Jin bong kim china and korea trips report 2013


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Jin bong kim china and korea trips report 2013

  1. 1. Dear friends in the Lord, December 11, 2013 Thanks for your continual support in prayers and encouragement of my ministries in China and Korea. Through our trips to Beijing, Shanghai, and several cities in Korea, God has blessed the OMSC ministries in many ways and given us more strong relationship with Chinese Christians and many Korean churches and mission organizations. This is a brief report of my trips with some photos. From November 17 to 22 in China (Beijing and Shanghai) Preaching and lectures at a Chinese church in Beijing Lunch with a OMSC Chinese alumni in Shanghai Meeting with some Korean businessman in Beijing Special lecture among Chinese Christian scholars Dinner with OMSC Chinese alumni in Beijing 1
  2. 2. KGMLF 2013 book dedication ceremony at Onnuri community church in Seoul (Nov. 25, 2013) KGMLF books selling desk in the church Meeting with OMSC alumni at the ceremony KGMLF 2013 book dedication service in a Handong hall of Onnuri community church Book signing by Dr. Jonathan Bonk Book signing by Dr. Nelson Jennings 2
  3. 3. Welcome and introductions by Dr. Nelson Jennings Introduction of the books by Rev. Jin Bong Kim Gift of appreciation to Rev. Jae Hoon Lee of Onnuri community church Pre-planning meeting for KGMLF 2015 with KriM and Onnuri community church team  We have decided to have the third KGMLF in Korea from Nov. 3rd to 6th 2015, and Onnuri community church in Seoul would like to be host for the event. However, I will make a fundraising for the KGMLF 2015, and my project budget will be around $200,000. Please support us in your prayers. 3
  4. 4. From November 23 to December 4 in Korea As you may know, by God’s grace I could make all schedules for Dr. Jonathan Bonk and his wife, Jean Bonk and Dr. Nelson Jennings and Dr. Dwight Baker as well. I really appreciate the many servants who help me in many practical ways (For an instance, hotels, meals, transportations and so on). In particular, I want to express many thanks to Rev. Jae Hoon Lee who is a senior pastor of Onnuri community church because he offered a very nice hotel (five star level in Seoul) for Dr. Nelson Jennings, Dr. Dwight Baker, Dr. Jonathan Bonk and his wife, Jean Bonk. Jon and Jean stayed in their accommodation for eight evenings which include breakfast in the hotel. Dr. Nelson’s preaching on Sunday, Nov. 24 th Onnuri community church building (50,000 members) Dinner with KriM leaders in Seoul (41th floors restaurant) Dinner at Soon Young’s parent house on Nov. 26 4 th
  5. 5. From November 26 to December 4 with Dr. Jonathan Bonk and Jean Bonk Lecture and preaching at Koshin Theological Seminary in Cheonan City (Nov. 26) Lecture at Torch Trinity seminary in Seoul (Nov. 27) Lunch with some professors of Torch Trinity seminary (Nov. 27) 5
  6. 6. Preaching at Honam theological university and seminary in Gwangju City (Nov. 28) With Dr. Yong Sang Ro, president of the school  I had a plan to have a very special dinner in Taebaek City, eastern part of Korea for Dr. Jonathan Bonk and his wife, Jean Bonk, and a number of Korean alumni had a wonderful time with Jon and Jean and they spent a night at the same hotel of the Bonks. A Korean alumni who is a missionary in Africa donated a thousand dollar to Jon and Jean as well. I really appreicate Rev. Jon Eon Kim who orgarnised the dinner party and a hotel for everybody. Appreciation dinner party for the Bonk’s retirement in Korea (Dec. 2) 6
  7. 7. OMSC Korean alumni meeting with the Bonks in Taebaek City (Dec. 2) Hwangji presbyterian chruch (Dec. 1 ) 7
  8. 8. After preaching the Sunday service at the church (Dec. 1) After dinner at a church member’s house (Dec. 1) Preaching at the women’s annual meeting (Dec. 2)  Hwangji Presbyterian women’s group supported around $10,000 for the Bonk’s International Fellowship Fund by selling more than five hundred chicken soups during the summer season. Also the church gave us $ 1,000 for OMSC ministry as well. 8
  9. 9. Lunch given by Ms. Jae Im Kim in Seoul before the departure of the Bonks KGMLF 2015 planning meeting at Seoul Club (Nov. 25, 2013) I am sorry that I was not able to attend last board meeting at OMSC because of so many events and meetings for Dr. Jonathan Bonk and his wife, Jean Bonk until they went to Myanmar on December 4. Even though I was in my home country, Korea for many days, but I could not find an enough time to see my mother who has suffered with Alzheimer’s symptoms. 9
  10. 10. Above of all, I want to thank God because He has done so many things in China and Korea for His glory and Kingdom. I want to continue to work very hard to develop our relationship between OMSC and many Korean churches and mission organizations in order to better serve our Lord. Thanks again for your great support in prayers. Jin Bong Kim Rev. JIN BONG KIM International Church Relations Director, Overseas Ministries Study Center 490 Prospect Street, New Haven, CT 06511 kim@omsc.org Tel: 203-624-6672 ext.318 Home: 203-285-1540 Fax: 203-865-2857 www.omsc.org 10