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Published in: Design, Technology, Art & Photos

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  • 1. Picnik Website trip to the world of photo editingDone by: Afraa AlamiriID: 200904500
  • 2. About PicnikInterface of the website Edit photo Make a collage Make a fancy collage Make a show Make a keepsake Share your picture Quiz
  • 3. About Picnik
  • 4. What is Picnik• Picnik is a website that allows you to edit photos either by using basic tasks such as cropping and resizing or advanced tools.• It was founded in 2005 by Mike, Jonathan and Drrain• It launched in September 2007.• It attracts more than 10 million visitors per month.
  • 5. UsersThere are 3 different types of users:• Unregistered users: they use Picnik for free without registration.• Registered users: they have an account so they can store uploaded photo and video, and founded any time.• Pro Users:  they pay to register and they can access to all functions on the website. They have to pay 25$ per month.* Now the website no longer able to register because they will join Google tools soon. It will be closed on April 19, 2012.
  • 6. CategoriesThere are 5 categories that are available on the library:• Edit photo: edit you photo quickly, easily wherever they are.• Make a collage: mix all you photos together to create beautiful college.• Make fancy college: Turn you photos into a scrapbook, greeting card and more.• Make a show: build photo slideshows and widgets for you family, friends and the world• Make a keepsake: give your photos life with printed cards, canvases and more.
  • 7. Upload photo You can upload you photos from 8 different websites: Picasa Web Albums Flickr Facebook MySpace Yahoo! Mail Photobucket Webs Webshots
  • 8. • It is online which mean you can use it from anyAdvan- machine, no need to install a program tages of • Most of the tools are free and you can use it without paying or registration thewebsite • Everyone, every age can use it easily • You can upload you picture from different social network websites • You can order a keepsake from the website
  • 9. Disadvantages of the website Some of the tools are not free, so you shell registrant first and pay amount of money per month It is online tool which require internet to use it , so without network connection you can not use it It does not support Arabic language or text If you want to cut the picture you have one choice only rather than other editing programs.
  • 10. Interface of the website
  • 11. How to move to the home page ((interface of the website
  • 12. You canupload aphoto 1from yourcomputer OR 2 Choose a photo that is available on the website.
  • 13. 11 2 3 4 v 5There are 5 differentcategories.
  • 14. Edit photo
  • 15. How to ( Edit photo)When you click on upload a photo you willbe able to choose any picture from yourcomputer to edit it. After that you will betransferred to another page
  • 16. OR ChooseYou can betweenedit by many otherusing basic advancededit tools tools
  • 17. Advanced tools  Many and different lighting tools are available free to edit your photo . ( Featured – Effects Advanced) You can easily add text or frame to your picture (Text – Frames) also add stickers and clipart or backgrounds that are related to specific season to your photo. (Stickers - Seasonal ) Add effects to the face such as red eyes, teeth whitening and blusher. (Touch-up)
  • 18. Make a collage
  • 19. How to (Make Collage) 1 As you can see here you can choose how many picture you want to add Just upload 3 the picture You can play with and drag it to 2 the shape or the the place that space or the color you want to of the background put on it. that is between each picture
  • 20. Make a Fancy Collage
  • 21. How to ( Make a Fancy Collage) You can add text ,edit the whole picture Many templates save & share it appear and Or print it. under each one there are many options Upload your Just picture from any drag where you want the ( Flicker , picture facebook Yahoo mall ….)
  • 22. Make a show
  • 23. How to Make a showChoose atitle foryour show 4Choose a 2template 3 Drag thefor the picture tovideo herUpload a 1picture
  • 24. Make a keepsake
  • 25. What is Keepsake• User can upload and print the picture they edit it easily.• Or design and order their own keepsake from Picnik. It consists of cups, frames, post cards, greeting cards, posters, mini books, books and calendars etc.
  • 26. How to make a Keepsake First you should upload a picture As you can see you can print your picture on many things and they will deliver it to your home Then choose the size of the picture and click on Print photo
  • 27. Share your picture
  • 28. General informationYou can share your picture via many websites and programs:• Emil• Twitter• Facebook• Flicker• Photobucket• Picasa Web Albums
  • 29. Send to EmailChooseand writethe emailaddresses Put your email address Click on Email Photo
  • 30. Share via many websites • Twitter – Facebook – Flicker – Photobucket- Picasa Web Albums • You can share your picture through these websites by following the same process Asks you for username and password Finally, click on save photo to save it to the and see the video
  • 31. You can choose one of these quizzes andQ answer the questionsu • • •
  • 32. BibliographyCook, J. (2009). Picniks Jonathan Sposato: I love bootstrapping companies. American City Business Journals.Komando, K. (2009, May 14 ). Nine free tools put fun back in photography. USA TodayPowers, S. (2008). painting the web. Sebastopol, OReilly.Picnik Photo Editor: Beginners Guide. (October 3, 2011 ), Retrieved April, 12, 2012 from http://www.picnikphotoediting.comWhat is Picnik. (n.d), Retrieved May, 24, 2012 from http://www.steves-digicams.comWiley, J. (2012). Google Secrets. Hoboken: Clearance Center.