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Eng kru nan_bkk_3


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. PART 1 : SPEAKING   ิ่ ครูพริซาChoose the best answer.1. A : I really want to buy a new computer. B : What? Just an hour ago you were complaining that you have been ____1_____. 1. up and away 2. on and off 3. down and out 4. back and forth2. A : Why is it your favorite fiction? B : ____2_____. 1. I’m a dependent 2. I have a good idea 3. I can’t resist its mystery 4. I don’t think much3. A : ____3____? B : It’s up to you. 1. Have you thought about what I have said 2. Where did I go wrong 3. How about some more drink 4. Why on earth would you go there4. A : Did you tell the doctor you are canceling the appointment? B : No. ____4____? A : Of course. People expect you to call them when it is necessary to cancel the appointment. 1. Should I 2. Would I 3. Could I 4. May I5. A : I wish Susan would talk to me. B : I know. ____5____. All these problems are from a little misunderstanding. A : Maybe she will call me again soon. 1. It’s hard to forget 2. It’s a shame 3. It’s necessary to do 4. It’s impossible  • 43 • 
  • 2. DialogueA : Good morning, Sweetheart. Did you sleep well last night?B : Hey, Dad. Actually, I ____6____.A : Why is that?B : I feel stressed ____7____ final exams next week.A : Why are you worried? You are an excellent student. Haven’t you been studying?B : Yes. It’s just that ____8____. There are so many rules ____9____.A : That was one of my best subjects. Let me know if you need help.B : Thanks, Dad. I have a study session later in the week. ____10____, I’ll ask you.6. 1. hardly slept at all 2. slept like a log 3. wanted you to wake me up 4. had so many good dreams7. 1. along 2. about 3. around 4. awhile8. 1. physics is so difficult 2. I like my English course more 3. mathematics is easier this term 4. my chemistry teacher isnt friendly9. 1. to repeat 2. to return 3. to rearrange 4. to remember10. 1. What if I attend the concert 2. Even if the text is so confusing 3. If only there is a tutor waiting 4. If I have any questions after that PART 2 : VOCABULARYAnalogy: The two given words are associated somehow in their meaning. Choosethe pair that has the same kind of relationship.1. judge: court 1. cashier: counter 2. writer: agency 3. general: military base 4. artist: museum2. industrious: idle 1. impartial: biased 2. enthusiastic: anxious 3. hospitable: gracious 4. austere: strict  • 44 • 
  • 3. 3. gauntlet: hand 1. glove: arm 2. mask: face 3. helmet: neck 4. amulet: shoulder4. crumb: bread 1. bar: chocolate 2. herd: cattle 3. ounce: weight 4. splinter: wood5. depression: emotion 1. pollution: ozone 2. diffusion: perfume 3. illusion: shadow 4. pattern: designMeaning in contextChoose the best answer to make the sentences meaningful.6. People wont give their opinions during meetings in case they are wrong. They dont want to ________. 1. do an about face 2. lose face 3. face to face 4. keep a straight face7. Children _________ themselves and upset other people. 1. mislead 2. misplace 3. misbehave 4. mismatch8. Companies that try to reduce spending on customer service may find it difficult to _________ all the complaints from ________ customers. 1. manage... opposed 2. handle…dissatisfied 3. improvise.. .frustrated 4. consider.. .embarrassed9. When robots are safe and aware of their __________ , they will be widely used and will start to take on ________ tasks such as playing the violin. 1. assignments ..simple 2. navigation... proper 3. movement... undemanding 4. surroundings.. .complicated10. A dam was built across the river and, as the result, used as a drinking water ________ until recently, when oil spilled from a tanker and made the water ________ 1. vessel.. .filthy 2. basin... hygienic 3. supply ...disinfected 4. reservoir... unusable  • 45 • 
  • 4. PART 3 : CLOZE TEST  Police Chief, Tom Boggs, informed the Sutherlin City Council this week that a pest-removal company has trapped and removed 788 rats …….....1............ An exterminator will bebrought in to poison any ..........2.......... . The council declared the property a nuisance in early March and ..........3......... fromDouglas County to proceed with the extermination efforts. Jerry Wilson, owner of The Relocator pest-removal company, will inspect the house ina few months to make sure the rats ...........4.......... . Neighbors at ...........5......... say the smell has improved since March, ........6…….. fliesare a problem. ……....7....……., Mary Pirkey, told the council the house needs ……...8…….. But thechief told her the owner of the house has rights, too.1. 1) in a house infested 2) from an infested house 3) out of a house being infested 4) away from an infesting house2. 1) remaining rodents 2) rodents remained 3) remained rodents 4) rodents remain3. 1) subsequent permission received 2) received subsequently permission 3) received permission subsequent 4) subsequently received permission4. 1) have not returned 2) had not returned 3) would not return 4) might not return5. 1) this weeks council meeting 2) the councils meeting in this week 3) a councils meeting for the week 4) a meeting of this weeks council6. 1) so 2) or 3) but 4) for7. 1) Neighbors 2) Any neighbor 3) One neighbor 4) Someneighbors8. 1) bum down 2) to bum down 3) being burned down 4) to be burned down  • 46 • 
  • 5. Memolody in Exam ลด ทําใจอยางไร ก็ตัวเธอมาเปลี่ยนไป เปนไดอยางไร ฉันแทบไมเชือเลย ่ บอกกันไมฟง ไมฟงเสียงคนคุนเคย โอวโอว ไมนาเลย เธอมาเปนแบบนี้ ก็เธอน้ําหนักมากขึ้นทุกที *อยากใหเธอลดๆๆลงมา Decrease ลดลดลดลงมา ใหเธอลด Ease Decline มันเกินไปหนอย อยากใหเธอลด ๆ ๆ ลงมา Diminish ลดลดลดลงมา Dwindle Drop ลดลงมาเปนอยางเดิม ก็ใชที่คนเรา ตองมองกันที่หัวใจ มองงามขางใน ขางนอกนั้นแคผาน และเธอก็งาม ก็ดีพรอมไปทุกอยาง แตที่เกินงาม ก็เตือนดวยหวังดี ก็เธอขนาดนีมันมากไป ้ **อยากใหเธอลดลดลดลงมา Reduce ลดลดลดลงมา Lessen Lower แคนิดหนอย อยากใหเธอลดลดลดลงมา Slacken ลดลดลดลงมา Subside Fall ก็กําลังนารักดี  • 47 • 
  • 6. แรดตัวนอยตัวนิด แรดตัวนอยตัวนิด Bear, Stand, Resist, Put up with ทนทาน ยูฮู Last, Endure, Tolerate, Keep biting the bullet, Withstand ทนทน... เหมาะสม อยากมีคําลานคํา ที่มีความหมายดี ๆ และชอดอกไมท่มี สงไปใหเธอ ี อยากจะมีตูเย็น ที่เนนอาหารดี ๆ และเก็บขนมที่มี ใสใหเธอ * แตวาอะไรอะไร ก็ดูไมพอสักอยาง ไมพอกับความรูสึกในใจฉัน อะไรอะไร ก็ดูไมพอทั้งนั้น กับคําวาฉันรักเธอ appropriate, apposite, proper, pertinent, decent agreeable, suitable, seemly, due, timely อะไรจะเหมาะสมและดี fit, apt, right อยากมีวันลานวัน จะบอกเธอทุกๆวัน และอยากจะย้ําทุกคํา วารัก (ซ้ํา *)  • 48 •