NG Traveler Photo of the Day 旅遊者每日一圖 2014.03

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  • 1. Hmong Dancers, Vietnam 苗族舞者,越南 Photograph by Linh TranAnh 1
  • 2. I Heart My City: Amsterdam Photograph by Karl Duncan 2
  • 3. I Heart My City: Pula, Croatia Photograph by Matija Sculac 3
  • 4. I Heart My City: Shanghai Photograph by Bin Yu 4
  • 5. I Heart My City: Munich Photograph by Tony Ramos 5
  • 6. I Heart My City: San Francisco Photograph by Michael Perry, 6
  • 7. Cincinnati's Roebling Bridge 辛辛那提的羅布林大橋 Photograph by Melissa Farlow 7
  • 8. Ireland‘s Wild Atlantic Way 赤爾島,愛爾蘭 Photograph by Kevin Galvin, Alamy 8
  • 9. Kane County, Utah 金色大教堂,猶他州凱恩 縣 Photograph by Philippe Crochet, Getty Images 9
  • 10. Bird-Watching in Trinidad 千里達 賞鳥 Photograph by Catherine Karnow, Corbis 10
  • 11. Casablanca Valley, Chile 卡薩布蘭卡山谷,智利 Photograph by Hoberman Collection/Corbis 11
  • 12. Valletta, Malta 聖若望副主教座堂 , 瓦萊塔,馬爾他 Photograph by Sylvain Sonnet, Corbis 12
  • 13. El Nido in Palawan, Philippines 巴拉望 愛 島,菲律賓妮 Photograph by Mon Corpuz Photography/Getty Images 13
  • 14. Toledo, Spain 新列入世界遺產的托萊多,西班牙 Photograph by Peter Adams, Getty Images 14
  • 15. Asheville‘s Biltmore Estate Gardens 阿什維爾比特摩爾莊園 , 美國 Photograph by Lonnie Webster 15
  • 16. Lake Oberon, Tasmania 湖奧伯龍,塔斯馬尼亞,澳洲 Photograph by Ashley Whitworth, Alamy 16
  • 17. Boston Public Garden in Spring 波士頓公共花園 Photograph by Paul Marotta/Getty Images 17
  • 18. Via dei Servi, Florence 聖母百花大教堂 街景,義大利 Photograph by Dave Yoder 18
  • 19. Wanapum Girl and Horse, Oregon 女孩和馬,俄勒岡州 Photograph by Erika Larsen 19
  • 20. Lake Ada, New Zealand 阿達湖,紐西蘭 Photograph by Michael Melford 20
  • 21. Goa Gajah, Bali 象洞,峇里島 Photograph by Patrick Love, Redux 21
  • 22. Puna de Atacama, Argentina 普納塔卡馬,阿根廷 Photograph by Federico Norte, 22
  • 23. Buddhist Monk in Namchi, India 佛教僧侶在 Namchi ,印度 Photograph by Бирюков Юрий 23
  • 24. Olympic National Park, Washington 奧林匹克國家公園,華盛頓 Photograph by Justin Jung 24
  • 25. Dogsledding in Montana 狗拉雪橇,蒙大拿州 Photograph by Daniel R. Westergren 25
  • 26. Ropes Course, Montana 繩索課程,蒙大拿 Photograph by Michel Tallichet 26
  • 27. Bridger Bowl Skiing, Montana 布里傑滑雪,蒙大拿 Photograph by Daniel R. Westergren 27
  • 28. Biking Missoula, Montana Photograph by Tom Robertson 28
  • 29. Makoshika State Park Makoshika 國家公園,蒙大拿 Photograph by Danita Delimont 29
  • 30. Montana Campfire 營火 蒙大拿 Photograph by Loneman Photography 30
  • 31. Castle Geyser, Yellowstone National Park 城堡間歇泉,黃石國家公園 Photograph by Daniel R. Westergren 313/31/2014 王文堯王文堯 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from National Geographic THE END