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  1. 1. rutlr;yts)*au {srnrur #.r nqu #ufr **l fiaur$ fi o Parf t: ; f;*:tvcrs*tlon t:; f;*$ycrs*tlon ! sutbit i yer, bur l,was 1ale 1p work. Directions : Read the situarions, then, choose the fsrr&*{. ahswsr.. . | ;. I. What m*le y,.u ?. ryhat makes you Sirua$on.t I Y*u ileer a fogqi$:r vigjtar at the Jatuj*Jr :1. Whar happen to you 4. Whals lhe matter lor vou .:: Siam Squ*r*. 1 lr!isitor : f,xcuse me, Mr. How can tr get t+ 6. l, Calming down. 2. Ca1m dow*, wont vou? You I 1. You car take the sky train at here 3. Caim. rlown. 2. Yori can tak* rlre sky train to Siaru $quare.l i .4. Calm dor+aing. ll. You can t&ke the sky::rain here ro i 7. 1. havent you 2. hadnt you Siam Squa.re. I 3. have vou flot 4. didnt vou rt" You can takr the sky train here and Situation ,S i Suneeis at the local department storei 1 get olf at Siaur Iiquare Starion. ilooking for:a new handb*g. Compiete I Situation 2 I Sonrebne calls you cn the phone. i fhs eonvfirsation with proper words 2. The phone i Hello. may I talk to Sunai? or phrase.s You reply , i; I{ellcl Irr sdrry he is n*l at ho:ne now.l Sunbe I Look! That isa ___(B)*_*hanclbag. I 2. Im sony, He cant firrtwer.your phone. I 3. Couk} you leave him any message? Store Clerk : Its 1,2O1) bahr, Madarn. | r: :1. :So$y.,He.is not at home. Sunee : Its too *-***(g)-_*:: Could you. niake it, a littis bit lower ? . Situatian 3 i Ycu and your liiend are having luarh St*re Clerk : Sorry, Mladarn, Its the store ___(10)_. atthe reslaurant. You nef,d to gel a B. 1. neat 2; beaufiflrl 3. smart 4. good bottie oI salt and peFper- 3. You salr : 1. Please pass nre the salt ancl pepper. 9. l,rmuch 2. expensive 3. high 4. large ?, I need salt and pepper, please hald 10. 1; set ?. normal it io me. : 3. fixed 4. fixed price. 3, Hantl rne a salt and pepper, please. Situation ? i A1 ghe doctors sffice, Complete the zl. Fass the sait antl pepper, please . conversation with proper words or phrases.. SitUatinn 4 . Yeru ger oui of the sky train, Srou . You. i Good moming, dcctor. Im sorry to , ,.: . bump inio another passdnger. you. , you sayl , ___(4)*_**.,0 --_.(11). -* Doctor : **-{,12J,-- .4. :i . Pardon . 2. Forgive me. You iIgsxldi1 I had aterrih,ls sleep.all night. 3. Im so:rl 4. Sorry" please. **-(1 S)_-.*. Doetor I When did you **_(14)*=._ last night, ancl Situdtiein 5 : Sathit, liour:brother, hael a car accident in the morning, He was so r.lpset. what rime did you *__(15)-._-. What woulcl you say to him? Ycu : At,nidnighr. I gor up at B ocloek. Doclo1 I Ahl Yau didnr have enough ,_(16)_,_. Complete the €onyersation with . proper words or phrases. Thats the cause of 1,ou headache. You You I Dear. Sathil *_*.{5)*--__so upset? should go to bed emly and have enough sleep. $athii I Oh. ks Leeause of the.accidenqthis,maming. . You : Thank you, doctor. Ill follow your *(1?*. You :--__(6)____. You hud only a slighr damage, i1. X.annoy 2. borher 3. disrurb 4. trouble 12. 1. Whatsa rnatter with vou? l a 1n:.:nr:msooue:T u{a:-%d zs .;id:rxruxfrnr*rfiii7 .si
  2. 2. i;:.1.:.:-p..q.op,, , rs*; fou i I srmply hate irs __j;L_:., r _r _::J - -,r____*. ,.-:0., .1r 9an t siafto ....... er.e#;r.it iattr,l.,i.:,.,,,. .;. t;r,*t-,",.,..t r,**Ui*,t 3. good ,4, tasreful I ..,,$,r1,q..;.-:l:iri":rr:..r.1r::.r ..;.,:1 .1it1.1,,:i.,..r;,.,t1, ffiffi -,.;t,rl-,.i,t,;r:.1- :..:.,.:;1,l ., 1......t, .i.rt-,111,i.;.fi{ ::r. : :r ti:.., :-: :11.,+rlr:-:r:--,::-tt:.1,:ii1::,::t,1,.-.,,,.::".,t;a..;.:.:Il.t,t.J
  3. 3. 28. 1;.ab**rbing 2. handling 43, grider.$ree] 3. absorb 4. keeping 1. bumpy I smooth 2. eandle I wax 2s. l. slid.ing 2, pouring down 3. rrurnpy i stylish , 4, fascina:ing I boring 3; flown down 4. moving down 44. f00t lsock 30. 1;,growing 2. pJanting , , r1.,-3.;.kdeping 4. plant 3. bed I bassl 4 letter i envelop 4. lptt^?.^-,;,^.. P*rf r; Vacabulary r45, shovel gardening i A-i.llThich ore doesn,t bglotg :l;needle , sewing i. brorher i. sister Sirestion : Three gf the,word in etch group r6lat0 , t0 each othcr ssmehow choose the word 46. ptesto ; instantly l.unlike I diffsent 2. hot I clocl 31. 1. reiect 2. farsake ii. kitchen i cooking 4. Eugar : sweet l 3. abdicate 4i cavity 47. adore . despise 32. 1. ecstasy 2. exult 1. $ong I ears 2. choose i rejeet B. depressed 4. gladness 3. poor I broke. 4. fish I swim 33. 1. receive 2, forfeit 48, li"aistband : pants 3. obtaia 4. acquire l. deslroy . build 2. work : eam ,2, clamor : 3. here l hear .. , 4. character : story 3. composed 4. upr0ar 49. mou$e i rodent: 35. 1. descend 2. decline , 3. decrease , 3: smatl i huge , 4. Halloween iholiday 4, dirninish 36. 1. genuine. 2. real 50. roosfer I male , 3. authentic 4. false 1. two I second 2. trumpetl brass . 3. won lone 4. father I mother 37. 1; c0Rtact 2. dismiss 3. exclude ,, C i !{eanugin Context 4. cast Dlredion;,Choosoth€ best,answer ta make 38. 1. viral 2. optionai ihe serlten€os m€ailingful. ,: 3. imperious 4. tround 51. He said he,had led oflicials to inspect a forest 39: 1: se.rene 2. dormant . on the mountair and found a large area had 3; halcyon 4, fussy leen destroyed by -*: . -**-r who had turnecl 4O. l.,jtzzy the larld into rubber and palm plantations. 2. alive 1. detectors 2. evacuations 3. damp 3. avalanche 4. tfespassers B: Analogy, . 52,rPeople iq the rront seat of a vehiele with a, Dlreetlliu : The two,given r#ordr,are associated , safbty belt on were sqmehow in their meintng. fhoose found to be safe in a the , head.on .**-*_**_if pair t]rat has the sam€ kind:of the speed,lirnit did not exceed 50 kph. 41. flag : country I ,. cotrlision 1. Z. coalition 1: artificial I real 2. cross I Christianity B.,velocity 4. pedestrians 3,poel l, foem , 53. A Japanese roxrist rrekking ro a hill tribe 42.:streel; soirr , village fell inta a ravine in pai district of r 1. bookstore : novel Maq Hong Son Wednesday, _____ Ieg injure6. 3, precise j intixact :yfrin"ouu6nurfrfi o In:unr:nn oounr.rxiri*.rvtt eO
  4. 4. 1. requiring 2. suslaining 61, She is one of millions of Manila area residents 3. stipulating 4. streaking suffering through a water shortage ____-*_: 54. Peace apparently having been made between by an electricity crisis that includes daily power Thailand and the rest of ASEAN, economic outages lasting up (o l0 hours. minister from the six countries concluded their 1. aggravated 2. sheltered Lwo-day meeting held in Hong Kong yesterday 3. recognized 4, degraded What do the underlined words mean? trade on January 1. 62. He said it was normal for the school to have a 1. abducting 2. stretching quota forprominent students who enhanced the 3. pledging 4. suspecting reputation of the school55. A moderate southwest monsoon over 1. ascefiain 2. prestige the Andaman Sea, Thailand ancl the Gulf. 3, appraisal 4. allegation Thundershowers are likely over the country with 63. There are three urgent problems of the poorer isolated heavy rain and gusty winds in the West countries viz. unemployment, malnutrition and coast of the South. education. Each is u, i*porturr?* tt [.t. 1. extends 2. domihates " l.contamination 2.procrastinaticn 3. i$olates 4. prevails 3. allocation 4. starvation 56. About 100 homes have collapsed in Chum pom. 64. Political parties field the candidares, help them Large areas of land have been covered with campaign and they form the govemment thal water" Power supplies have been cut off. results from the election. In an attempt to Railway tracks have been _* *_-___*. persuade, or woo, voters to vote for lheir 1. evacuated 2. submerged candidates, they announce their party manifesto 3. trapped 4. triggered --_ to the people,57. Strong soap may _*______ a baby,s skin, which l. pronouncement 2. canvasser is more delicate than that of grown up people. 3. conslituent 4. turnout f . iritate 2. iresolute 65. Severe punishment may serve as a deterrent to J. rmgate 4. irrelevant crimes like drug-trafiicking, and so on.58. There are several countries in Asia and Africa 1. malice 2. antagonist requiring foreign assistance, being dissatisfied 3. hindrance 4. inclination with their own ________ economic situation. 66. The victims in the eanhquake perished after 1. conviction 2, manifestation , they were buried in the fallen house. 3. backward 4. doctrine 1. pass away 2. come acros.s59. There was no surprise when Lionel Messi was 3. flare up 4.look forward named "man of the match, in Barcelonas 3_1 6?. Characters in a novel are mostly fictitious, Champions Cup _______ over Manchester but they may stand for cefiain iyp., of p*opt" United Saturday. in the real wofld; 1. civilian 2. fiumph 1. inherent 2. imaginary 3. circumstance +. reflection 3. eradicate 4. circulate60. If people accused you of crocodile tears, 68. Successful people who are humble often that means you were insincere. 1. animosity , ascribe rheir achievements; **t rt hard work. 2. shedding 1. dedicate 2. intrigued 3. corruption 4. selfishness 3. apprentice 4. meekn:onr:fl nfl ounruf nftii zo :vdilfruilfinurfld o
  5. 5. 69. The students were getting nervous b.e,cause of 3. would had 4. will had been the irTminent examination. 77. Lets have a rest, ? 1. prerequisite 2. severe 1. will you 2. dont you 3. impending 4. glamorous 3. shall we 4. do we ?0. Both ptysical exercise and mental eiercise will 78.I never drink coffee, *_____- _? help your memory. Physical exercise improves 1. do I 2. dont I circulation of the blood. This helps your brain 3. didnt I 4. did I function better. 1,.calculation 2, flowing ?9. Thal pictwe doesnt belong to 3. extraordinary 4. creepirig ir is __________. Part 3 i 1, your, mine 2. you, my Structure anit V{ritilrg A : Incomplete Sentences 3. your, mine 4. you, mine Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. 80. You must be punished -, ------- you always come late. , patients 1. before 2. aftar ____**__ are, under a lot of stress is . ! runrung.. 3. because of 4. while , 1. who, who 2. which, which 1. I put on music and we started 3. which, who 4. who, which B -------, dancing. 72. Paul : Are you free tonight? 1. Before the guests arrive Tom i I dont know. t have many things to do, 2. lyVhen the guesls arrived so I 3. Though the guests arrived -*__*__, __ haye time m go out 4. Unless the guests arrived tomght, 1. would 2. might i 82. A letter by a pretry girl. 3. will 4. might not 73. Monica i Did you ever drink coffee? 3. wrote 4. was written Thomas I I never _____: __ coffee 83. She said, :"f6u are a good man." whenl__*__:__achild. She said that _______ 1. used to drink, is 2. used to drink, was 1. you are a good man 3. use to drink, is 4. use to drank, was 2. I am a good man ?4. Michael I How often di$ she take the bus? 3. I was a good man 4. you were a good man John I She __*_**__-_ take the bus. She always drove. 84: He said. {I will do it tomorrow." 1 .. use to 2. used to He said that -*____ 3, never use to 4. never used to 1, he would do it the next day 2. he will do it the next day 1. will promise 3. you would do it the next day 4. I would do it the next day 85. A : How long have you been traveiing 4. will you piomise around the world? 76. Ifthe midfielders had passed the ball more 1. Ten years:ago 2. Three years back exactly, our team _*_._*__** more chances 3. For ten yeeg 4. Next year to attack. : 1. would have had 2, rvill have hadi r:durloilxfinurild o 1a:.rm:unaauatuf a{cd za
  6. 6. 86. A building _*_**___ * by a bomb. i the tip of his nose on a stubbom flame. 1. damages 1. In spite of ?. Rather than 2. damaged 3. Just as .4.Ap f,, haye been damaging : 4. has been damaged 95. Please be careful, you may have an accident. Directlon : Math the underlined words in the text 1. ancl then 2. as though below with the grammatical terms listed. 3. or else 4, as soon as Aung San Suu Kyi was elected the 96. _______*__ Dana persevered at the calculusdemocratic leader of (87). Burnia in 1gg0. (BB). exam, she was only adding another F beside,5ie was put in prison and could .rot b""ome president. her name in Dr. peters grade book.Now she fights very day for freedom for her (89) 1. Even though 2. trn order thatpeaple. She won rhe (90). Nabel peace prize 3. Bedause of in 1991. 4. So that 87. 9?. He was very persuasivei *_*_*_-*_-, Pronoun 1. 2. Compound noun I did what he asked. 3. Proper noun 4. plural noun ,1. according to 2. accordingiy 88. 1. Pronoun 2. Compound noun * 3. furthermore 4. nevertheless 3. Proper noun q, plural noun 98. You should eal less, 89. 1. Proroun 2. Compound noun exerclse more. 3. Proper noun 4. pluraj noun 1. either or 2. neither nor 90. 1. Pronoun 2. Compound noun 3. consequently 4. besides 3. Proper noun 4. plural noun 99. We searched diligently, __**_ found nothing. E : lryritlng obitity 1. therefore 2.otherwise Choose the best answer. 3. because of 4. yet 91. Whar process writing is a Druftlng,l 100. __*____*_ had I opened my eyes, than I l. Before start, I write down as many ideas remefilberedwhere I was. as I can. t. Unless 2. Whether 2. I organize my main points into different 3. No Sooner 4. Which paragraphs in note form. Part 4 : Reading Comprehension 3. I start writing, developing my main points. Read the foltorving excerpt and choose 4. I give my work a finul .fr".t fo, u""uru"y, the best answer. 92. Re-drafting involves _____ Passage 1. copying a piece of *d;;;;*-ly. The idea of a car that IJo*, where to 2. doing a piece of writing for the second go may seem impossible. However, of new third time. technology may soon make this possible. 3. checking for language errors. Cars will have computers to tell d.rivers which 4. reading your written work word by roads have the least traffic. That way the drivers word. will not wasre rime in raffic ju*r. Th;;; *,i,- "93. Mosr people think that raking drugs is scary, also be less pollution because the car engines will be running less. l.sodoI 2. neither do I 3. so did I 4. neither did I 101. What will these new cars be known as? 1. "expensive cars, 2. .,fast cars,,94. , __* _ *__ Samson blew oui the 3. "trafflc cars, 4. ,,smart cars,, birthday candles atop the cake, he burnedlnilnr:mnnounrrlf n{.:no zo ffi t :cdufruilfinmf,S o
  7. 7. iW1 Passage z Passage 6 ,1r,.:fhs dog waSthe first domesticarcd animal. , Bananan are widely believed to gtow on rees: Very.eatly in,human history, people, learn that a dog Ibi.{,.is incorrect. The banana is a plant which .epq,ld-help with hunting, Dogs also were lood ,{inishes all its grirwth.in ondyear; reaching a ,re,ompany for early ma* lVe canlsay tliat the dog. height of 30 feet. Bananas have a subterranean rior,rnairs fbest friend l . sfsm.frorn which corne large, green leaves. 102. Whal,may human think about the dog besides I plant ieaches its maturty in about 18 months. .The, I lihis best friend"? . ,r As trunches of bananas mature and the fruit i 1: oldost f,riend , 2. worst enemy i devetops; ihey cuo belpiopped up with poles and . ,3.. Iat€st friend 4, :only {rie1d ,. covered,with blue,polyelhylene bags., ltese prevent bruising, protect against the frost, and speed ripening Passage B by ins. reasing.hgat and .humidtty. , ,. , , It,used to,be fashionable forwomen to have Once.the banana plant has p;6duced its fruit, *ery smallwaists. They often wore tight,clothes r thg fi1s1hs1,plant dies and is replaced by pups around their waists to make,them thinrier-,A wqman (sucker plantq). These grow next rqo the pment,and with a very thin,waist was said to,be jiwasp- waisted:i make a new,generationof banana plants, , because their bodies,looked like the body of a wasp. 103. The wasp is the inspct with,,|,.; , " 1; The beliet thdt banana grows orr trees. 2. a very thin middle , Z,,Certain beliefs about bananas. -, , : 3. tight-clothe.s rotnd its middle , . .. 3. Widely-held beliefs about banan& trees. 4. long, thin legs 4: The belief that bananas do not grow on tr€es. Passage a 107. What would be the best title for the first paragraph? in the wodd. It is eaten as e-aady; in eakesilcoojries, ." 1l,Beliefq about bana{ra planJ!. ,.: : : , and puddings.,In Some places; hqweve-r, it is also 2. The gtowth,of abanana planr to matulity. eaten in a non-sweet form. The Mexicans, for ., S.,a year,in a.life,of a.banana plant. example, make q:chiqlen distr with a qpicy chocotaie, 4. Banana plants: from birth to maturity. sauce. 1.08, Why are blue polyethylene bagsl"meafioned in 104.,rffhat is not included in this sauqe? paragraph 2? 1, any chocolate , 2. any.i.itamins t, They are used to prbp up bananas , , 3. any sweetener 4. any candy . 2. TbW pn-otect growing banana and qpeedripening . 3. They holp increase heatand humidity and so Prssago 5 . prevent bruising. Until,recently the kiwi.fiuit wasrare in counties, A{ tne kiwis:carne from far aw4y . 4, Buriches of bananas are.rcover of them. , NeW Zea1and..,They w-ere transported,a grear distance 109, Wtiatis the;mairr,idea oJ the- last paraSupht ,and,so they were,vqry expensive. Now,many : :"l;,How the banana plantsrproduCe its fruit. -cbunhicx grow kiwis, Tlie supply of thiq fruit has Sfeatly increased. 1O r,Aicording to the excelpt, whar,may- be, r}e ,,r 4. The grqwth,gf ,sucker plants. , result of kiwis? 110. What can the sucker plants be useful for? 1. It has become even more expensive. :1-Cfeatingnewbananaplants l, . , , z.It is harder to get, . ,,, , i , ,, : ,2, Preventing,bananas,bruising,,, 3. New Zealand hds stopped producing i:. , 3, Plo{ucing banana fruits 4. Speeding bananas ripening :vdufnauf,nsrflfir 6 In:.rn r:yrnoa!n:,ul{n:%di zo
  8. 8. Passage z 112. The word ipurging, in line 4 is The air above our head is becoming closesr in cleaner. meaning to...,. A breath of.fresh air has Ur.n.unning;;;;ffi* the planers for the pasr f,ive years. Ttre - 1. destroying 2. relining l; il;.; 3. filtering 4. ridding apparently purging itself of pollution. paul Novell of the University of Colorado, the co_author 113. According to the passage, iife expectancy of a report on this phenomenon says. ,,lt partly depends on people having.... seems as if the planets own cleansing service has suddenly 1. access to details about atmospheric pollution got a flew release of life. Suddenly there are u fot ?. recommendation from university research Jf changes going on up there., 3. irnprovement in atmospheric conditions Estimare of thc death toll from urban smogs 4. changes in rheir life style have been steadily rising, so the new cleaning i,t0ll" in trend 114. The word iine could have significant consequences ol Iife 10 could be best replaced by ...... expeetancy in city as well as for the pianet irself. 1. costs The suclden and unexpected reversal of 2. count several 3. damage decades of worsening pollution extends 4. loss from the air in city Etreets to rr:morest mid-pacific Ocean L15. According fo the authcrs opinior, whaf Antarctica. and the main cause of pollution reductjon? is Among the pollutants which have begun 1. Less impact from burning forests to disappear from the atmosphere are carbon 2. A small numbcrs of cars **r-r0", - from ca1 exhaust and buming rainforests, 3. A cunailment of chemicals melhane from the guts of cattle, paddy ""."d-.- fields, and 4. Fewer cattle and gas fields gas fields. Even carbon dioxide. the main e--s vvl.v - gas behind I16. The word "it, in line 33 refers to....... global warming, has fallen slightly. 1. urban smog Z. a clean_up agent There are two theories about why pollution 3. acid rain 4. rhe ozon; ho-le is disappearing. First, rhar rhere i, f*r, pjfi,i;; stal w,ith dude to laws to cut down urban 117. lL can be inferred from the passage smogs that and acid rain starting Lo have a global the cleansing of the planet is..,. impact. t::".rr, rhar rhe planer may be becomin! more f. inexplicable 2. confusing efficient at cleaning up. 3. surprising "1. predictable Throughout the atmosphere in tiny lB. Based on the information in the passage, . quanlities 1 all,of the following information referring oxidizing them. The amount of hydroxyt to hydroxyl is true EXCEpT in the air had. fallen by a quarter in t9BOs. Norlil *", Ol l. The reduction in the ozone layer is ry{&g for twq reasons I ironically, u""u"r.rfr* beneficial to hydroxylozone hole has expanded. letting 2. Oxidation of pollutants is carried in more ultraviolet outradiation into the lower a[mospfr..", *h"* ii by hydroxylmanufactures hydroxyl. Ttren ine ,t.i"t., .ont ol. on 3. There is difficulty in desrroying carbonvehicles exhausts in America and Europe *;; ;;; -- dioxide by hydroxylcut giobat carbon monoxide emissions, 4. Ultraviolet radiation increases production th.r"byallowing more hydroxyl ro clean of hydroxyl up ottrer fofiutants.1 11. What is the main topic of the passage? 119. The word ,,revlving, in line 34 is closesl 1. The decreasing pollution of atmosphere rn meanmg to.... : In" changing pollutanrs in rhe atmosphere 3. Hydroxyl,s influence on the atmosphere 1. reappearing 2, refreshing 3. reproducing 4. repeatiag 4. The oxygenation of rhe atmosphereInt,: nr:y n ooun?1ilf nrs.:id 26 :;r{rifaailfnurild o
  9. 9. t20i T&*,.p-i*sage suppofis whieh of the;followrng iYour body needs fresh fruits and vegetables and conclusion? some meat, milk or fish. You also need to be careful 1. The decrease of methanqhas enabled 4bout eating new foufu. Try srnall amountlfiisi to .: t traiiotet radiatidn io enter the atmosphere. make sure they are okay for you. And of course, . , . ?,t1$tn.,4ansionin hydroxyl has ellarged the .$@:aw4y rftom foods,that,are very righ. ozone hole. .r, : ,: , Remember this: if )iou want to :eqiay your ,,f,il;ti.,.,,. fhe reduction in cltbon dioxide has, prodllced rr.acation, take care of yorrrself, Give your body .l:rliliI,, 16 cleaner,aimospheqe, , , . soqp rest, GEt enouglt sleep and eat.good,healthyj ....tr *. The beneficial effecdf hydroxyl has, aided .r ,firod., , the cleansing process. 121. This arricle is about.... Passage I lrTravel is,fun and exciting, but not if.you ,,. 1. what to eat when you travel. 2. how exciting your travel is. get sick. Yol may thinkr,lNot me. I,wont,get sick - ., , 3, relaxing when you travel. on myvacation! l .However;for marty people,that is "4, how to sta, healthf. yhen.tryygling, , what happens. .You do no[ want to spend,]oua ., :- , 122. A vacarion is not fun if... vacation rsiqk in bed, of ssur3e. : If you hava hearJ, ,.1, r, 1. you donlt want to go . trouble; you do. not wafit to make it worst,:W,hat can 2. you go sightseeing you do tor$tay in good healfi?These ale the.tree : 3. you stay in bed thingsto rememler when you travel: relax, slesp : r and eat well. , A vacation- is supposed to be a.time for , 123;.rsightieeing is,.,...; relaxing, but toari5ts often rorgef thaL There sf,s so , I . . t., the.begt way to relax. , j mani plaees to,vis!1i museums, par.k-srchurches and 2; the most tiring . rcliyity , , , shops: Ybl want to qee asrinuch q pogsible,,of :- . ,course,. soyou speRd your most of your days on .. your feet, Thisis,lirihg. Your,reet rnay.staittohufil I .,12{,,It is agood ideato .,.. . , You may,get a.h€ailache ix,abackache.;:ff it.is:the. . 1, .,ll speadiYery nichf in bed , ,, way you feel, you should take a,rest. Do not askr : , 2. take short vacation your body to do too m-uch; A tiredtbody means a , 8.t€et,some resteve4y, ll,, . day weqk body, ,and, a wtak bgdy.gets sick.easily. i , : 4. taker lots of medicines. : . So sit"dorrn for,a few hours, for a nice,,spot, In goo-d wealher,look for aqqiet,park bench,or an outdoor :, ,ril25. You canget:sick easily if you ar€...;. cafd. You can learn a lot by watching people while .:,,:1.exhausteCUytraveling l : , , you rest. r.. ?.:alwayssleepy : . ,:. .r ,g;roften in:e hotel ,, , healthy, you need to-,get enough sleep. That is nor 4. rarely unhealthy 1,:&lways easy when you are traveling, You.mayhave t2O, Your body,needs slgqp to.,. i 1,1,11-gst holel rqqrn or an.uricomfortable bed. If youi . "nough l,l..enjgf,.the..pightlite - . , : dordo*itlbe. afuaid to clangetooms or evon:hotelS,. .r i?ia_hange traveling,tout ., , If,yori are, Young; you may haVe:other reasons for not Fleeping,, !a rnany cities the,nighrilife is exciting..,, 4. Ieam a lot about the new place You may wilnt 1ostay late at rright. ,T,he1.,you should I tZf. @lyou rwantl to stay healthy for Eaveling, plan to sleeir during the day..That exira reiit can , make a big difference. you h&vo to get your bodylwith supply of;.... Finaliy, whatever age you are you rnu$t eat,,, 1. new food only well. That meanseating the right kindi of foods. , ,, II 2, frcqh, frultq:and vegetables , . I:, i " 5. Iotsof enrichfood , a E) trdurirurdnr, fifiIo 1n:{nr:ilqnounrruf - nf.rfi zo
  10. 10. 4. more healthy food and liquor housework, rhe cooking, cleaning, and shopping. 128. For heaithy traveiers, you need.... But in my opinior{, these are .uri.r, things i" f.r*. 1. to travel It was much harder for me Io change thr-ruu-u I 2. to get enough sleep and good thjnk and rhe way I acr wirh *y fr*lfy. 3. ro enjoy rhe nighrlife food i Airf. othel men will also find this harder, but, like me, 4. to eat new food it necessary if they war.rr to n;;;;;;;;, :t,,..nla family! Passage g Ted Diamond Househusbands Dear editor : 129. This mticle is abour... read with interest the article on 1, fathers and children at home American families- In general I agree with it, 2. Iife as a househusband but there are some importanr things it left out. It 3. ideas about time management didn,t rell the reader much about the life of a househusband. 4. modem American family Its not an easy life. I know, because l,m now a - 130. At work, most general people .... househusband. Myself. A househusb-a tu, to 1. have to hurry Z. iaf<e rheir time change many of his ideas and his ways. 3. have lots of time 4. have to slow First of all, he has to changethe way down he thinks about lime. Before I am a househusband,. 13i. The househusband has to ieam ..... 1 I work full time for the New york time. I was a 1. to do things rnore slowly reporter, and time was always important. 2. when to do thmgs more punctually We had to finish our a{icle quickly and givi th"rn 3. the importance of rime F.veryone was always in * rh_;;;. ahurry. This is the ways 4. how to understand his work many other men work, too. Business*.n, tu*y".r, 132. Most young ehildren..... bankers, and doctors have to work quickiy 1. are usually unhappy with time At home its different. The househusband 2. are always in a hurry all the time cannot be in a hurry all the time. If you rush around, 3. usually dont think time is importeLnt you will make everyone unhappy! fi" be unhappy because they don;t "flfJr* *iU understand. ;;;, - 4. dont know how to ,slow their feelings time is not importanr. your wife 133. Many men ..... "", will f" ,nlruppy. too, becarxe they are all unhappy. So you h#;; -* l. like to talk about their worries learn to slow down. That is the 2. dont have any worries first and most lmportant rule for a househusband. 3. don,t often talk about their worries There is something else the 4. have brrible problems househusband musl learn. you must learn to I34. Family problems can happen show how you feel about things. At wor.k, men usuafly if ..... feetings. If they do, peopte Oo noi;;;;"", 1. men don,t talk ,notrgh with their families. think tieyarJ:;;;;;"" 2. men demand too much from their families. So, many men are nor used telting any;lb"r? 3. pen get wrong ideas about tousetrusbanA. theirfeelings.They do nor tnow about to* ti" 4. people talk about househusbands. talklbout their anger, worries, or love. nut cnilaren need b know how you feel, 135. What doqs the auf&or think and how *J;;r" alour househusband?love them, If you are angry, rheyneed , 1. Leaming about housework to know Jhy. is not far moreYour wife also needs to know than men do. abou, ,ou, i."flnn..If you do not say anything, y*. f^.ify 2. Leaming about housework isthe wrong idea. Then tl *;;;r-" problem for men. a serious peopre 3. Being a househusband is the I:J_H:H*T,0,"*- easiest thing "ru,,::,il11these days. Usually they talk about men a"*g tfr" to learn. 4. Being a househusband is easy.Tn:.: nr:mo oounrrlf n*.:fi zo :;durlotrrfinr*rfld e
  11. 11. 3" Passage l o 3. A number of workers in,their twenties move Rea{ t&*,{ollMng conversatlon and:ehoose t}e to the county. best t**-tr.:, , 4. M4ny young workersreturned to the . Mother,:;,,Here are .todays choresi Firqt, vacuuin :,.i.::1!1e ry*. Sweep the steps. Wastr the vrindo:r. 13$. iased.on the information in,the chart, which Child:r:,j,. .How do I sweep the steps?. Modrsl.:,:Yith the broom, of course, And wash . , of the following trends reversed itself :between . , :r;r::r them $ter yougweep them. .Child i Where are the bucket and the mop? , I 1, Thg, growth in:t-he peircentage of people Mother I In the closet. The sponges and ammonia : with at least bachelors deggee. ,. ,. r 2. Tle decline in the percerrtaggof people ,, , are in there, too. , ,t,, lryorking inthe manufacturing. Child i Ammonia? Ihat for? 3 The drop in the percentage, of,people . Mother ,:For the windows, And dont forge! to make y0lr bed and wash the breakfast : r . w-otking in the construction field, 4.rThe increas,e in the. number,of peo-ple dishes? Child : What about washing the clolhe,c? Mothsr i Good:idea. Dont use too rnuchbl.qach, 140..:Ihe percentage of.pqoplo working in ,which , of, thdie flelds remain rnost i;1able during the 136. What does the mother want tobe done first? l. period? 1- clean &e floor 2, sweep the steps ,len:yeff . . 1. Executivej managerial, or administrative .. : 2. Retail trade 137. What are things in closer for? , , 1. cleaning windows 2. washing,dishes 4;:Finance, insurance,,andrreal estate ., 3. drying clothes 4. sweeping the steps Passage tz Pas$age1l::r - Questions 138*140 refer to the foltowfug chart., fuound the wodd, billions of tires frorn IthE trucks and,oars are replaced every year.In the COUNTYS WORKFORCE United States, about 260 million used truck and 1985 ,1390. 1S95. auto riti,:sare,throwa away every year.Where do Average age 34.2 . 53..5 31.6 the old tires go? Quite often, they go into large Bachelors degree or hlgher dO,4%| 6?;0% . 592% dumps where they remain for many years. Executlve, managerlal, . The mogntaiirs of worn-out tires in these or administrative r+.0% 13.8% : :ii;6% dumps present a number of health and environment Professional 18.1% .20.8% .22.61yn dangers. First, they attract mosquitoes and rats, Retatl trade 16.4% 16;5% 16.5% wlrich rhen spread,disease amongr humans. The tires Manufacturing 25.49o : ?3,8% 2l.A% canalso caich.on fue; and these fires are rrery ) Government 18.1% .. 20.8.%. 1?;O% . Construction 1.4% 5,2% 4.6% difficult to put oul They may bum in a few days to Flnance, lnsurance, a few months. While the tires bum, they release and real estate 2.1% 2,9V 3.3%: gancer+.a1sing gasps intO the aii. These gases spread over nearby towns and cause health problems foi people who live there. 138. Which of the following couldraccount fof rhe . ,i , After a tire dump fire is pur out, pfeces of changes in the "average age" data from 1gB5 bumed tiies rdmain on the ground- lilhen it iains, ro 1995? chemicals from the bunred parts wash, intorthe soil :and into:the ground water. This pollutes the soil and 2, Some retire{ workers returned to the,workforce. the, drinkin$ water, in the area. I : r - 3J tsdL,fnuil6lrs1ilfi6 !RTrn1:vrn fi aun?1uininfr 26 s :
  12. 12. Aside from these problems, the tires dumps 3. dissolute 4. distortrepresent a terrible waste of resources. So. in orderto avoid the problems and the waste, people are 143. A fire at a rire dump is ...looking for ways to reuse or recycle tires. Recycling 1. a good source of elecricity 2. a good way of get rid of ald tiresis common for other materials, such as paper; glass,and aluminum. Now tires are also being recycled in 3. a source of dangerous pollutions 4. quickly put out,by itselfa number of creative ways. One solution is to bum the tires to create 144, When tires are burned at the energy plants,energy, An energy company with plants in 1. air pollution is a big irrobtem.Connecticut and Califomia burns tires to praduce 2. air poliution is not a probiem.steam for generating electricity. When the rires are 3. only a few tires are burned.bumed properly, the fire does not pollute the air. . 4. workers are exposed to dangerous gases.Every day, workers cheek to make sure that no 145. What can be inferred from this passage?dangerous gases are allowed out of the energy plants 1. The number of tire dumps will greatlychimneys. increase. Another is to find a new use for the tires. 2. Very few uses can bejound for old tires.Tires are now being used to make various prod.ucts, 3. Only western countries can recycle tires.from doormats to fishing supplies. Several shoe 4. Tire recycling methods couid be usedcompanies have staned using tires to make the sole anywhere.of tennis shoes, This is not new idea. in fact. duringthe Great Depression, shoes with tire soles were very 146. Recycling tires is ....common in the United States. 1. a way of saving resources The state of Main has found yet another use 2. a very complicated processfor old tires. The climate in Main is very cold, and 3. dangerous to human healthin the winter the ground freezes solid. Large bumps 4. a major source of water and soil pollution.are formed in the roads, and,then in the spring, the 147. Using recycled tires to make everydaybumps may turn into holes. Roads must be rebuilt products is .....often, at great expense of the state. To prevent ihis, 1. a new idea 2. a cause of pollutionroads workerq have started to use old tires broken 3. not a new idea 4. not possibleinto small pieces. These pieces are spread in a thicklayer undemeath the surface of a new road. The tires 148; When workers use fires to buiid roads,then act as a blanket, keeping the ground below the ttrey.....: .road from freezing. This way the road surface 1. spread a layer of tire pieces firstremains smooth. 2. fill all rhe holes with tire pieces Up to now, only a small perceiltage of used - 3. often work in freezing weathertires are being recycled in the United States. 4. check carefully to ensure that no dangerousBur theie ur" ptun, and new ideas abort ways to gases are fotmed.reuse more of the tires ftat end up in tiies dumps. 149. Using old tires for building roads in the state141. This passage is mainly abour the..... of Main can result in ... 1. effects of burning tires 1. warmer roads 2. dangers of tire dumps 2. more expense to the state 3. problems of what to do with old tires 3. less expense to the state 4. ways old tires can be recycled 4. more holes in some roads142. The word "release" in line 13 could be best 150. The word "this2 in line 49 refbrs to.... replaced by.,.". 1. the freezing road L discharge 2. disregard 2.rthe expense of rhe rebuilt road 3. the recycling used tire 4. the bump turning into holeslnt.:nt:uosauntlin{.:d zo :;durTosxfinurild o