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A lesson devoted to "Super Food" (based on Language Leader Elementary) + extra exercises on 'some' and 'any'+ video about British Food( It gives a unique insight into British life and culture. It contains subtitles and is easy to understand for pre-intermediate students) You can find the video on Youtube:

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  1. 1. Super Food FOOD- Do you eat it?
  2. 2. BANANAS
  3. 3. BREAD
  4. 4. BROCCOLI
  5. 5. CARROTS
  6. 6. GREEN TEA
  7. 7. GARLIC/ˈɡɑˈ(r)ɪk/ l
  8. 8. MILK
  9. 9. NOODLES
  10. 10. NUTS
  11. 11. OLIVE OIL
  12. 12. RED PEPPERS
  13. 13. ORANGES
  14. 14. RICE
  15. 15. SALMON/ˈsæmən/
  16. 16. SARDINES/sɑˈ(r)ˈdiˈn/
  18. 18. Super foodDo you eat it?
  19. 19. Useful vocabulary• Berries : blueberries and strawberries• Heart and memory• To fight illnesses (e.g. cancer)• It’s high in vitamin /ˈvɪtəmɪn/ C• Oily fish• Natural medicine /ˈmed(ə)s(ə)n/• Good for health
  20. 20. A and An. Some and Any Singular countable nouns Plural Countable nouns A table/ house/ student etc. Some tables, houses, students, apples, An apple/ egg/ insect eggs, insects etc. Uncountable nouns Some air, water, sugar, milk, fun, happiness We use some in positive sentences and any for questions and negatives. Some nouns can + I’d like some sugar. We can use some be countable - I wouldn’t like any sugar. in a question to and uncountable. ? Would you like some sugar? make an offer or We’d like some But not for singular nouns. request. lemonade. I’d like an apple. Would you likeWe’d like 5 lemonades. I wouldn’t like an apple. some tea? Would you like an apple? Can I have some milk?
  21. 21. Put the correct answer into the spaces with “some” or “any”.1.There is not ________sugar in the coffee.2.There are ___________ stars in the sky.3.There aren’t ________ roses on the table.4.Father says, ‘Please give me ________ oil.’5.Is there ________ orange juice?6.There is ________ paper on the desk.
  22. 22. Food in BritainWhat facts do you already know about food in Britain?
  23. 23. Before you watch• a. What do milkmen do?• b. Do British people often eat bacon for breakfast?• c. When do British people usually have lunch?• d. When do they usually have their evening meal?• e. Does London have a lot of foreign restaurants?• f. Do British people really eat a lot of fish and chips?
  24. 24. Watch the video andfind answers to thequestions you havejust discussed.
  25. 25. While you watch• What do these people have for breakfast?
  26. 26. Thank you for attention!
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