Co creation in new product development


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Co creation in new product development

  1. 1. Co-Creation in New Product Development:Conceptual Framework and Application in the Automotive Industry Michael Bartl & Gregor Jawecki Philipp Wiegandt HYVE AG, Schellingstr. BMW Group
  2. 2. SummaryThis paper provides a conceptual framework how companies can implementco-creation activities in a permanent and sustainable way. We claim that aholistic approach of collaborative innovation requires not only a skill set oftools and methods but also adapted innovation processes, organizationalroutines and cultures. The introduced programmatic approach implies theneed to think of co-creation as a strategic programme rather than as a “just intime” outsourcing of innovation tasks.A co-creation programme is characterized by continuous collaborativerelationships with users, consisting of various internal and external cycles ofacquiring and assimilating the users’ value contributions. To illustrate theapplicability and benefits of such a programmatic approach, the example ofthe BMW Group Co-Creation Lab is outlined and discussed.本文提供了一個如何使公司可以永久和持續實現共同創造活動方式的概念框架。共同創造方案的特點是與使用者持續合作的關係,進而獲得使用者的價值貢獻。以BMW集團共同創造實驗室的例子來說明並討論這種方案實行的好處。
  3. 3. Introduction“Open Innovation” defines it as “a paradigm that assumes that firms can andshould use external ideas as well as internal ideas, and internal and externalpaths to market, as the firms look to advance their technology.”co-creation research stream emphasizes the importance of collaboration andco-creation with customers and end-consumers.consumers are not only asked to contribute information according to theirwants, needs and product requirements but are also invited to bring in theircreativity and problem-solving skills.本文首先先介紹組織如何對新產品開發(NPD)共同創造活動的概念框架內的方案辦法。第二,探討目前正在應用於汽車行業中進行共同創造的方案。
  4. 4. Conceptual Framework basedon a Programmatic View on Co-CreationThe programs are characterized by a defined degree of intentional planningand central leadership.product innovation should involve significant collaboration with innovatorsoutside the company in areas such as packaging, design, distribution,business models, trademark licensing, technology as well as new productsand the authors propose three major perspectives to ensure aprogrammatic view on the concept of co-creation:Methods and ToolsProcessOrganization and Culture根據調查結果和實際的觀察,研究共同創造領域多年的作者提出了三個主要的觀點,以確保方案的觀點和共同創造的概念: (1) 方法和工具、 (2) 過程、和 (3) 組織與文化。
  5. 5. Methods and ToolsCompanies can choose from a whole landscape of methods and tools forcollaborative innovation with users.CrowdsourcingThrough crowdsourcing companies can tap a wider range of talent than might bepresent in its own organization.Co-Creation ToolkitsThe aim of co-creation toolkits is to equip users with online applications whichempower them to develop and transfer their creativity into solutions.Lead User MethodLead users are far ahead of market trends relative to the majority of product users asthey are familiar with future conditions and virtually “live in the future”NetnographyNetnography is to gain unbiased, unobtrusive consumer insights through observingthe conversation and social interaction of community members in an empathic waywithout intrusion and exertion of influence.共同創造可以有不同程度開放的特點。成功的合作創造項目,特別是方法和工具相關的能力,以及如何將技能深入在社會化媒體領域的經驗,選擇適合的共同創造者。正確的方法和工具的選擇和組合,給我們帶來了一個具綱領性的共同創造過程。
  6. 6. Process An idealized innovation process represents how products move from opportunities and ideas, to concepts, to design & engineering, to testing and launch. Within the field of NPD the authors distinguish three customer roles which are closely related to the necessary customer skills, attributes and characteristics to fulfill the transferred development task: customers as source of ideas customers as lead users and innovators customers as end users and representative buyersNPD 領域內作者區分三種客戶角色,都息息相關的客戶所需的技能、 屬性和履行轉讓的開發任務的特點:(1)客戶思想來源(2)客戶做為領導用戶和創新者(3)為最終用戶和代表買家的客戶。重要的是,從用戶到創新者,以及從消費者到一個虛擬的開發團隊成員的過渡往往是流利的和強烈的依賴基於網路,這意味著內部技術的訣竅,可以合併與外部的知識和創造力。
  7. 7. Organization and CultureThe key to co-innovation is to overcome resistance and promote thewillingness to accept that not all the smartest people work for yourcompany.On an individual level transactions and social exchange on the Webchanged our habits, expectations, and norms and became an essential part ofour everyday life.Research as well as the experiences made in numerous real businessprojects show that the intrinsic motivational dimension should be the focusto engage high involved, interested and creative co-creation partners.打算實施開發新產品的過程,共同創造活動肯定會重大影響現有公司的態度在組織和文化層面上。因此,合作技術創新的關鍵是克服阻力和促進公司內外有智慧的人一起工作。
  8. 8. Application of a programmatic Co-creationapproach in the Automotive IndustryThe “Co-Creation Lab” as BMW Groups latest innovation approachaddresses all essential dimensions of the programmatic approach introducedabove.The BMW Group Idea Contest "Tomorrows Urban Mobility Services" isthe first co-creation project which was launched within the lab in March2010.Participants submitted their ideas on following topics:Mobility in general.Parking.Electric Cars.Networks & Communication.Applications.這個競賽提供幾個新的見解,努力的創新將總體方向引向正確的地方。並進一步追求生成的理念,建立優質的行動服務。除了形式上創新意念的比賽結果,許多成員也加入共同創造實驗室,並表示有興趣進一步創新任務。
  9. 9. BMW Group’s Co-Creation Lab
  10. 10. ConclusionEventually a co-creation programme supports the idea of a continuouslylearning organization by expansion of its boundaries and should not benarrowed down to single project outcomes.It has been emphasized above thatthree major dimensions have to be taken into account.Developing a co-creation skill set allowing to accomplish excellence in terms ofmethodologies, tools and experience.continuous co-creation activities with alternating inbound and outbound flowsbetween consumers and the company throughout the whole NPD process, startingfrom the fuzzy end to the test and launch of products.organizational structures and routines have to be established not only to acquireexternal input but also to assimilate, digest and capitalize on the value co-creationwithin the company.共同創造方案必須考慮到三個主要方面:(1)制定一項共同創造技能設置實現卓越的方法、工具和經驗;(2)連續共同創造活動在整個公司新產品開發的處理,測試和推出的產品。(3)組織的結構和常式必須設立不只是來獲取外部輸入,但也吸收、消化和利用公司內部的值共同創造。
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