 85. According to the Limca Book of Records 1991 andthe Landmark Review, this book was the best-selling Indian hardcover for at least 3 months in1990.Its next edition featured the likes of V. Anand, UshaNarayan, Jasmin Arethna, Ghayab, and DakshinGangotri on its cover.Which publication?
  86. 86. The outer gates of which fort areFateh, Bahmani, Mecca, Patancheru, Banjara,Jamali, Naya Qula and Moti?
  87. 87. Golconda
  88. 88. The livery of each coach is painted in bold primarycolours and is based on the paintings of MamtaBanerjee. Also seen are a pair of running legs in blue amonggreenery, to indicate “speed”. This was introducedin 2009.What?
  89. 89. The Duronto
  90. 90. What is the joint venture between Priya ExhibitorsPrivate Limited and Village Roadshow Limitedcalled?
  91. 91. “I never dared to break the glass of his house whileplaying cricket as I used to be extremely scared ofhim.”Virender Sehwag talking about which formerchildhood neighbour of his from Najafgarh?
  92. 92. Sushil Kumar
  93. 93. Which radio show sponsored by Cadbury beganairing on April 12, 1972 and was hosted first byHamid Sayani and later, by Ameen Sayani, hisbrother?
  94. 94. Bournvita Quiz Contest
  95. 95. What happened for the first time in India on July30, 1995, and involved the then West Bengal CMJyoti Basu and the then Union Minister Sukh Ram?
  96. 96. First ever cellphone call in India
  97. 97. Sukumar Sen was a gold medal winningmathematician educated in Calcutta and London. Amember of the Indian Civil Services, he rose tobecome Chief Secretary of West Bengal. In 1950, hewas deputed to the Centre to become the head ofwhich newly set up organisation?
  98. 98. Election Commision Of India
  99. 99. Two very prominent communities among the smallJewish population in India are usually named aftertwo cities: one in India, one outside India.Which two cities?
  100. 100. Cochin and Baghdad
  101. 101. This is the masthead of the Times of India on Dec 2nd in 2010. What product was being advertised on the front and back pages that day?
  102. 102. In the 1983 Hindi film “Agar Tum Na Hote”, RajeshKhanna played an industrialist, the owner of acosmetic company. The film displayed products of aCalcutta-based company. The company thus claimsto be one of the first in India to make productplacements in films. Which company?
  103. 103. This is the logo ofwhich governmentinitiative that began inTamil Nadu in the 60s?
  104. 104. Mid Day meal Scheme
  105. 105. In 1931, when M. K. Gandhi visited London toparticipate in the 2nd Round Table Conference, thisfamous person wanted to meet him. But Gandhideclined the offer as he had never heard of him orseen his work. However, on learning that theperson originally came from a poor family inLondon’s East End, Gandhi received him. His firstquestion to Gandhi was about his attitude tomachinery. Journalist Louis Fischer describes it asan encounter ‘between toothless and toothsomesmiling’. Which person?
  106. 106. Charlie Chaplin
  107. 107. The Sanskrit version of what resource is sub-titledas “swatantravishwavigyaanakoshaha”?
  108. 108. This author won TheHindu’s award for BestFiction in 2010 for his book“Serious Men”. Identifyhim.
  109. 109. Manu Joseph, editor ofOpen Magazine
  110. 110. His description according to the official website:“A bachelor bear of indeterminate age. Lives in theforests of India and loves to tell stories. Has a hugerepertoire of tales, fables and myths from India andfrom all over the world. Not a trained musician, butcan sing very well. A pure vegetarian, he loveshoney. Good friends of Meera the monkey andDhondu the donkey. Much loved by all forestanimals and by children everywhere.”Who is this?
  111. 111. Karadi the Bear
  112. 112. X born as Y has been an important figure in BollywoodIndustry. X studied in Don Bosco School and KhalsaCollege in Mumbai, supposed to have started his workas a waiter in Bangkok, X returned to India afterlearning Z there and started modeling. In 2008, theuniversity of Windsor conferred an Honorary Doctorate ofLaw, in recognition of his contribution to Indian cinema.The following year he was awarded the Padma Shri byGovt. of India. Additionally, X is also the brandambassador of Canada Tourism.
  113. 113. X= Akshay KumarY= Rajiv BhatiaZ= Taekwondo
  114. 114. Long Connect
  115. 115. SET –I+8O
  116. 116. SET-II+6O
  117. 117. SET-III +40
  118. 118. SET-IV +20
  119. 119. The Connect is names of Airport’s after famouspersonalities/religious persons.Now The Answers :
  120. 120. BirsaMunda – Ranchi Airport
  121. 121. LokNayak JayPrakash – Patna Airport
  122. 122. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar – Nagpur Airport
  123. 123. Netaji S.C. Bose - Kolkata Airport
  124. 124. Devi Ahilyabai – Indore Airport
  125. 125. Rajiv Gandhi – Hyderabad Airport
  126. 126. Sardar VallabhBhai Patel – Ahemdabad Airport
  127. 127. Veer Savarkar – Port Blair Airport
  128. 128. Swami Vivekanada – Raipur Airport
  129. 129. Indira Gandhi – Delhi Airport
  130. 130. Guru Ram Das Ji – Amritsar Airport
  131. 131. Gopinath Bordoloi – Guwhati Airport
  132. 132. Biju Patnaik – Bhubneshwar Airport
  133. 133. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – Mumbai Airport
  134. 134. That’s All Folks !!!Hope you Enjoyed !!!