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The_Beauty_of_Taiwan The_Beauty_of_Taiwan Presentation Transcript

  • 2007.5.22 蝺 蝺刻摩嚗摮急弁敶乓 芸剜 10 嚗 30 min Music 銋 蝢 The Beauty of Taiwan
  • 啁蝚砌擃撅望絲 3952 砍偕 3952 meters high from sea level, the main peak of Yushan and the highest mountain in Taiwan
  • 撅曹蜓撜 Yushan main ridge
  • 撅梢脫絲 A picture of cloud sea of Yushan
  • 臬控憟撜圈脫絲 A view of the sunrise and cloud sea in Nanhua Mt. Chilai South Peak
  • 臬控憟撜 Nanhua Mt. Chilai South Peak
  • 皝憭批控脫絲 The cloud sea over Mt. Nanhu
  • 璈怠皝 Jia-Ming Lake, a meteorite lake, on the Southern Cross-Island Highway. Situated 3,000 meters Above sea level
  • 璈怠予瘙 A scenery of Tianchih
  • 甇∪控銝餃陸 The ridge of Hehuan Mountain
  • 甇∪控祈楝擃暺 The highway of Hehuan Mt. Situated in 3,275 meters above sea level
  • 皜憓颲脣湧 Chingjing Veterans Farm where is 1,750 meters above the sea level
  • 皜憓颲脣湧 Chingjing Veterans Farm
  • 皜憓颲脣港芯 Snowing on Chingjing Veterans Farm
  • 芷貉批控 Kuanwu Village in Shei-Pa National Park
  • 芷詨摰嗅砍憭折詨撅 DabaJiansan of Shei-pa National Park
  • 璈恍閫撅 Mt. Daguan Natural Reserve
  • 銝剜帖摮擛潭抒撌 Swallow Grotto -- steep cliffs on the side of Central Cross-island Highway
  • 銝剜帖憭芷陌銋蝢 A spectacle cliff pathway of Central Cross-island Highway in Taroko National Park
  • 銝剜帖撣瘣撖折銋蝢 Buluowan -- A small native village in the middle of Mountain
  • 銝剜帖瘝∠甇仿 Taroko National Park Nature Trail
  • 銝剜帖瘝∠皞 A creek in Taroko National Park Nature
  • 甇阡菔噙游鞊璈 Chaofeng Bridge of the Wuling Farm
  • 輸撅勗亙 The entrance of Alishan National Scenic Area
  • 輸撅梁餃控怨 Forest Train in Alishan National Scenic Area
  • 輸撅望亙粹脫絲 A view of the sunrise and cloud sea from Alishan National Scenic Area
  • 輸撅梯臬 A picture of Alishan National Scenic Area
  • 交瞏剜航 -1 Sun Moon Lake
  • 交瞏剜航 -2 Sun Moon Lake
  • 皞芷剜ㄝ璅 Sitou Forest Recreation Park
  • 勗閫 Honeymoon Bay - A place for surfing
  • 銋隞賡 A view of sea front in Chieu Fen
  • 摰剖砍控瘝喟 Dongshan River Water Park in Yilan County
  • 蝢梯扛瘞游砍 Luodong Chinshui Water Park
  • 摰剛瞉單葛 Suao Port, is situated in the northeast coast of Taiwan
  • Gueishan Island is 10 kilometers East from Yilan County 樴撅勗雀
  • 勗祈楝瞉 Su-Hua Highway, Nan-Ao Section
  • 勗祈楝望噫瘚瑞 Su-Hua Highway, Dong-ao Bay Section
  • 勗祈楝皜瘞湔瑕 Chingshuei Cliff of Coastal Mountains
  • 梯桅擳瞏 Liyutan (Carp Lake) Located in Hualien County, Eastern Taiwan
  • 梯桃憪撌皞芣 Rafting in Siouguluan River
  • 梯桀鞊颲脣 Zhou-Fun Ranch in Hualien
  • 唳曹隞 Sansiantai, Taitung
  • 唳梢嘀擃 Para-Gliding in Luye Gaotai, Taitung
  • 交澈瘜 Sunrise Hot Spring
  • 剖飲潭輯 Lanyu Dugout
  • 瞉皝獢嗥斗 Penghu Spectacular Land Terrains
  • 镼踹飲單 Siyu Spectacular Land Terrains
  • 啁蝡舫野 A sky view of the Southernmost end of Taiwan
  • 憓曆憛 Kenting Lighthouse
  • 憓曆摰嗅砍 Kenting National Park
  • 憓曆摰嗅砍瘚琿 The Beachscape of Kenting National Park
  • 啁憓曆瘚琿 The beach in Kenting National Park
  • 撅勗之曀祉 Dapeng Bay in Pingtung
  • 擃瘣仿◢潮 Wind power generation in Kaohsiung Chijin
  • 擃瘣亙 Sunset in Kaohsiung Chijin
  • 擃皜 Kaohsiung Harbor
  • 擃皜臬 A night view in Kaohsiung Harbor
  • 擃瘝喳 A night view in Kaohsiung Love River
  • 撌衣株望 Zuoying Spring & Autumn Pagodas
  • 啣暹瘞游澈 Tainan Zengwun Reservoir
  • 啣攳日暽賜 The Salt Pan in Tainan ChingKunshen
  • 啣銝⊿厭撅 A Salt Mound in Tainan Chigu
  • 喲瘞游澈 Taoyuan Shihmen Reservoir
  • 靘憸冽臬 Wulai Scenic Area
  • 喟鈭粹 The Spectacular Rocks in Yehliu
  • 單蝧 The Para-Gliding in Yehliu
  • 賣撅勗摰嗅砍撠瘝孵 Volcano activity geology landscape area in Yangmingsan National Park
  • 賣撅勗摰嗅砍勗迤 Yangmingsan National Park
  • 啣瘛⊥偌瘝 Danshuei River, Taipei
  • 瘛⊥偌瞍鈭箇Ⅳ Danshuei Fisherman's Wharf
  • 啣瘛⊥偌瘝單航 Danshuei river , Taipei
  • 啁瘞銝餌敹菟尹 Democracy Memorial Hall of Taiwan
  • 啣憯急摰 Chaing Kai-shek Shihlin Residence
  • 啣撣曈亦 A sky view of Taipei
  • Taipei 101 building 508 meter or 1,667 feet high. The world record Welcome To Taiwan
  • Welcome to Taiwan travel High speed Rail (300 kilometers / hour)
  • http://www.gio.gov.tw/taiwan-website/5-gp/yearbook/20Tourism.htm Next
  • 銝其遢梢暺靘鈭恬a隢 Esc 菜皛曌喲萇暹 憒銝臬刻W隢銝銝a 蝺刻摩嚗摮急弁敶 蝺刻陌嚗 撣獢 (Clark) Replay 蝬脣嚗 http://sunyen.myweb.hinet.net/ E-mail 嚗 [email_address] The End Thank you watching 雓雓閫鞈