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Taiwan famous food
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Taiwan famous food






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Taiwan famous food Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Taiwan Famous Food
  • 2. Pearl Milk Tea
    • Because of its taste and fragrant tea powder round chewy, and soon a warm welcome by the people of Taiwan, many foreign Chinese Street can enjoy the mellow pearl milk tea.
  • 3. Noodle
    • Starting from Tainan popular noodle, small a bowl of noodles from the River burns oil and bean sprouts, topped with boiled noodle can be a long time for people to taste and serve.
  • 4. Shrimp Rougeng
    • Rougeng shrimp shrimp soup and a small amount of mainly Rougeng made ​​with cooked, add some cornstarch and water, thicken, make a thick soup more and more to chew texture. And tasting shrimp Rougeng, be sure to add some black vinegar to taste.
  • 5. Oyster omelets
    • Fresh oyster is an important element in this tasty, will reconcile the cornstarch with the oyster topped with sweet potato starch flour, with egg, vegetables and fried under the pan to the fire, then eating sweet and sour sauce topped with special tone , mouth-watering taste of sweet-scented.
  • 6. Meat
    • This kind of bamboo leaves into the bag rice, mushrooms, peanuts, egg yolk, pork and other condiments, flavors the meat with a touch of bamboo incense, Dragon Boat Festival was originally only get to eat.
  • 7. Smelly Tofu
    • More delicious smell of cooking more, and only the stinky tofu! Many people can not smell the smell of tofu is often trying, but once the entrance to taste, they forget their special taste.
  • 8. Meatballs
    • Changhua, Taiwan and Hsinchu meatballs with two of the most famous of which are fried meatballs way Changhua; Hsinchu meatballs steamed approach is based on taste somewhat different, visitors choose to follow their favorite flavor taste.
  • 9. Oysters Noodles
    • Little seems to not look like a bowl of the snack, the night market is an indispensable snack food, delicious or not is the key to freshness and oyster noodles Q-Jin.
  • 10. Mango Ice
    • Qin Liang eating quite comfortable in the summer. However, quite know how to eat the people of Taiwan, have developed a number of new desktop ice cream, fruit such as the use made ​​of mangoes, strawberries and other seasonal ice cream, ice, cool and refreshing and not just creative.