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Abc for kids_workshop_software

  1. 1. Done by:Abeer AlmuqrashiRaqaya Al-BusaidiTo Dr: Alaa Sadic
  2. 2. Developer by Caltrox Educational Software.ABC 4 Kids Workshop is a popular ABC Kidsmultimedia spelling games software used forkids to learn English ABC alphabets and wordspelling activities using pictures, realisticspeech audio and self-testing via an easygraphical and audio-visual oriented process.
  3. 3. Teach kids the basics of the Englishlanguage through sound and pictures.Teach them accurate pronunciation ofthe word and its correct spelling aswell.Develop the kids abilities tounderstanding and memorizing.
  4. 4. Full Alphabets from A - Z .Over 100 different Picture Objects to spell.Realistic speech to teach the Alphabets andPicture Objects .Self-testing to test out spelling.Fully Multimedia based with audio-visualoutput .Easy to use Interface specifically designed forChildren
  5. 5. Picture Display - This is where the Image to be spelled orpronounced appears on the main left corner of the Screen. ThePicture changes depending on the selector button that is clicked.Mode Selector - The above two buttons allows the program to be runin Spelling mode or Teaching Mode. In Teaching Mode - Tell Me -the Picture Objects are pronounced using Audio while in SpellingMode - Spell It - the Picture Objects can be spelled out and checkedwhether the correct spelling of the word has been entered.
  6. 6. Picture Object Selector - The above window allows the selectionof different objects that can be spelled. The Images of the objectsselected are displayed in magnified view in the Picture Displaywindow.Spelling Tester - The above display is for testing the spelling afterlearning the Picture objects. Enter the spelling of the displayedPicture Object and click "Check My Spelling". The program willindicate whether the spelling is correct or wrong. You can re-tryusing the "Try Again" button or get the correct spelling by using the"I Give Up" button. Use the Left and Right Arrows to cyclebackwards or forwards through the Picture Objects.Virtual Keyboard - This is where the Alphabets from A - Z can beentered into the Program by clicking on the corresponding buttons.
  7. 7. Learn the students a manner of using thissoftware.Motivate the student to continue thelearning.Test the abilities of students in memorizingand pronouncing the words.Evaluate student’s learning progress.
  8. 8. Select which modes he want to learn.Choose any letter to learn about itand listen the name of image.perform a self-testing activity byspelling the word depicted in theimage.
  9. 9. This program helps to teach children the basics ofthe English language and engines pronounceseach word.The software provide Self-Testing mode whichhas automatic testing and correction features.Self-Testing mode can be used to self-check thelearning progress so the student will be able toevaluate his skills.
  10. 10. the library of words of the applicationis not rich enough for learning newwords and enhancing the child’svocabulary.
  11. 11. For more information visits this website: .htm