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  • Reading this, brought tears.. Whoever you are, I salute you and love you.. Love VJ as always :(
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  • after reading this ......I feel like I should make a religion called 'vijayism' ...seriously.... I have no words .....
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Being vijay fan_v2.0

  1. 1. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSR INTRODUCTIONJanuary 2011, on the eve of Pongal day, was the release of Kavalan, the movie ofIlayathalapathy Vijay whom I consider to be an elder brother, a leader and a rolemodel. Usually the day before release of a Vijay film would be exciting, waiting infront of the PC with anxiety and fingers crossed, waiting for the first reports fromthose abroad, who would watch the film ahead of us, reading these reviews andupdates, getting to know what to expect and what not to expect, answering to callsand messages from fellow Vijay fan friends, getting to know schedules of Vijaymovies and Vijay related programs in TV - in short it would be a festival that occursonly once in a few months. And today, here I am sitting in front of my PC withoutany excitement or happiness. The reasons - too many to even list out.People say that God puts people through testing times to get the best out of them; itwill finally lead to success and all that. While it is unnecessary to debate over who isresponsible for the troubles caused to Vijay, one thing is sure that they will bedisposed off by God very soon. But whatever it may be, finally it is my brother Vijaywho has suffered all the pain and he definitely did not deserve all these for his kindheart which always thinks about well being of others.While my heart still wishes for all good and hopes all troubles end with Kavalanrelease, when thinking of all that Vijay as a person has gone through all thesemonths and years, nothing except tears is left to explain the feelings for me as a fan.Especially, the climax for the last few days of this horrendous battle was too horribleand unbearable to even talk about. Yet I dont think a better time than this will cometo speak out certain things, the feelings which I had locked up for so many days.This is definitely not frustrated rumblings of a disappointed fan, but the testimonyof a person who has been watching evil conquer good for a long, long time.This e-book contains extracts from many old articles, chat transcripts and mails. So Isincerely thank all those who triggered those thoughts and who made me compilethis dedication to Vijay today.An OVF Collection Page 1 of 28
  2. 2. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 1 The Die-hard factorI see that the word die hard has lost its meaning in recent days. As per dictionary diehard means "stubbornly resistant to change or unwaveringly loyal even in spite ofinevitable defeat, failure, etc" and "a person who displays such resistance or loyalty"is only a die hard fan. But I have seen in the past diehard Vijay fans convertingthemselves from die-hard to "just" fans, changing to other actor fans and showingloyalty that goes to different levels at different times. The whole concept of adiehard fan loses its meaning if you change your loyalty based on situations!Today as I am writing this, I am ashamed to call myself even as a Die Hard Vijay fanbecause the word really has lost its power, context and pride in todays onlineworld. And it definitely has lost the purpose of it because fans today support andabscond as and when they please. They have too many choices and options tochoose from and if Vijay does not fade out among all those, they definitely deserve ahuge credit.Among those who change favorites, those who support based on conditions, thosewho support for a reason and those who withdraw support as and when they want, Idont want myself to be called as a Vijay fan. I am happy to be a faceless unknownbrother of Vijay who considers him as one in my family.Many of those who claim to be die-hard have become fans after Thirumalai or Ghillitimes. Infact many of them established themselves as Vijay fans in specific only atthose times. Even I am one among those. But when one says die-hard, do they reallymean it from heart is a question mark. Many of them haven’t even seen older moviesof Vijay and they dont know how much he was hailed for them.Whatever movies or the "change" people expect from Vijay today is good but theydemand as if Vijay has never done it anytime in his career. The actors they know ascontemporaries and compare with Vijay are doing such films and roles only now intheir first loop, but Vijay has already been in a full circle of all varieties and it is justa next cycle for him.One who knows Vijay from his early days would never make a comment on thevariety of his films, and if someone complaining doesn’t know it please revisit hisold films to know how much he has grown as a hero, a star and an actor. When youknow all these, you will never even think of pointing your finger at him for he hasmade impossibilities possible.An OVF Collection Page 2 of 28
  3. 3. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 2 Why only Vijay?I was like many others and was watching Vijay’s movies without any special interestfor a long time. He was just another actor to me. Infact, I have criticized him oncevery badly even for his best movies. God knows when and how I started admiringVijay. But I sincerely thank this change, or else I would have missed many things inmy life. My affection towards Vijay has developed to such an extent that today that Iwatch his movies only for him. If Vijay acts in the movie nothing else bothers me.Thinking of the reasons why I am happy to be a Vijay fan, the first and foremostthing I like about him is that he looks as simple as a guy next door, a good friend ofyours or even like one in your family. Yet he makes people accept him as hero. Thetransition from the soft spoken guy he is, by nature, to the explosive and thunderstorm kind of hero he portrays on-screen is just amazing! And that is what is realacting, living as someone different than your usual self with ease.Next, he has not undergone any major changes as far as appearance is concerned forany of his movies. Be it a romantic lover, college student, action hero or a rowdy, heappears as himself. The difference he makes is in the form of body language andexpressions. And it is really difficult to make people accept you in any role with justthese. I sincerely hate heroes doing getup changes for movies for the sake of doing it.To speak more, though he had a very good launch pad to enter into film industryunlike few others, whatever he is today is only because of his hardwork andsincerity. Others, who struggled to make an entry, had only the problem ofestablishing them as good actors and give a few hit films. But Vijay had to first provehimself as worth of a hero material. He had to work on everything right fromappearance, acting, dance and everything. How he converted his negatives intopositives remains the secret of his success.He is one of the few Tamizh actors who can speak proper Tamizh. He gives hisdialogues a new life by putting emotions into them, which is what makes evensimple words to become more powerful. Being a native of Chennai, I find the way hespeaks Chennai Tamizh to be simply superb. No wonder why he is KING OFCHENNAI. And amongst actors who do playback singing, I personally feel that hisvoice is the best. His screen presence and dressing sense are just amazing.After all his successes and the kind of fan following he has today, he still remainscalm and cool without any change in his nature which has been stated by many infilm industry itself in the past. It is very difficult not to let success go to your head,especially when the whole world around you hails you as the best. Yet he maintainshimself humble and down to earth which is a remarkable quality.An OVF Collection Page 3 of 28
  4. 4. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRStarting from my childhood, I have been a admiring many actors, but no one hasinspired me like Vijay. And it is highly impossible that in future, anyone will replaceVijay from his position in my list of favorites. If he declares that he quits acting inmovies tomorrow, even then I will be his fan for whatever work he has done tillnow. And with the way the other actors behave and their fans speak about Vijay, it ishighly unlikely that I would even like any of them in future.More than an actor I like him as a person. If ever I had an elder brother in my life, Iwish that he could have been like Vijay. I have learnt a lot from observing him and Iconsider him as one of my role models and he has always been an influence in mylife. By influence, I mean that I take some good practices and qualities from his life.Some of them are: 1. Be your own self at all times. 2. Be a good child to your parents and a good parent to your children. 3. Respect seniors in your profession. 4. Appreciate Good work of your peers and juniors open heartedly. 5. Know your limits and do the best in what is expected from you. 6. Talk only what is required and not all that you can speak. 7. Make your deeds and action speak more than your words. 8. Mistakes at the early stages of your career are common but you should learn to get out of it. 9. Mistakes in peak of your career are lessons to be learnt. 10. When everything fails, think well and reinvent yourself for a successful journey. 11. Help the needy as much as you can. 12. Appearance does not determine personality. 13. Take criticism in the right sense and convert your negatives into positives. 14. Hard work and Determination never Fails. 15. Never Forget Your Best Friends whatever heights you reach in life. 16. How many ever evil forces try to suppress them, the good will finally emerge as a winner in any tough situation.An OVF Collection Page 4 of 28
  5. 5. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 3 Why not other actors?Disclaimer: If you are fan of other actors, that is if Vijay is “also a favorite” for you, thischapter is not for you.The more I have become a fan of Vijay and started considering him as one in myfamily, the more I have started hating other actors today. It was not a deliberatedecision, but the situations and facts which hold them against Vijay and the waytheir fans speak about Vijay and his films, has created so much aversion that Istarted hating most of them and I don’t watch their films even for free on television.I was definitely a fan of Rajinikanth in school days and had a respect on him evenlater since he was an inspiration for Vijay to enter into films. But the more his fansstarted speaking bad about Vijay and the more he started supporting Ajith in amanner to sideline Vijay, inspite of Ajith vowing to become superstar, really mademe hate Rajini to such an extent that I see him just as a comedian today.I liked Kamalhassan once for people told great things about his dedication tocinema. But I found that most of his classics are illegal copies from hollywood filmsand these are the films which Vijay haters set as benchmarks to tease Vijay’s films.That created a repulsion which was further increased by Kamal fans’ attitudetowards Vijay inspite of Kamal showing himself friendlier to Vijay. And I am totallyallergic to his fancy dress contest films, I haven’t even watched them.I hate Ajith from the day he is showing his face onscreen, much before I startedliking Vijay. And that has not changed till date, especially after the rivalry which hehad shown few years back towards Vijay and the way his fans have spoken aboutVijay made this hatred so strong in me. He is an unfit candidate in first place to beeven spoken along with Vijay but media and fans have raised him to such a position.I hate Surya for all what he is, trying to be over smart, projecting himself as the onlyhard worker in cinema, showing up as if he is concerned about growth of Tamilcinema, acting in wannabe-mass-hero roles, over stressing his family man role everytime, body show offs, terrible dancing and nonsense talking. Having grown underthe shade of Vijay, he tries to project himself as next big thing and worst of all, hehas backstabbed Vijay in the disguise of a friend. One whom I hate the most.There are others like drainage earthworm Dhanush, bloody rascal womanizerSimbu, Surya’s nonsense crap beggar lookalike brother Karthi and many others whoare not even worth to be taking about so much in this book on Vijay and they don’teven deserve to be talked about on a level equivalent to Vijay. So I would preferstopping with this.An OVF Collection Page 5 of 28
  6. 6. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 4 Living in the world of Vijay hatersIt is always true that one can either love Vijay or hate Vijay, but can never ignorehim. Moving over to Vijay haters, I would like to understand what is the reason forthem to target only Vijay amongst all for he has done no harm to them personally.There are a few myths about Vijay which are totally nonsense and these are thereasons people say when asked why they target Vijay:Myth 1: Vijay is here in film industry only because of his dad. He was able tosustain only because his father produced films with him. Vijay and his fatherpay the theatres and run his films.If his dad is the only reason for his existence today, then he would have become aforgotten actor today. When filmy fathers of other actors were able to get them aManirathnam or any other top director or top banner, SAC was able to maximummake his son act only in his own movie. And to get him to the reach of people, hehad no other way but to make movies satisfying B and C centers. May be when otheractors struggled hard and got a car to start their film journey, Vijay got a free oldbicycle from his father. He won the race to stardom with this bicycle only by hishard work.His fathers movies never helped him qualitatively to build up his career. Whenother actors who supposedly "struggled" their way to stardom had only the barrierof getting established as an actor, Vijay had all negatives on his side. His initialmovies being categorized soft porn genre, his very ordinary appearance (which hasbeen criticized openly), not many big directors helping his way, moderatelybudgeted films, even heroines were new. He had the necessity to prove himself fit asa hero material. His path was full of hard work, perseverance, sincerity. That hadsustained him in the industry.And if Vijay and his father had so much money to pay and run more than a dozenfilms for 100 days and few of them for more than 200 days, then they can keepmaking 3 films a year, all with Vijay as hero, start a theater of their own and runthese 3 films for 100+ days in that theatre and claim that all Vijays movies run for100 days!Myth 2: Vijay knows nothing more than dance. He is unfit to act. Vijay imitatessuperstar Rajini and is greedy for the coveted title. Vijay cannot win any awardsin his life.Vijay himself says "I will give me just pass mark as an actor, if I had to choosebetween actor and dancer, I am a good dancer" Now how many actors have a heartAn OVF Collection Page 6 of 28
  7. 7. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRto tell this in public even as a joke? That too after years of acting in films? If thismyth was true, Vijay would be sitting at home without films. From what he is in reallife to what he is onscreen, the transformation he shows is enough to call him a goodactor. If acting naturally isnt counted as acting, then it is nothing other thanignorance. And Vijay never had any craze for Superstar title. He always maintainedthat there is only one Superstar in Tamil and that is Rajini. Even his fans are allhappy with Ilayathalapathy Vijay. The fact that he is a superstar is well known tothem and they need no titles to declare it for others who cannot digest this fact.When it comes to awards, for the Tamil film awards jury, acting means torturingyourself and people who watch you. Or else you have to be a superstar. These dumbrules exist for years, and casual acting cannot be considered as good acting. Ifsomeone acts casual, it means that they are doing something effortlessly withoutputting in hard work. We know ppl who get name as good actors having “I have pilesfrom today morning” and “I haven’t peed for 2 days” expression. Vijay has thebiggest award of residing in hearts of millions and that makes him more proud thanany other awardees.Myth 3: Vijay acts only in remakes. All his hits are remakes.In Tamil Nadu, we never see any kind of dubbed movies from Telugu, Malayalam orHindi. Except very, very few, all dub movies turned to be utter flops. And same way,even all remakes are not hits here. Vijays remakes were hit due to his perfection inmaking according to Tamil culture. When Vijay was in the same position as fewother actors some years back, he has done only straight movies and that is what hasestablished him. Has anyone cared to look back and see the direct movies of Vijaywhere he had hits like Poove Unakaagha, TMT, Love Today, Kushi, Thiruppachi, etc?I have seen junk morons commenting in online forums as Vijay remakes MaheshBabu movies and survives. Its really funny to see such comments for they dont evenknow how much of Vijays straight films were huge successes and how manyremakes from them have come out in not just Telugu but also in Hindi, Kannada andother languages.Myth 4: Vijay is the worst looking actor, he has no looks to act as hero. He cannotact with get up changes.If someones face can bring joy to the hearts of millions and millions of people rightfrom age 6 to 60, if someone is considered by lots of people as one in their family, asa brother, as a son, as a friend, if someone has a heart kind enough to treat all fanslike friends, he is definitely the best looking person. And before talking about aperson, his birth, his parents and family, I would better suggest people to think for amoment what it feels like if someone says a similar thing about your family, yourparents.An OVF Collection Page 7 of 28
  8. 8. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRVijay has the talent to make people accept him in any role with his own face andbody build. He has the talent to put in right body language that suits any character.People who consider fashion show as best acting cannot realize this fact. And asSathyaraj said once during Vijay Rasigan express "When people have started seeingyou as Vijay on screen, they will always expect to see Vijay. If you do a get up changeand appear as someone, they will not be interested much in that." Exactly. Andwasnt it good to see a policeman as handsome as Sathyamoorthy IPS, a mechanic assmart as Thirumalai, a collector as youthful as Maduravel, a villager as good lookingas Sivagiri??So, there is no solid reason as to why they anti-Vijay people want to hate Vijay andall those reasons they blabber are only myths! Now for all those who claim thereasons above for hating Vijay, I would reword them once again to ask a reason whynot they target other actors with these reasons. And these are real facts happeningaround the film industry.Fact 1: X is here in film industry only because of his dad. He was able to sustainonly because his father produced films with him. X pays the theatres and runshis films.Arent there actors who survive only because their father produces films with themand promotes them? Arent there people whose fathers talk about their sons at thedrop of a hat and tell the world how great they are? Arent there actors who came toindustry just because their father was an actor and stills failed to make an impactuntil they got a break after many years? Arent there actors who wouldnt even havebeen to acting if their father was not an actor? Arent there films of other actorswhich ran so many number of days in the past just because the producer owns atheatre or there was pressure from producers/distributors to run the film?Fact 2: X knows nothing more than dance. X is greedy for the coveted Superstartitle.There are people like Anand Babu, Prabhu Deva who were able to get fame by theirdance but were not able to sustain themselves as heroes with their talents. Arentthey still remembered only for dance and not for their films? And someone gaveinterviews that he would become a next superstar years back and inspite of that thesame fans of Superstar who rise against Vijay support him with double standards.Some other actors are referred to as Tamil Superstar by many media but no oneraises voice against it. If it is Vijay, it has to be condemned!An OVF Collection Page 8 of 28
  9. 9. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRFact 3: X acts only in remakes. All his hits are remakes.Nowadays, every other person is doing remakes, you can see for youself the movielist of all top Tamil actors from 2006 till date for the remake movies. Even upcomingactors are doing remakes to establish themselves. The above statement holds goodfor many like Dhanush and Jayam Ravi. But no one raises a comment against themeven though many of these remakes are crap and flops. Out of Rajinikanths films infirst 15 years, his remake to direct films ratio is much higher than Vijays and thosewho dont believe can look at statistics from his filmography.Fact 4: X has no looks to act as hero. He cannot act with get up changes.The first statements fits to many of the heroes today, as directors have gone for"natural looks" forgetting even the fact that the hero should be watchable. Withregards to second statement, many actors followed Vijays way of movies and failedmiserably and with no other way to sustain themselves they had to make a getupchange and reinvent themselves. For some this became their practice even thoughall that they did cannot be called as essential hard work for the film. For example,what is the use or relevance of a 6 pack scene in a movie about sons love for afather? That’s the state of hard work in Tamil Cinema now.And there was a constant myth prevailing for years that Sun TV supports Vijay andpulls down another actor and Vijay TV is paid and run by Vijay and his father toshow his programs. Where are those people who cannot now say any comment onVijay TV and government run channels supporting Suryas family? Every festivaltheir programs come on TV and there are frequent special shows on them projectingthem as the best in Tamil Cinema. So its all about what people desire to be seen andif Vijay comes in that position they complain.The conclusion is that no one is perfect but if it is Vijay it has to be blown out ofproportions, made fun of and should become a point of sarcasm. Simply becausepeople hate Vijay and not for any other reason.An OVF Collection Page 9 of 28
  10. 10. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 5 Double standards of Vijay HatersThe following pairs of statements about treatment of Vijay and other actors willbring out what I exactly mention as “double standard”. Specific names are used insome places for clarity of context.When Vijay films run in theatre, it is being paid and run.When other actor’s films run, they are achieving real success.When Vijay acts in a mass film, he is doing a cakewalk and puts no effort in it.When other actors act in a mass film, they put their life and soul into the character.When Vijay comes in a TV show, he is trying to make his film run by canvassing.When other actors come in a TV show, they share their experiences about the film.When Vijay films trailer says Running Successfully, it is fake.When other actor’s film trailer says it, it is the real fact.When Vijay gets an award, he paid and got it or got through influence.When other actors get an award, they got it by hard work and deserve it.When Vijay acts in a mass entertainer, people will die, get headache and run away.When other actors act in similar mass films, people are enjoying it in theatres.When a person is a Vijay fan, you should send him anti Vijay forward SMS and mails.When a person is not a Vijay fan, still you should send him those for making fun.When Vijay debuted through his fathers film, it meant he easily became a hero.When sons of other star actors debuted, it was because of their self-made efforts.When SAC supports Vijay, it means that Vijay exists only because of his dad.When star fathers of other actors support them, they are showing their affection.When Vijay hard worked in lean periods and attained stardom, it means that hesurvived only because of dance.When other actors survived only because of star kid status in lean period, it meansthey hard worked for success.When Vijay does a jump stunt in Kuruvi, it is teased, humiliated and made fun of.When Surya does an even worse one in Aadhavan, it is acceptable and normal.When Vijay speaks punch dialogues, even one or two, it is intolerable.When other actors speak, it is gethu, mass and super, people will like it.An OVF Collection Page 10 of 28
  11. 11. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRWhen Vijay does a Telugu remake, he spoils Tamil Cinema, reducing the standards.When other actors do Telugu remakes, they are taking Tamil Cinema to next level.When Vijay does a remake, it is considered as copy and will be condemned.When other actors steal films to make illegal copies, they are inspired.When Vijay films have scenes similar to other films, he has copied them.When other actor films have copied scenes, the directors have done a mistake.When Vijay acts as a policeman, he is in watchman costume.When other actors act as police, they are very much suitable.When a Vijay film does not do well, he deserves it and he is responsible for it.When other actor films do not do well, the director has to be blamed for it.When channels telecast a program supporting or praising Vijay, he paid them for it.When channels telecast shows praising other actors, it is most welcome.When a channel/media supports Vijay or his films, they are biased.When a channel/media supports other actors they are unbiased and neutral.When Vijay speaks politely and silently, he is overacting and faking.When other actors do the same, they are actually behaving the way they are.When Vijay says that he is fan of an actor, he is trying to gain attention.When other actor says that he is fan of someone, he genuinely means it.When Vijay films release with Sun Pictures banner, he has given it to them formaking his film run and depends on their support.When other actor’s films release under Sun Pictures or other ruling party banners,they are actually using it only for publicity.From the above statements it is clear that Vijay haters want to degrade Vijay at anycost whether it is justice or injustice to do so. And it is when they exhibit doublestandards, it hurts so much because Vijay has done nothing so sinful which otheractors didn’t do in their lives.An OVF Collection Page 11 of 28
  12. 12. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 6 The Tough TimesWatching Vijay Rasigan express on TV few days back, it brought me back memoriesof 2007 when Vijay was at a high and his fans had best days of their life becauseevery nook and corner someone was heaving praises on Vijay. The situation todayhowever is different and we have to accept the bitter truth. It might be a passingphase but definitely very tough for any Vijay fan to cope with. But except his fans,who stood by him in these tough times?The industry? No one even bothered to interfere or say something supportive,because they too will face wrath of the evil if they bothered to do so. And those whoraised voices once, became silent and disappeared.His filmy friends? Those who posed as friends turned backstabbers, those whom hegave a hand to come up pushed him down from his back.Print Media? They publish only false rumors and biased articles against him whenthey dont get time to visit page 3 parties and write family stories of other actors.Online media? They link up with fan sites and production houses to boost up theirfavorites and bring down others, especially Vijay. Add to it, bloggers, reviewers,tweeters, orkut and facebook users who have taken up as a part time job to bashVijay.Producers? When they themselves are puppets, what help they can be of to Vijay!All they did was selling Vijays films along wit his fame and reputation to the handsof evil.Distributors? Except one or two, everyone earned till Vijay gave them profits andwhen they were asked to create loss, they did it as per the instructions.Theatre Owners? Those who sold tickets at 3 or 4 times the price, earned lots andlots of profit once, now dragged him for trail with numerous complaints all of whichare cooked up for creating bad name for Vijay.Television? They used Vijay, his films and special shows for their TRPs and still doit. But having under control of parties, everyone have their own stance for Vijay andthe common thing about all is, none of them support Vijay.His own fans? Out of the millions of affectionate fans whom he had kept in his heart,many of them tore their way out to become other actor fans, also fan of other actorsfrom Vijay-only category, Vijay haters, also-like-Vijay category, die hard to normalAn OVF Collection Page 12 of 28
  13. 13. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRfans etc etc. The ratio might be less but this is the worst calamity that can happen foran actor - his own fans speaking against him.But thankfully there are still lakhs and lakhs who are waiting for Vijay to hit backstrong and except these loyal fans, Vijay had faced only wrath from everywhere.And if we think about the reasons for these, people list out a lot. But are they reallyreasons? Time to think about!Was it his choice of films?The same kind of films which people extended support for and considered theirpride, has become insulting for them. Suddenly out of the blue, people realized tatthese movies are not worth and should not be supported. They could have done itfor Thiruppachi or a Sivakaasi, but at the time when Vijay was in crisis and trustedhis fans most of them backed out from extending support. Cant people take oneSura for all the pain Vijay has gone through?Was it the mass commercial genre?Whoever pretended to be disliking mass films and claimed they hated Vijay for it,were full of praise for films like Singam which was nothing but left out craps of allnonsense seen in other mass commercial films. People who disliked Kuruvi stoodfor Aadhavan, people who disliked Sachein stood for worst films like Kutty, Paiyaaand Uthamaputhiran and none of these films are even half worth of the brilliance ofVijays past films. So it is just a lame excuse to dislike Vijay film for being masscommercial.Was it the choice of director?Dharani who gave a Ghilli, gave Kuruvi too, Prabhu Deva who gave a Pokkiri, gaveVillu too. But new directors, unknown faces have given hits with Vijay. Everythinghas to fall in place for a best film, not just a good director. Was it his mistake intrusting directors who gave mega hits with him to deliver it right the second timetoo? If working with a good director is what makes Vijay worth of being a fan, thenthere is no meaning in a person calling himself a fan. Most of those top directors,whom people list out as favorites for working with Vijay, didn’t even exist whenVijay was at peak a decade ago. All those who built his career through wonderfulfilms were new faces and less known directors.Those who complain on Vijay endlessly quote all the above reasons for that butmore than all these there is one fact which cannot be changed and which is the rootcause of all their evil. THEY HATE VIJAY. They would continue to hate him for allAn OVF Collection Page 13 of 28
  14. 14. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRmovies he does, however good it is, whatever is te subject and whoever directs it,because they hate Vijay.The degree of hating might vary from people who like him to die ("Please take Vijayand give us Murali back"), who would like him to get out of film industry ("I will talkagainst him until he gets out of the industry") and who just does not like him for hiscolour, face, position in industry and many more things. The ones in brackets arereal life quotes from Vijay haters. The bottom-line is that they will hate Vijay,whatever he does. There are only two kinds of audience today - Those who like Vijayand those who hate Vijay. That reminds me to talk about SAVAMs.An OVF Collection Page 14 of 28
  15. 15. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 7 Dealing with SAVAMsSAVAM in its meaning denotes dead bodies, and also expands as "Senseless AntiVijay & Adulterated Morons". This is to mean that whoever fits in the descriptiongiven above are those who cannot appreciate the dynamism and talents of Vijay andare no different than dead bodies. Although no one knows what they really get outof teasing Vijay, they do it as a part time job day in and day out and their maintargets are Vijay fans. They earn pleasure by sending al crappy forwards againstVijay in all forms through SMS and forward mails and they derive some sadisiticplesure out of it when a Vijay fan reads it and reacts to it. .There are 3 categories of SAVAMs I would like to specially address to: Bloggerswriting blogs against Vijay, sadist people who forward negative messages aboutVijay and jobless corporate people who forward mails against Vijay and his films.The worst thing about the second and third categories is, most of these people areour close friends and relatives who inspite of knowing that we are Vijay fanspurposefully tease us. Such messages when it comes from people close to us hurts alot, because we dont expect such acts from them even if others forwards suchmessages.Talking about bloggers, a PC/laptop with a high speed broadband connection(especially those living abroad) and a OC blog space courtesy Google are enough forthem to happily scream all nonsense about Vijay. These jobless sadists have no workother than downloading or watching online the movies, imagine worst cam printsminus theatre atmosphere, and then write a review in their junkyard(meansblogspace) using the worst filthy and unparliamentary language you can ever thinkof. Sitting in an A/C room and joblessly watching a movie on laptop with a beer canin hand and loads of shit inside the head will definitely wont give any enjoyment ofwatching a commercial film of a mass hero.These SAVAMs write as if they are Gurus of Tamil Cinema and are striving hard toencourage good and different(read Kamal/Surya) films and as if they grew upwatching high standard hollywood and kollywood films. And they would evenprovide ratings for top 10 movies in their blogs for offbeat movies, bashing upcommercial movies, least realizing that the movies they listed neither did anythinggood for its producers nor gave any viewing pleasure for the general audience. Notto forget that many of these people would have spent their early childhood with halftrousers and leaking noses, watching dirty commercial cinema of 80s in theirnearest theatres.Nowadays one more worst sub-category has emerged which writes review withouteven watching the movie just for showing off their "humor sense" and "writingAn OVF Collection Page 15 of 28
  16. 16. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRskills". And a bunch of shameless morons comment on these posts and make fun outof it. Neither Vijay pleaded them to watch his movies, nor did they have anycompulsion to do it. Inspite of knowing that they would not like it and it would givethem headache or whatever, these SAVAMs watch it or pretend to do so, only for thesole purpose of writing an abusive post on it. Uselessness at its peak!Coming to SMS forwarding category, SAVAMs effectively use their free SMS pack bysending abuse messages and forwards about Vijay, mainly to Vijay fans in theircontact list. The most irritating thing is, even those who dont message/mail youfrequently, immediately do a forward when they get an anti-Vijay SMS or email. Idont know what kind of sadistic pleasure it gives them, but when they put up ahorrific smile on their face and come to ask you if you saw the mail/SMS, you feellike slapping them tight and slitting their throat. Atleast, I feel so.The corporate junkies are even more worse. Apart from doing the selfless service ofcopy pasting contents from above said junk blogs, they use their hard learnttechnical knowledge on photoshop, flash and other things by creating videos, photosand animations against Vijay, wasting their time and talent for someone whom theyconsider "not even worth to be an actor".If you see the other side of the story, the moment you start sending them reply mailsstrongly or show them a straight face or start sending them mails abusing/makingfun of their so-called favorite actors, it will bring the hell out of them. They comeback shamelessly telling that they are fan of no one and they like good movies, orthey liked so and so movie of Vijay but now his movies are bad etc etc. Mega serialslose out to such stories from these SAVAMs!An OVF Collection Page 16 of 28
  17. 17. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 8 Answers to the ComplaintsFirst of all the morons who complain about Vijay should realize that, for people likeme, watching Surya doing a dumb romantic scene or Kamal coming in variousavatars or singing in his heavy throat is as much torture as you feel while watching aVijay movie, and even more than that. In fact, I can write out a mail criticising everyso-called best films of other actors and bring out as many negatives as possible fromthem to compose an anti-actorX mail. But Vijay has not taught me that, he infact asksme every time to watch all actors movies, but this loyal heart refuses to.Earlier the complaint on Vijay was that he follows the same old formula and notchanging from it. Now many heroes, not only those who are "shedding their bloodand sweat" for Tamil Cinema but even those mushrooms who popped up inyesterdays rain have started doing these type of movies. Hence the complaint haschanged as Vijay should work with directors like the others do and he shouldprovide movies which are watchable like they give. And those morons remarking onremakes, must analyze the track record of other mass heroes, who in the sametimeline of their career as Vijay is in now, have made unimaginable number ofremakes, many of them Xerox copies, which is proven from the data collected fromtheir own websites.And for the morons who categorize Vijay films as the ones made for C classaudience, I would request them to go and see in their nearby theatres whereVettaikaaran is screened, not for watching the film, but to see the spread of crowdwatching the film. Families, housewives, children, grandparents who dismiss theirstrain and come for watching an entertainer - If the ones you see in your own familyare C-Class audience, then these people are also C-class. Fans give the movies therequired opening and initial momentum, but it is this family crowd that takes itforward to give the movie its long run. Getting a director who makes films for cityaudience, a music director who shamelessly lifts tunes from western songs and aproduction house powerful enough to hold other movies to be released against youdoesn’t make you a top actor, neither your film is top class.All these family audiences were not gained overnight. It is Vijays hardwork and hiswork onscreen that has earned him these fans. He had no father to back him with agood history(It is a fact to be accepted that SACs legacy has written only negativeimpressions during Vijays debut), he didnt marry someone whose popularity hecan cash-in with family audience and nor did he do anything special to impress kids.But still they love him and watch his movies with their parents. And with nilsmoking or drinking scenes (he pledged not to keep them after ATM) and not evenbedroom scenes ("making love" as other actors name it) today Vijays films are cleanAn OVF Collection Page 17 of 28
  18. 18. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRfilms as he knows his social responsibility and impact on his audience. Am sure,none of the morons will have an answer for why this happens.Those who want getup changes from Vijay, first think of a single movie recentlywhere any actor doing dual role has shown any difference between two roleswithout any changes in getup or hairstyle or anything, just with voice modulationand body language, like Vijay did in ATM. Doing 10 yrs or 60 yrs role is notimportant, how you show a difference in the same age similar looking characters ismost important. And if someone thinks Vijay does same kind of action orexpressions in all movies, every other actor does the same, atleast Vijaysexpressions are enjoyable unlike the constant irritating "Eeeeeeeee" expressiongiven by few actors in all their songs including pathos songs.If changing getups and doing different roles is hard work, then do you call Vijaysefforts for every film as a cakewalk? Especially what about the risks and braveattempts in stunts he takes in these films some of which would have cost his lifeitself? Can anyone deny the struggle Vijay put himself through in films like Badri forthe sake of his fans? Not even once he has spoken about all these sitting in allchannels and dedicating it to his wife and son, he dedicates everything only for hisfans. Infact, most of his interviews does not promote his films; he comes on TV onlyfor fans.And for those morons, who speak about Vijays appearance and looks, it is this facethat lives in the hearts of millions and millions of Tamil people, including small kidsand mothers. People, who like Vijay, like him for what he is and not for how helooks. If looking fair or showing off body or building 6 packs is how a hero image canbe attained, even lifeless dough made from maida flour looks fair and even a oldman carrying gunny bags for a living, has 6 packs. These qualities doesnt make ahero suitable for a role, ultimately, how you carry on the role as yourself shows yourreal talent.Another important string of messages that does rounds is those which quotes Vijayas "10th Std fail" and makes fun of his doctorate. Anyone who follows Vijays historyknows very well that he is a college drop out and who stopped with 10th std is awell known fact that need not be told. Moreover, - this is what has earned adoctorate for Vijay, not his educational qualification or his acting career. And noneof his charity activities was even known to anyone, nor published in any mediaopenly unless his fans themselves brought it out especially with onlineadvancements. Without getting the facts right, some crap brain morons keepsending such nonsense mails/messages which doesnt actually have a meaning.I can clearly state one thing. With the same formula, even if Vijay gives another Ghillior a better film, the morons won’t stop their talks. Even if Vijay does a movie withAn OVF Collection Page 18 of 28
  19. 19. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRSelvaraghavan or Ameer or any other "different" director for that matter, whateverrole he plays offbeat or different from his usual, however best he acts in it, the anti-Vijay crowd will continue to tease him in one way or the other. Either they willblame Vijay of spoiling the film and directors name or they will say that so-and-soactor would have been the better choice. And if the film is a hit and good, then theywill find minor faults in the film and even turn the topic as "the director gave life forVijay" and so on.What I am trying to convey is that, their only aim is to criticize and abuse Vijay bywhatever means and reasons they can irrespective of the type and quality of filmshe is going to give. Even for Vettaikaaran, when they couldnt talk anything badabout the film, they started sending mail forwards making fun about the silky shirtVijay wore in "Karikaalan" song. I replied only one thing: "It is better than roamingaround in a film topless or sleeveless exhibiting body or wearing wifes t-shirts andattending functions"An OVF Collection Page 19 of 28
  20. 20. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 9 Double standard mediaThe fourth estate called Media is a powerful tool in a democratic country. Werespect their power to either construct or destruct with the power of their words.But are they doing justice to the articles they write? Definitely not always. Especiallyalmost never when it comes to what they write about Vijay. Those who are their eyecandies get hailed every other day and if they are biased about someone, we aresure to see double standards in their articles on them. The hatred or bias whichmedia has been showing oflate towards Vijay is really shocking and this articleposes a few questions to them on this:1. Many websites wrote that Vijay will be banned following the recent uproar aboutSura from few theatre owners. Anyone with commonsense knows banning an actordirectly lies within powers of NAdigar Sangam or Producers council and not Theatreowners who are empowered to issue red cards to an actors films and not bans. Thisitself is a clear example of their attitude towards Vijay and what they really expect tohappen. We wonder if they can write with same cruelty about any other hero insimilar situation.2. Every now and then we see articles criticizing Vijay to the lowest levels of evenabusing published in websites and few magazines using unparliamentary language.Arent journalists required to have some amount of professional ethics and maintainsome levels of discipline when writing about celebrities?3. Every Vijay movie is degraded with the tagline of "Only for Vijay fans" or by givingthe lowest possible star rating with all negatives highlighted. Similar type of filmsfrom their eye candy actors or those who are influential will come with a totallydifferent tone from same reviewers, and the star rating would be unbelievably high,not worthy of its value. And the review will definitely have a line which says allnegatives are overcome by the performance of so and so actor. They can insteadterm themselves as fan sites of particular actors which would be more justified ontheir part.4. When Sun Pictures, the distributors of Vettaikaaran themselves declared it astheir biggest collection grosser, these media still try to project it as a flop. WhenVijay movies that have been super hits were termed as just average, average moviesare termed as flops and washouts by these media. Why cant they maintain the samescale of box office analysis for their eye candy actors or influential actors?5. Of late, there has been a new trend to write letters and requisitions for Vijayclaiming it as from the point of view of a fan which are nothing but injectingnegatives in the form of sugar coated words when his movies are not received well.An OVF Collection Page 20 of 28
  21. 21. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRWhy cant there be articles from the same fans point of view when Vijay deliverssuper hits, and that time, we can see only "average" and "nothing new" kind ofreports which has no meaning when most fans like a film.6. Why can the media offer free advice for actors who claim themselves as familyentertainers yet act in bedroom and exposing scenes, actors who does one movieevery two years and yet every time come up with similar story of one songmillionaire concepts and many others who commit blunders in the name of movieswhich neither benefits fans nor the people in business? Why do they have to turntheir fake attention to Vijay when he has already planned for the change wantedfrom him?7. As for Vijay, we have to notice the first and foremost thing that he has avoided anyprotest thats against Media in the past as he feels a gratitude that they are ones whostrengthened his position to what he is today. Other actors who attend theseprotests and speak abusive things on the press and media just because they werehanded over the mic, as still treated as favorites by media.8. Vijay is always an easily approachable media friendly hero who has readily agreedfor many interviews to even those magazines in the past even when he was hurt bytheir comments on him and his films. A recent example is his interview toKumudham inspite of their worst review for Vettaikaaran.9. If Vijay doing commercial movies is a sin as projected by media, why cant theyoffer some guidance to actors who have been acting in similar kind of stories forpast 18 odd years or those who miserably fail to deliver bankable movies in aconsistent manner and doesn’t even speak openly to media?10. The festival editions, special editions of magazines will feature an interview ofVijay. They put up series about him to boost up their sales. Yet when it comes towriting about him, it is in the most inhuman way which readily builds up a negativeimpression in the minds of the readers. And even when their articles are leastrelated to Vijay they use his face on posters to draw attention. Is Vijay a commodityto boost up their sales and then thrown away when they dont need him?11. Vijays political moves were tracked and reported by media even before he couldeven think about them. Recently every act of him was portrayed as a move to savehis sinking career and as his last ray of hope. I pity these people who dont evenknow what fan power is, may be the actors they write praising articles do not havesuch fans. Vijay might have had a pause in his string of success but this is not end ofanything. His fans see it as only a low period before the graph starts rising up.An OVF Collection Page 21 of 28
  22. 22. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSR12. Vijay TV, which fed itself to popularity using Vijays face when he was at peakfew years ago, has shamelessly chosen to open criticism in an unethical andunprofessional way in the name of showing peoples opinion. Sun TV used Vijaysfilms to gain a name for them when they were marketing second grade films andlater created an illusion as if Vijay is dependent on them for the success of his films.The company never even existed till Vijays last blockbuster, Pokkiri.No one asks media to support or come up with articles that always shower praiseson Vijay. But their worst attitude towards Vijay and being unmindful of the fanpower he has is really something to condemn. It’s high time they stop spreadingrumors and publish writings degrading him and his films. They should try to dojustice to their profession in whatever they do. Least, they need to posses somehumanitarian traits and give respect for everyones feelings.An OVF Collection Page 22 of 28
  23. 23. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 10 Vijay and his fans in my visionI am a Vijay fan. Fan of Vijay only. The one and only "ILAYATHALAPATHY VIJAY". Idont even care about other actors and infact, I am watching only Vijay movies inTamil for past few years with very few exceptions. I care a damn about what othersspeak or how other movies are when compared to Vijay movies. I love Vijay filmsfrom my heart and that is all what I care about.Frankly, as I mentioned before I am a die hard fan of Vijay only for the past 6-7 yearsand even though I have watched him as an entertainer and was happy with his masscommercial movies, there was always a pricking feeling that Vijay’s potential as anactor is not yet utilized even in the best of his films. Even today after watching a lotof Vijay’s films before and after Kushi, I feel that Vijay is not less to anyone in termsof acting talents, and just that he has not been into the right script to tap that out.After watching films like ATM and Kavalan, my long time wishes were fulfilled tosome extent. I was almost in tears of joy after watching these films, because Vijayhad displayed his potential in a movie that was made for fans like me, rather than ina movie made for satisfying some unknown jury judging films for an awardpresented by a film based magazine.I am echoing words from a friend of mine said a few years ago “If we look for logic ina double hero subject, Indian film industry will go for a shutdown. If we ask forgetup change movies, Hindi industry will head towards shutdown. If we look forlogical sense, half of superstar heroes’ films will be nothing. Kamal movies, whichtry to take care of all these aspects, are not appreciated by all class of public. So,what do the audiences seek exactly?"Each and every word of this e-book is originally credited to Vijay, because he hasmade me write them. The boy who was papa’s kid when he entered filmdom withNaalaya Theerpu has risen to such great heights today as an actor, as a performer, asan entertainer and as a big star, that he is able to carry a whole film by himself. I amleast bothered about what others say about his films, I hardly care for how websitesreview the film and it hardly matters to me how technically brilliant his films are. Imight sound stupid, but I watch Vijay films only for Vijay and he has never let medown anytime and he has never failed to deliver.I would say there are three types of audience who come for a Vijay film. One is thekind which comes in and goes out with the thought that “Vijay and his films suck tothe core” There is no cure for such creatures and there is no use of talking aboutthem. The other kind is people like me who are ready to watch anything good doneby Vijay and go to the film with an open mind. So we are always happy, because, nobig expectations, no big disappointments and only entertainment on the whole.An OVF Collection Page 23 of 28
  24. 24. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRThere is a third category of people, who are none other than Vijay fans, but withhuge expectations from him. These people are so crazy about Vijay films that theywatch the film with a preset state of mind and a self composed storyline. Theyexpect a lot from each and every aspect. And when even a small error occurs, theyget terribly disappointed and feel like the whole film is a let down. And as a matterof fact, there are always disputes for category 1 with other two, anywhere andeverywhere, but of late, the conflicts between category 2 and category 3 isincreasing so much, which I feel is a concern.This third category have complaints like Vijay needs to work with big directors,needs to experiment and his films should be all perfect. They always expectsomething more from Vijay, not happy with what he has given. It might not bewrong on their part, but the way they express their feelings hurts many Vijay fansthemselves. Giving a hit with an established director is not that difficult. Becausethey have a strong story, team, working style and know how to extract work. Theactors effort is made easy ultimately. But with new directors, the whole onus is onthe actors shoulders and upon that they put their efforts to give a hit film. That’swhere Vijay stands out.If old age getups, shaved head getup, six pack are hard work, then even performingstunts without dupes, doing painful dance movements and showing all kinds ofemotion in a single story is also hard work. About experimenting, Poove Unakaagawas Vikramans experiment with Vijay. Priyamudan was Vijays experiment withnegative role. Kannukul Nilavu was another experiment. Thirumalai was Vijaysexperiment as mass hero, a genre which not many actors can achieve success with. Ifgetup changes and body builds are only experiments, then Tamil Cinema willbecome a fancy dress contest.Finally about mistakes in films, even the blockbuster Ghilli had a lot of poor specialeffects and stunts that were totally unbelievable. We can forgive a few poorlyexecuted scenes for the sake of respecting the hard work of a one man army calledVijay, who does films only for us. Even at the peak of his career, he has taken the riskof acting in films of new-comers inspite of his contemporaries depending on thebacking of big production houses, top directors and technicians. I salute thatconfidence!And I hope that things will fall in place one day when the third category also will feelcompletely satisfied with Vijay’s film, which is the day when Vijay fans will be wholesingle unit of power.An OVF Collection Page 24 of 28
  25. 25. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 11 The Responsibility of fansVijay has been there in film industry for more than one and a half decades and hehas seen all ups and downs in his career. He has seen the good and bad andwhenever there was bad, he has successfully come out of it, more stronger andescalated himself to the top. I am telling this to all those who cant stop comparingVijay with other actors. Vijay is in his 17th year of acting and he has crossed 51films. When you look at his past and see the times when he was in the same timelineand film count as other actors he is being compared with, you can definitely say hewas in a better position than what they are today.I can prove this just by one instance, when Vijay surpassed Rajini a decade ago in apoll conducted by Kumudham for popular actor/actress among college students.The actors whom you are talking about didnt even have a place in that poll. Andthese other actors will also pass through a time as Vijay did in past 2 years. And thattime, we will tie our hands and see how they and their fans react to the situation(Some already did have crossed that stage, wherein they started doing "different" tosurvive in the industry, now they claim that they cant sleep well unless they givedifferent films)He has never disappointed and failed to deliver in any of his movies, even thoughthe directors, technicians, screenplay and story let the movie down. If someone canteven tell out the fact that his movies are worth watching once for him, they have norights to claim them as his fan because for dedicating his career for his fans notworrying about awards and accolades, he definitely doesn’t deserve such peopleclaiming as his fans.And there lies Vijays main issue - His trust on his fans. He trusts them more thananything else and that is what backfired when he trusted they will support hismovie even if it failed in one or other aspect. I wont say that is right, but there weremany a time in the past fans could have supported Vijay lot more than what they didand that would have got him lesser troubles.Sachein was one of the best romantic films of this decade and yet for unknownreasons and unfair expectations, majority Vijay fans let the movie down, if not, itwould have given him the comfort to do such movies once in a while. KannukulNilavu was one of his best performances in early days, yet fans let the movie down.It stopped him from trying different roles.Kuruvi, except for a single action sequence was a very much enjoyable fare but fansmercilessly agreed with Vijay haters towards the negatives of the film. No one evenspoke about similar and even worse action sequences in Aadhavan. Sura, even afterAn OVF Collection Page 25 of 28
  26. 26. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRlow expectations set by Vijay and his word that he will give a different film in next,was trashed left and right by Vijay fans themselves. Except that there was nothingfresh, the film didn’t have anything too bad to be given such a treatment but Vijayfans again let him down.It is to be understood that I am not making a point to blindly support bad movies ornot to criticize for improvement. But there is a way in which a fan does it and othersdo it. When fans start talking like Vijay haters, that’s when Vijay is being let down orlacking the required support. Films will come and go, they will become hits or flops,but Vijay should always be held high for he has never failed in entertaining his fans.If fans do not take this stance and support Vijay condition less, then they become thebiggest traitors for making waste all struggle he has put up for them.An OVF Collection Page 26 of 28
  27. 27. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSRCHAPTER 12 The Final RequestThe cheerful, enthusiastic and lively Vijay who was seen in special programs and TVshows during past years is no more seen now, all we can see is a dull, sober andthoughtful version of him. He speaks very less, carefully-chosen words and even hissmile has a pain in it. He has even given up his "En Nenjil Kudikirukkum enadhuanbaana rasigargal" phrase many times. In one of the special programs in Jaya TVfew weeks back, Vijay started off in a normal way without this trademark line. Whenthe host questioned why he didn’t say that he replied "They are teasing if I say this"with an uncomfortable smile.It is definitely clear that he knows about all those crappy sms, emails and blogsteasing him that are doing rounds. He could have definitely come across thosethrough family or friends, and though he claims to be not bothered about them, itwould have hurt him deeply inside as much as the comments passed on him duringhis initial days. In a Vijay tv program during Villu, he said "Perula mattum thaanazhagiya thamizh magan, aana naan illa", which is exactly an SMS message doingrounds during those times. When I was watching the same programs repeat telecastrecently, I felt so bad for him because, he does not deserve such treatment fromunknown morons who dont even know who he really is.It is the responsibility of every Vijay fan to stay with him, support him, prove allthose speaking bad about him wrong and defeat all those who are plotting againsthim. It is our responsibility to bring back his happy-from-the-heart smile and that’sthe least we can do for a hero who has acts and gives films only for our happiness.Before I finish, I just have only one request to all Vijay fans. You have got a treasurein Vijay out of which only a small part is enjoyed by you. He has many more years togo and many more films to come, and he will surely move himself towards betterand bigger position in Tamil film history. Meanwhile, just as you say "India lost thematch, but Sachin batted well", "the film was bad but Rahmans music kaagapaakalam", "Whatever others feel, I will watch it because it is a Manirathnam film"and so on, please cultivate the habit of saying "However the film was, Vijay did welland I am happy about it", because that is the least he wants from us for all the hardwork and toil he puts in for the film.Mistakes do happen and they get corrected, Vettaikaaran is the best example for it.And then better things do surely happen, Kavalan has proved it. All that Vijay fansneed is patience, tolerance and immunity from people who have the capacity to rapeyour senses with their shitty thoughts. If you already have these, never lose it, elseyou will be left out when in future the history is rewritten.An OVF Collection Page 27 of 28
  28. 28. “Being Vijay Fan” by KSR IT IS ANYDAY A PRIDE TO BE A FAN OF VIJAY.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> THE END <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<An OVF Collection Page 28 of 28