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  • 1. Climbing the Multi-Channel Mountain (without falling off!) Presented by : Wrich Printz: President & CEO | L2, Inc.
  • 2. The Multi-Channel Mountain Campaigns Reaching out across multiple channels Targeting customer segments with variable data
  • 3. The Multi-Channel Mountain Phase 4: Repeat business Phase 3: Results: Success or failure? Phase 2: Creating the campaign Campaigns Reaching out across multiple channels Phase 1: Planning the campaign Targeting customer segments with variable data
  • 4. • Mistake in personalization Multi-Channel Tip: • Everyone receives same message and offer Both are equally bad! Multi-channel marketing is about targeting each individual with an offer, message and even imagery that is relevant to them.
  • 5. • Fail to create an on-going conversation with individuals • Fail to gather more information about the individual Multi-Channel Tip: Understanding each individual helps you market to them better and keeps them engaged with your brand.
  • 6. Multi-Channel Tip: You will not reach the top if you still think marketing is about one-time campaigns. Plan for follow-up messages to every campaign you send out.
  • 7. • • Fear Timing Protection Cost Comfort Love Location Brand loyalty
  • 8. • • • Multi-Channel Tip: Plan what you are going to send on the campaign, how to follow-up and the goals of the campaign
  • 9. Preparing the right resources for your climb (6 resources you need)
  • 10. Prospect data lists • • • Tip: Leverage data you have for highly targeted campaigns
  • 11. Campaign offers • • • Tip: Use A/B testing to keep your campaign offer relevant to each customer segment
  • 12. Campaign creative • • • • Tip: Measure each campaign and compare ROI between the ‘risky’ and ‘safe’ campaign message.
  • 13. Service providers • • • Tip: Make sure you and your providers are equipped for the climb up and down the multichannel mountain.
  • 14. Supporting software • • • Tip: Make sure the software you use makes it easy to climb the mountain repeatedly.
  • 15. Management support • • • Tip: Help the key decisionmakers and influencers understand the multi-channel campaign process. Download this whitepaper if you need help.
  • 16. "The scary thing is that out of all the marketers we talked to, 48% said they couldn’t do A/B testing on their landing pages" Anne Holland*, Founder of Marketing Sherpa * Nov 2007 Marketing Sherpa interview on A/B testing
  • 17. • • • • • Creative visuals • Level of engagement • Viral effects • Incentives
  • 18. Avoiding the creepy factor • too much data • too personal data
  • 19. What is a good response? • 70%, 80%, 90% response rate? • It takes more than 1 piece of messaging to convert your average customer
  • 20. • • • Bob gets email Bob opens email, but no response Follow up with DM + pURL Bob visits landing page Sales contact Bob
  • 21. L2 Whitepapers: Increasing response rates with 1:1 campaigns Enhance lead generation, increase product usage and promote brand awareness with 1:1 • campaigns. Find out more... • 8 tips for selling a direct marketing campaign • Convince your bosses, marketing colleagues or potential clients about the effectiveness of direct marketing campaigns. Find out more… Contact: Bob gets email Bob opens email, but no response L2, Inc. The Campaign Technology People (408) 457-9300 Bob Follow up a becomeswith DM + pURL customer Bob visits landing page Sales contact Bob