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Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]
Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]
Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]
Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]
Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]
Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]
Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]
Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]
Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]
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Re2 unit 5 storms voc[1]


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  • 1. Vocabularies Unit 5 “Storms” Reading Explorer 2 Teresa Yuh-yi Tan 談玉儀 Teresa Yuhyi Tan 12/21/11 Teresa Yuh-yi Tan 談玉儀
  • 2. Vocabulary 1
    • blame (v.) 責備 , 指責 [(+on/for)] to believe or say that someone or something is responsible for something bad
    • catastrophic (adj.) 災難的 Something that is catastrophic involves or causes a sudden terrible disaster.
    • celsius (adj.) 百分度的 ; 攝氏的 Celsius is a scale for measuring temperature, in which water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees.
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 3. Vocabulary 2
    • chaos (n) 混亂 a state of complete disorder and confusion
    • circumstance (n.) 情況 , 環境 ; 情勢 a condition that affects what happens in a particular situation
    • combination (n.) 結合 ( 體 ); 聯合 ( 體 ) a mixture of things
    • condense (v.) ( 氣體 ) 冷卻成液體 ( 或固體 ) When a gas or vapor condenses, it changes into a liquid.
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 4. Vocabulary 3
    • current (adj.) 現今的 happening at the present time
    • cycle (n.) 週期 ; 循環 ; 一轉 a series of events or processes that are repeated again and again
    • cyclone (n.) 暴風 ; 颱風 A cyclone is a violent tropical storm in which the air goes round and round.
    • disaster (n.) 災害 , 災難 , 不幸 a very bad accident
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 5. Vocabulary 4
    • distribute (v.) 分發 ; 分配 [(+to/among)] to give or hand out something to a number of people
    • energize (v.) 供給 ... 能量 to fill with energy, to provide power
    • engineer 工程師 , 技師 (n.) a person highly trained in science and mathematics who designs and builds machines, roads, and bridges
    • expose (v.) 揭露 , 揭發 to uncover something so it can be seen
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 6. Vocabulary 5
    • forecast (n.) 預測 , 預報 a statement about what is expected to happen in the future, especially in regard to weather
    • humid (n. ) 潮濕的 an atmosphere of damp air or weather
    • hurricane (n.) 颶風 an extremely violent wind or storm
    • ignore (v.) 不顧 , 不理會 ; 忽視 to pay no attention to someone or something
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 7. Vocabulary 6
    • loot (v.) 搶劫 , 洗劫 ; 強奪 to steal from stores or houses during times of great confusion, such as during a war or natural disaster
    • meteorologist (n.) 氣象學者 Meteorology is the study of the processes in the Earth's atmosphere that cause particular weather conditions, especially in order to predict the weather.
    • professional (adj.) 專業的 relating to a person’s work, especially work that requires special training or qualifications
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 8. Vocabulary 7
    • resident (n.) 居民 The residents of a place are people who live there.
    • rotate (v.) 旋轉 , 轉動 to turn
    • sector (n.) 部分 ; 部門 a division or part of something, especially government
    • shelter (n.) 躲避處 ; 避難所 a place where people without homes can stay for a limited period of time
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 9. Vocabulary 8
    • surge (n.) 大浪 , 波濤 A surge is a sudden powerful movement of a physical force such as wind or water.
    • tornado (n.) 龍捲風 ; 旋風 ; 颶風 A tornado is a violent wind storm consisting of a tall column of air which spins round very fast and causes a lot of damage.
    • upward (adv.) 向上的 ; 升高的 rising; going up
    • widespread (adj.) 分佈 ( 或散佈 ) 廣的 spread or existing over a large area
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan