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    • Over 90 percent of faculty have heard of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube; with over 80 percent knowing Skype and MySpace.
    • Facebook is the best known (97%) with over 61 percent of faculty responding having an account.
    • Twitter is among the best well known among the social networks examined (94%), but has a low rate of faculty having accounts (18%).
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    • 1. Created by : Mr. Mongkol Klungmontree
    • 2. Contents 1 Social Media? 2 Why we use SM for Learning? 3 How SM can help teacher in education? 4 Let’s start!
    • 3. What is “Web 2.0”?
    • 4. Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Read-only (Passive) Read/Write (Participative) “Professional” content “Amateur” content Directories (taxonomy) Tags (folksonomy) tags Limited user experience Rich user ng the i experience e egat is th ggr omy ASocial Isolated sers on Tax any u e n ce of m d sci Control Trust e an ic es a t t prac tion. Share crea Own ifica my. ass sono of cl k Websites Blogs fol
    • 5. What is social media?
    • 6. Social media is best understood as a group of new kinds of Social media is best understood as a group of new kinds of online media, which share most or all of the following online media, which share most or all of the following characteristics: characteristics:
    • 7. Social Media Defined New communication technologies that allow Internet users to easily interact with other users and create and share web content in the form of blogs, video, podcasts, wikis, RSS feeds, etc.
    • 8. Cores of SM Plan created interact share Soc Soc iial M al M ediia ed a off L o L anyw earrn anyw ea niin ng g herr he e e/an / any yttim ime e
    • 9. General Social Media Stats:  Facebook:  There are over 400 million users on Facebook with over 50% logging in at least once per day.  In the United States alone there are, as of February 2010, 108 million users at a growth rate of around 5 million new users per month. That is a 35% penetration rate of the total US population.  The average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook.  Twitter:  At the end of 2009 Twitter had approximately 75 million active users with a growth rate in Q4 of between 6-8 million new users per month.  There are over 50 million tweets per day as of March 2010. This is up from 3 million tweets per day in March 2008.  YouTube:  On YouTube alone, there are over 1 billion views per day.  There are 20 hours of video uploaded every minute. That’s the equivalent of 130,000 full-length Hollywood movie releases every single week.  YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world. Approximately 82% of Internet users in the USA view videos online.  Blogs: 10  There are approximately 126 million blogs as tracked by BlogPulse.
    • 10. Social Networks Are Not Equally Popular 11
    • 11. Awareness of Facebook is close to 100% More than 1 billion people (>70% of internet population) use social networks.
    • 12. People use more than Facebook. In Europe, people join on average 1,9 social networks. In USA it’s 2,1; Brazil 3,1 and India 3,9.
    • 13. Average Facebook session lasts 37 minutes, Twitter 23 minutes. More than 400 million people use Facebook daily.
    • 14. Answer Social Media
    • 15. What do you see in this picture? What are they doing? The children’s routine is….
    • 16. If we don’t care, it will be like this…
    • 17. As a teacher Analyze curriculum Teacher should Awareness of moral Clearly plan to create Use SM Foster SM
    • 18. SM for educators: Tools Facebook Wordpress Youtube Create group. Connecting to teacher’s blog Create main blog. Sharing education VDO, clip.
    • 19. twitter slideshare Picasa Google docs Micro blog can share fb&WP. To sharing news. To Share e-book online,document,ppt To share picture. Useful document, form online. To make student’s tasks and score.
    • 20. “ Add your company slogan ” LOGO