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Smithsonian Magazine Photo of the Day 史密森尼雜誌每日一圖 2014.04
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Smithsonian Magazine Photo of the Day 史密森尼雜誌每日一圖 2014.04


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Published in: Art & Photos, Business

  • @guimera Those pictures to capture the moment, it is not easy.Thank you Olga,Have a nice weekend! ^_^
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  • Impresionante colección de fotos ! Fotos slide 20, 22, 29 super ! Muchas gracias, Eddie. Deseo un agradable weekend.
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  • 1. Friendship 友誼 Photography by Mina Delic, Senta, Serbia 1
  • 2. Coal Miner 煤礦工人 Photography by Roman Shalenkin, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia 2
  • 3. Macaque Monkey 獼猴 Photography by James Martin, London, UK 3
  • 4. Camels in the Sahara 撒哈拉的駱駝 Photography by Garrett Dvorkin, Baltimore, MD, USA 4
  • 5. View from a Hot Air Balloon 從熱氣球鳥瞰 Photography by Igor Markov, Senta, Serbia 5
  • 6. Hovering Hummingbird 盤旋的蜂鳥 Photography by Kristhian Castro, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia 6
  • 7. White Pocket 亞利桑那州 White Pocket Photography by Gunther Riehle, Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany 7
  • 8. Stars Over Peyto Lake 沛托湖星星 Photography by Victor Liu, Calgary, AB, Canada 8
  • 9. Elephant and Calf 大象與小象 Photography by Ozkan Ozmen, 09400 Kusadasi, Turkey 9
  • 10. Feeding Pigeons 鴿子餵 Photography by Suditi Guharoy, Kolkata, West Bengal, India 10
  • 11. Surfing with Dolphins 與海豚共浪 Photography by Matt Hutton, Wickham NSW, Australia 11
  • 12. Macara, A Silverback Gorilla 馬卡拉,一隻銀背大猩猩 Photography by Gonçalo Barriga, 2770-161 Paço de Arcos, Portugal 12
  • 13. Los Angeles from the Sky 從空中看洛杉磯 Photography by George Medvedev, Vancouver, BC, Canada 13
  • 14. Leopard 豹 Photography by Paolo Pescia, Sala Capriasca, 6954 Capriasca, Switzerland 14
  • 15. Icelandic Landscape 冰島景觀 Photography by Sarah Martinet, Baillargues, France 15
  • 16. Sulfur Miner 硫 礦工磺 Photography by Agung Bawono Aji, Jakarta, Indonesia 16
  • 17. Morning Meadow Meander 早晨草地上漫步 Photography by George Burgin, Billings, MT, USA 17
  • 18. Blue Car in Havana 哈瓦那的藍色汽車 Photography by Giancarlo Bisone, Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA 18
  • 19. Taslima at Her Doorstep 在家門口 Photography by Sandipan Mukherjee, Kolkata, West Bengal, India 19
  • 20. Surprising Fly By 令人驚訝的飛過 Photography by Elena Murzyn, Woodinville, WA, USA 20
  • 21. Chicks Galore 一群小雞 Photography by Hooman Fakhteh, Rasht, Iran 21
  • 22. Pond Hopping 跳入池塘 Photography by Debasis Majumder, Kolkata, West Bengal, India 22
  • 23. Stormy Texas Panhandle 暴風雨在德州 Photography by Mike Olbinski, Chandler, AZ, USA 23
  • 24. Tiger on the Prowl 老虎在徘徊 Photography by Porus Khareghat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 24
  • 25. Dressed to Match 穿著匹配 Photography by Matthew Price, Oceanside, CA, USA 25
  • 26. Sunrise at Bryce Canyon 布萊斯峽谷的日出 Photography by Louis Kamler, Denver, CO, USA 26
  • 27. Howling Wolf 叫的狼嚎 Photography by Bobby Zheng, Vancouver, BC, Canada 27
  • 28. Fresh Perspective 新觀點 Photography by Marius Vieth, Dusseldorf, Germany 28
  • 29. Desert Creature 沙漠動物 Photography by Jerry Fer Damian, Al Ain - United Arab Emirates 29
  • 30. Cyclist in Northern Spain 在西班牙北部騎單車 Photography by Alexander Ong, Caterham, Surrey, UK 4/30/2014 王文堯 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from Smithsonian Magazine THE END 30