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Dental material

Dental material






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    Dental material Dental material Presentation Transcript

    • final exam of Dental material By samir albahrany
    • Cement base material
    • Cement base material • Used … 1_lining material 2_luting material 3_sometimes used as temporary filling material
    • Investment material
    • Investment material • Forming mold into which a metal or alloy in cast • ** gypsum bonded investment used to form mold for casting gold alloys for crown and bridges • ***phosphate bonded investment used to form mold for casting high temp dental alloys
    • Cold cure acrylic
    • Cold cure acrlic
    • Cold cure acrylic • Used …special tray • Used ….record base
    • Heat cure acrylic
    • Heat cure acrylic
    • Heat cure acrylic • Used for … 1_complete denture 2_partial denture
    • Relining materials (( Soft acrylic))
    • Relining materials ((soft acrylic)) • Uses ….1_Improve the comfort or fit of old denture until the new denture is made for period of several weeks 2_treatment of congenital or acquired defects of palate 3_provide comfort for patients who can not tolerate occlusal pressure
    • Peroxide cleanser
    • Dilute hypochlorite soliution
    • The use of the two • They denture cleansers *dilute hypochlorite solution should not be used with metals
    • Inlay wax
    • Inlay wax
    • Inlay casting wax • Used to make inlays crowns and pointic replicas
    • Denture casting wax
    • Denture casting wax • Used to produce the metal components of cobalt-chromium partial denture . ((from lecture )) • Used frame for partial denture
    • Sticky wax
    • Sticky wax • Used to join and stabilize temporary broken pieces of the denture before repair
    • Sheet wax
    • Sheet wax • Arrangement of teeth • Record centric relation
    • Corrective wax
    • Corrective wax • Used to record selected areas of soft tissues in edentulous arches • ** correct for error of impression ((from lab))
    • Bit rim wax
    • Bite rim wax • Arrangement teeth • Centric jaw relation
    • Agar
    • Agar • ‫مالحظه‬ any slide you find *green impression = agar
    • Agar • Used to 1_cast duplication 2_full mouth impression without deep undercuts 3_as tissue conditioner
    • Temporary filling materials
    • Temporary filling material • Used .. 1_during treatment of root canal fillings 2_inlay and onlay preparation 3_after pulp caping in case of traumatic exposure 4_prdodontic practice
    • Composite filling material
    • Light activated composite resins
    • Chemically activated composite resins
    • Composite filling material Used • Filling for anterior and posterior teeth
    • amalgam
    • amalgam
    • amalgam • Used a restoration material for tooth decay
    • Gold alloy Type 3Type 1Type 2
    • Gold alloy type 4
    • Gold alloy • Filling for posterior teeth ‫مالحظة‬** type1 =inlay type2=onlay
    • Stock Tray
    • Tray • Stock Used with impression compound • Perforated used with algenate • Non perforated used with silicon
    • Plaster impression material
    • Impression plaster • 1_Final impression for completely edentulous arch • 2_used to mount cast on an articulator • 3_occlusal bite registration
    • Impression compound
    • Impression compound • Used primary impression for edentulous ridges
    • Tracing compound impression material
    • Tracing compound impression material • Used …for border molding
    • Zinc oxide -eugenol
    • Zinc oxide -eugenol • Used for ….1_final impression of edentulous ridge • 2_occlusal bite registration
    • Stone
    • Die stone
    • Stone • Used…make master cast
    • alginate
    • alginate • Used for .. 1_prepare study models ((from lecture)) 2_primary impression for partial edentouls((from lab))
    • Silicon impression
    • Silicon impression • Used for 1_final impression 2_crown and bridge
    • Polysulphide
    • Polysulphide • Used for 1_final impression for edentulous arch 2_final impression for dentulous arch
    • Water cooling tray ‫مالحظة‬:‫غير‬ ‫مال‬ ‫الصورة‬ ‫هاي‬ ‫بس‬ ‫تشبه‬ ‫صورته‬ tray
    • Water cooling tray • Used for agar impression material
    • Denture base alloy
    • Denture base alloy • Used for …1_crown and bridge 2_frame for partial denture
    • Wrought stainless steel alloys
    • Wrought stainless steel alloys • Used for …. Making instrument ,burs ,wires
    • Titanium alloy
    • Titanium alloy • Used for …dental implant
    • . • ‫تعالى‬ ‫بحمده‬ ‫تمت‬ ‫الخفاجي‬ ‫غيث‬ ‫الشهيد‬ ‫روح‬ ‫على‬ ‫الفاتحه‬ 2013