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National Geographic’s Archives Released to Celebrate 125th Anniversary(8)
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National Geographic’s Archives Released to Celebrate 125th Anniversary(8)


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Published in: Art & Photos, Travel, Technology

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  • 1. Never-before-seen images from National Geographic’s archives released to celebrate 125th anniversary(8) HAND PLAY A teacher and a deaf student practice making sounds in front of mirror at the Clarke School for the Deaf in Massachusetts, March 1955. PHOTOGRAPH BY WILLARD CULVER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 1
  • 2. Two women gaze at heavy surf while lying on boulders on the coast of Nova Scotia, December 1961. PHOTOGRAPH BY VOLKMAR WENTZEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 2
  • 3. Aerial of the Great Salt Lake in Utah. PHOTOGRAPH BY PAUL ZAHL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 3
  • 4. Research expedition members celebrate crossing the Equator on the Indian Ocean, July 1989. PHOTOGRAPH BY EMORY KRISTOF, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 4
  • 5. An itinerant cowpuncher travels with his wife and dog in Alpine, Texas. PHOTOGRAPH BY LUIS MARDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 5
  • 6. Portrait of an Ojibway, or Chippewa Indian girl in 1907. PHOTOGRAPH BY ROLAND W. REED, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 6
  • 7. A view of the Marquesas Islands from an aircraft window, July 1996.PHOTOGRAPH BY JODI COBB, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 7
  • 8. Pedestrians in Montreal seek shelter from the weather in underground arcades, May 1967. PHOTOGRAPH BY WINFIELD PARKS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8
  • 9. People punt on and relax beside the Cam River in Cambridge, England, April 1946. PHOTOGRAPH BY B. ANTHONY STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 9
  • 10. Children play outside a Hudson Bay Company store in Ontario, Canada, 1963. PHOTOGRAPH BY WINFIELD PARKS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 10
  • 11. People reenact a balloon flight for Paris’s 2,000th anniversary, June 1952. PHOTOGRAPH BY JUSTIN LOCKE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 11
  • 12. Emperor penguin chicks huddle for warmth with other chicks and adults in Antartica, September 1963. PHOTOGRAPH BY FRANK KAZUKAITIS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 12
  • 13. Rainbow floodlights illuminate the thundering Niagra Falls, New York, November 1956. PHOTOGRAPH BY JOSEPH PAXTON BLAIR III, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 13
  • 14. A woman wears a dress adorned with fish scales in 1921. PHOTOGRAPH BY KADEL & HERBERT 14
  • 15. People swim in a pool at the Scituate Yacht Club in Massachusetts overlooking harbor, August 1947. PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT SISSON, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 15
  • 16. Commuters travel on a four-lane escalator in Moscow’s subway system, March 1966. PHOTOGRAPH BY DEAN CONGER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 16
  • 17. Modestly attired Japanese women wade into water to bathe, October 1928. PHOTOGRAPH BY KIYOSHI SAKAMOTO, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 17
  • 18. An aerial photograph of farmland in Michigan, June 1979. PHOTOGRAPH BY JAMES L. AMOS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 18
  • 19. Portrait of a woman draped with red silk. PHOTOGRAPH BY FRANKLIN PRICE KNOTT, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 19
  • 20. A test orbiter flies before the actual shuttle Columbia, March 1981. PHOTOGRAPH BY NASA 20
  • 21. Argentine gauchos race across a lake near Beron de Astrada, November 1980. PHOTOGRAPH BY O. LOUIS MAZZATENTA, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 21
  • 22. A view of a whale’s fluke as it dives after being harpooned in Point Hope, Alaska, September 1942. PHOTOGRAPH BY FROELICH G. RAINEY, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 22
  • 23. A woman in a yellow dress uses an umbrella to keep dry in Saint Louis, Missouri, November 1965. PHOTOGRAPH BY BRUCE DALE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 23
  • 24. American bison charge through heavy snow in Yellowstone National Park, November 1967. PHOTOGRAPH BY WILLIAM ALBERT ALLARD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 24
  • 25. Schoolgirls in New Year’s costumes improvise a seesaw in Suwon, South Korea, March 1969. PHOTOGRAPH BY HOWARD SOCHUREK, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 25
  • 26. Women train to be lifeguards and swimming instructors in North Carolina, August 1941. PHOTOGRAPH BY J. BAYLOR ROBERTS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 26
  • 27. Portrait of two young men dressed up as chinelos for carnival in Tepotzotlan, Mexico, December 1951. PHOTOGRAPH BY JUSTIN LOCKE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 27
  • 28. People gather on a roof terrace in the District of Columbia as lights come on in nearby buildings, April 1967. PHOTOGRAPH BY JOE SCHERSCHEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 28
  • 29. A woman stands in front of her flower stand on the Rambla in Barcelona, Spain, March 1929.PHOTOGRAPH BY JULES GERVAIS COURTELLEMONT, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 29
  • 30. A bull elk catches a camera string in his antlers, triggering a flash. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, July 1913. PHOTOGRAPH BY GEORGE SHIRAS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 30
  • 32. People watching a solar eclipse squint through smoked glass or film on Rebun Island in Japan, March 1949. PHOTOGRAPH BY MAYNARD OWEN WILLIAMS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 32
  • 33. A piece of wood shot from a cannon shows the damage done by tornadoes. Lubbock, Texas, June 1987. PHOTOGRAPH BY CHRIS JOHNS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 33
  • 34. A hand-tinted photograph of Jerusalem where the dome of the Mosque of Omar is visible, March 1914. PHOTOGRAPH BY AMERICAN COLONY PHOTOGRAPHERS 34
  • 35. Children wearing Mardi Gras costumes in New Orleans, Louisiana. PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN HYPOLITE COQUILLE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 35
  • 36. Shoppers fill Tokyo’s neon-lit shopping district at twilight, November 1964. PHOTOGRAPH BY WINFIELD PARKS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 36
  • 37. Sparks fly from a welder’s torch in China. PHOTOGRAPH BY JODI COBB, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 37
  • 38. A woman working on a mosaic of Mary and baby Jesus in Vatican City. PHOTOGRAPH BY JAMES L. STANFIELD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 38
  • 39. Seen from Castello Brown, Portofino, Italy, hugs the shoreline, February 1965. PHOTOGRAPH BY WINFIELD PARKS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 39
  • 40. Men and dogs sit by a campfire in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, December 1998. PHOTOGRAPH BY SAM ABELL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 40
  • 41. In the light of early morning, the Vimy circles the pyramids at Giza on a dawn tour, May 1995. PHOTOGRAPH BY JAMES L. STANFIELD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 41
  • 42. Botafogo Bay and Rio de Janeiro at night, September 1920. PHOTOGRAPH BY CARLOS BIPPUS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 42
  • 43. A combination sand and rain storm batters a lone automobile in Kuwait, May 1969. PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID CUPP, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 43
  • 44. Men soak in mineral-laden hot waters of the Rudas Baths in Budapest, Hungary, April 1971. PHOTOGRAPH BY JOE SCHERSCHEL, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 44
  • 45. Fishermen on St. Pierre Island launch their dory before dawn to fish for cod, September 1967. PHOTOGRAPH BY W. E. GARRETT, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 45
  • 46. Westinghouse demonstrates an electric razor using x-ray technology, May 1941. PHOTOGRAPH BY WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP. 46
  • 47. A group of dancing Swazi maidens in Swaziland, South Africa, October 1930. 47
  • 48. Haze veils distant Asiatic Turkey across the Dardanelles, October 1968. 48
  • 49. Neon signs blur the night scene as marines walk on the street in San Diego, California, July 1969. PHOTOGRAPH BY JAMES L. AMOS, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 49
  • 50. Women harvest wheat with sickles then bind it by hand in a field in 1956. PHOTOGRAPH BY FRANC AND JEAN SHORE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 50
  • 51. A bird’s eye view of Mecca and surrounding hillsides, August 1917. PHOTOGRAPH BY SAMUEL M. ZWEMER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 51
  • 52. Thunderstorms cause whips of lightning over the plains in New Mexico, November 1989. PHOTOGRAPH BY BRUCE DALE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 52
  • 53. Two children sit on a horse surrounded by scotch broom in Crescent City, California, June 1929. PHOTOGRAPH BY CHARLES MARTIN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 53
  • 54. Londoners seek shelter during WWII in the Aldwych tube station, April 1941. PHOTOGRAPH BY ACME NEWS PICTURES, INC. 54
  • 55. Young women look out on Kalapana Black Sand Beach in Hawaii. The beach gets its black color from volanic lava, November 1937. PHOTOGRAPH BY RICHARD HEWITT STEWART, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 55
  • 56. Children hold an Indian python in a London zoo, June 1953. PHOTOGRAPH BY B. A. STEWART AND DAVID S. BOYER, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 56
  • 57. A boat sits still in the water at sunrise near Abu Simbel, Egypt, December 1923. PHOTOGRAPH BY JULES GERVAIS COURTELLEMONT, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 57
  • 58. Workers swarm over scaffolding to erect the Nagarjuna Sagar dam in India, May 1963. PHOTOGRAPH BY JOHN SCOFIELD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 58
  • 59. A hippopotamus and his mate line up at tank’s edge at feeding time, March 1957. PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT F. SISSON AND DONALD MCBAIN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 59
  • 60. A woman harvests vanda orchids from Hilo nursery fields in Hawaii, March 1975. PHOTOGRAPH BY ROBERT MADDEN, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 11/12/2013 王文堯 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from National Geographic THE END 60