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Re2 chapter4 great destinations_voc[1]
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Re2 chapter4 great destinations_voc[1]


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  • 1. Vocabularies Chapter 4 “Great Destinations” Reading Explorer 2 Teresa Yuh-yi Tan 談玉儀 Teresa Yuhyi Tan 12/06/11 Teresa Yuh-yi Tan 談玉儀
  • 2. Vocabulary 1
    • appeal (v.) 吸引 to attract or be interesting to someone 
    • cave (n.) 洞穴 , 洞窟 a large hole in the side of a hill or underground
    •   ceiling (n.) 天花板 ; 頂篷 the top inside surface of a room
    •   commuter (n.) 通勤者 daily traveller; someone who travels a long distance to work every day
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 3. Vocabulary 2
    • landmark (n. ) 顯而易見的 ) 地標 , 陸標 an easily-recognized object or feature in a landscape, e.g. a statue or building
    •   terminal (n. ) ( 火車 , 巴士等的 ) 總站 , 終站 a place where vehicles or passengers start or end a journey 
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 4. Vocabulary 3
    • convenient (adj.) 方便的 easy, useful, and suitable for a particular purpose
    •   cultural (adj.) 文化的 related to the arts, ideas, or customs of a society
    •   derive (v.) 衍生出 , 導出 [(+from)] stem from
    •   diverse=varied (adj.) 多種多樣的 ; 多變化的 If a group or range of things is diverse, it is made up of a wide variety of things.
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 5. Vocabulary 4
    • economic (adj.) 經濟上的 related to money and resources
    •   establish (v.) 建立 to create or develop something
    •   feature (v.) 以 ... 為特色 ; 是 ... 的特色 to highlight something important
    •   focal (adj.) 焦點的 ; 重要的 Focal is described something that is important.
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 6. Vocabulary 5
    • modernize (v.) 使現代化 to change something by replacing old equipment or methods
    •   object (v.) 反對 [(+to)] to be against something
    •   permit (v.) 允許 to allow one to do something
    •   preserve (v.) 保存 , 保藏 ; 防腐 [(+from)]; 保持 to take action to save or protect something, or keep it in its original state
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 7. Vocabulary 6
    • sculpture (n.) 雕刻品 a work of art that is produce by carving or shaping stone, wood, clay or other materials 
    • sightsee (v.) 遊覽 ; 觀光 to travel around visiting places of interest 
    • supposedly (adv.) 根據推測 ; 據稱 ; 大概 , 可能 as it seems or is assumed 
    • surround (v.) 圍 , 圍繞 ; 圈住 [H][(+with/by)] to circle all around 
    • threaten (v.) 威脅 to say or imply that you will hurt someone
    Teresa Yuhyi Tan
  • 8. Elephanta 象島石窟 Teresa Yuhyi Tan Teresa Yuh-yi Tan 談玉儀
  • 9. Darjeeling Railway 大吉嶺火車 Teresa Yuhyi Tan Teresa Yuh-yi Tan 談玉儀
  • 10. Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and 泰姬瑪哈酒店 Gateway of India 印度門 Teresa Yuhyi Tan Teresa Yuh-yi Tan 談玉儀