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Happy Paw presentation (eng)

  1. 1. Dogs welfare Foundation www.happypaw.ua
  2. 2. Misson Aims Humane solving problems of homeless dogs in Ukraine Improving the situation of homeless dogs and form the humane treatment for them 2
  3. 3. History The future founders of our organization used to help homeless dogs for a lot of years. So that is how the idea to create the charity foundation appeared. Today the activities of the Foundation are held in Kyiv and Kyiv region. In the perspective we plan to work in the whole country. 2012 2012 +6 2013 2013 2013 June November Months February April August The charity foundation «Happy Paw» was founded on 23th of June in 2012. The Foundation took on a guardianship it’s first shelter «Pushok», where 41 dog have lived at that time. At that months the shelter «Matilda» also joined us. For the next 6 months the Foundation took on a guardianship 15 more shelters. The national system of lost animals search started to work; the internet-shop of souvenir products with the trade mark of «Happy Paw» was opened. The educational project in schools and universities started to work in Kyiv. The Foundation is making a guardianship on 17 shelters with more than 500 dogs in them. 3
  4. 4. Our tasks Develop effective system of the lost animals search Educate a generation humanely related to homeless dogs Find the new owners for the dogs from shelters Inform the society about the foundation’s activity Build a medical center for free assistance homeless dogs Eradicate stereotypes against the homeless dogsсобак Involve the resources for achieving our aims 4
  5. 5. Projects Improving the situation of the homeless dogs The guardianship on shelters Finding new owners for the dogs The database of lost and found pets Building a medical center Souvenir production Building an own Foundation’s shelter Forming a humane treatment Educational activity in schools Informational activity Educational activity with students Involving the volunteers 5
  6. 6. The guardianship on shelters Dogs do not belong to the streets, that is why the Foundation provides their maintenance in the shelters Under the guardianship of the Foundation 16 shelters «Happy Paw» 478 dogs The Foundation gives 3700 kgs of nutrition every month Current aims of the project: • To biuld new aviaries, which will increase the places for new dogs and improve the level of dog’s maintenance. • Capital reparation of shelters and fencing. • Searching of personal benefactors for every shelter and dog 6
  7. 7. Searching the new owners for the dogs Every dog needs to be cared, that is why the Foundation is trying to find new families for each of them already found new families ! The Foundation is making a monthly report about the conditions of living of every dog which was given to a new owner 257 dogs To become an owner of a dog: Current aims of the project: • • • • • Conduct an extensive a big PR-campaign with the aim to change the stereotypes, associated with mongrel dog’s • Creating the national system of pet’s selection Must submit a request online Fill in the form for the future dog’s owner To meet personaly with a dog Sign the contract about the transfer You can find all the needed information about every dog from a shelter on the foundation’s site www.happypaw.org.ua/shelter 7
  8. 8. The data base of the lost and found pets The Foundation helps to find lost dogs with the help of national system of lost animals search returned to the owners found new families 293 lost animals 65 lost dogs Advantages of the search system: Current aims of the project: • The announcements is automaticly forming for printing and placing in the Internet • The volunteers help to find lost animal, stick down the announcements, place the information about it in the Internet • The Foundation is looking for dogs in the shelters and animal’s catching serviice • Convenient filter of announcement’s searching with specified cryterias • To inform dog’s iwners about this system • Establish contacts with other shelters The national database of lost and found pets www.happypaw.org.ua/search 8
  9. 9. The educational activity in schools - project «Bioethics» Starting from Зd of April in 2013 the Foundation actively organizes the lectures about the humane animal’s treatment in schools of Kyiv visited by our lecturers number of lectures number of involved children 23 schools + 3 orphanages 78 lectures + 3 visits in the shelters more than 2100 pupils Our lecturers: Current aims of the project: • Devided by age criterias • Approved by the Department of Education of Kyiv City State Administration • Reviewed by leading educators and psychologists • Cover all schools in Kyiv with our educational work • Provide the organizing not less than 1 lection in 2 years in one class (14700 classes in Kyiv) • Form a staff (25 people, 21 of wich are lecurers) for the permanent work in the project • Achieve introduction of the project in the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 9
  10. 10. The educational activity with students For involving students in charity Foundation’s activity we organize different events and lectures visited by our lecturers number of lectures number of involved children 11 universities 17 lectures 300 students Current aims of the project: • To sign the contracts about the cooperating with universities about passing the practice in the Foundation • To develop programs and projects for involving students incharitable activities 10
  11. 11. The information activity The informational activity includes online and offline activities in facebook and vkontakte we have visits on our site 30 000 subscribers 500 people per day distributed in mass-media organized 35 000 printed materials 90 publications and stories 23 massive events 11
  12. 12. Involving of the volunteers For complete work and developing the Foundation needs permanent involving of volunteers we work with ! Selection of volunteers conducted through questionnaires and interviews on different directions. 325 volunteers There is also a system of volunteer’s rewards, and the most valuable ones are invited for a permanent job in the Foundation. Current aims of the project: • Create the team of volunteers wich permanently help the Foundation • Find volunteers in all regional centers of UkraIne 12
  13. 13. Souvenir production With the aim to enlist the additional resources the Foundation produce and sell the souvenir production assortment distribution routed to shelter’s rescue and development of the Foundation’s projects 170 positions of the production 18 partner shops 100% earnings Current aims of the project: • Enlargement of the production’s assortment • Searching the partners for producing the souvenirs You can find the information about the products on this page of our site www.happypaw.org.ua/site/souvenir ! Delivery all around Ukraine 13
  14. 14. Building a medical center The project foresees creating a medical center for giving a free medical help for homeless dogs the medical center can provide in a month 465 dogs in a hospital 775 medical checkup 155 operations Current aims of the project: • Involving the investors • Creating the project documentation • Receiving all the needed permissions 14
  15. 15. Building an own Foundation’s shelter At the stage of preparation there is a project of creating an own Foundation’s shelter in Kyiv region the shelter will give the opportunity to hold more than 200 dogs Current aims of the project: • Prepare the project documentation • Receive all the needed permitions • Involving the investors 15
  16. 16. Foundation’s reports All Foundation’s reports are maintained in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. The Foundation provides a public report on its activities at the site and in social networks every month. In public and detailed report we show all donations received by the Foundation over the past month, and the total quantity of food, medicine and other assistance delivered to shelters. Great benefactors are provided by detailed report on the resources used and the results achieved by the Foundation. 16
  17. 17. How to help the Foundation With money Inventory holdings Services Informational help To the account Nutrition Taking care about animals Popularization of the Foundation Partner bank’s terminals Medicines Transport assistance Donates to charity box Building materials Construction and repair work Spreading the information thriugh the mass media Purchase souvenirs Household goods Help on the event’s of the Foundation Products for dogs Office work 17
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention 02140, Ukraine, Kyiv, PO Box 26 tel.: +38 044 359 03 81 e-mail: info@happypaw.ua facebook.com/happypawfund vk.com/happypawfund www.happypaw.ua design of the presentation was created by the Foundation’s partner