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Some of the lesser known Chrome hacks, tips and tricks by

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Chrome hacks nadeus education services

  1. 1. NADEUS EDUCATION SERVICES Tel: +91-8699492964 Email: Web: TECHNOLOGY || FOREIGN LANGUAGES || SOCIAL MEDIA Google Chrome- tips & hacks that are lesser known Try this: Compose a new email directly from Chrome's omnibox. (This is a hack) 1. Go to Settings ( shortcut on a Mac is Command + , ) 2. Under 'Search' section click on the 'Manage Search Engines' button 3. Create a new row called 'Email Compose', Use the keyword 'e' , Use this query in the third box 'mailto:?subject=%s' Just as you type 'e' and a spacebar in the omnibox (address bar) it will turn solid (as my default email client is Gmail I named the row Gmail Compose) Whatever you type next will become a part of the subject of the email. 4. Hit enter and a new tab with the email composing UI will open (if you are already signed in) Try this: "data:text/html, <html contenteditable>" Use this (without quotes) in address bar and use Chrome as notepad. Quite handy to note down something while surfing net. Details about why it works are here - Jose Jesus Perez Aguinaga
  2. 2. NADEUS EDUCATION SERVICES Tel: +91-8699492964 Email: Web: TECHNOLOGY || FOREIGN LANGUAGES || SOCIAL MEDIA Try this: Opening a new tab and hitting chrome://flags opens the Chrome Experiments page, where you can enable few cool features. But as Chrome puts it, "Careful, these experiments may bite", you may want to be sure of what you are doing. There were certain things that I tried out first from here, such as Sync tabs open on other devices, before they were included by default on the next Chrome update. You can make use of hardware acceleration and GPU rendering, you can find some Frame rate statistics if you are into numbers, some touch screen optimizations, some new UI stuff such as a new Downloads UI. Some cool ones i like include the one on Mac where you can use the 3 finger swipe gesture to see open tabs. And by enabling Focus existing tab on open, typing a URL of an existing tab into the omnibox results in viewing the already open tab instead of loading a new one. There are lots and lots of them, with some being specific to certain platforms. Just try them out. Updates Relaunch an Accidentally Closed Tab If you closed a tab by mistake, you can quickly open it thru the key combo CTRL+SHIFT+T Google Chrome Canary Find it here: Think of it as a beta release - you could try out many of the in-development features in advance. Once again, note the disclaimer by Google: "Not for the faint of heart | Canary is designed for developers and early adopters, and can sometimes break down completely." You can use the canary build alongside the stable version of Google Chrome, and hence afford to take more risks, experimenting!
  3. 3. NADEUS EDUCATION SERVICES Tel: +91-8699492964 Email: Web: TECHNOLOGY || FOREIGN LANGUAGES || SOCIAL MEDIA Try this: Recent experiments that I came across: 1. On enabling the "Action box" experiment, the Actions drop-down menu is displayed on clicking the "+" sign at the end of the omnibox - as shown below: This would replace the default star button to add a bookmark and instead provide options to bookmark, share or send the page to a mobile device. 2. On enabling the "Enable Rich Notifications" experiment, a new notification center is made available. It lists email, chat and other notifications. 3. On enabling the "Show Chrome Apps Launcher" experiment, a shortcut to the Chrome Apps Launcher is created in the Windows TaskBar.
  4. 4. NADEUS EDUCATION SERVICES Tel: +91-8699492964 Email: Web: TECHNOLOGY || FOREIGN LANGUAGES || SOCIAL MEDIA Try this: 1. Google Chrome has a feature of searching within a website (If it is supported by the site). Type the url of the site in URL box e.g. "" ,, then press "tab button" then u can search directly into the site. This site will become your search engine. It is not yet supported by firefox. 2. "chrome://memory-redirect/ ". Search it in ur browser, u will get the memory used by all tabs and processes of the browser. 3.Shift+esc.. task manager for chrome... check out the processes running on the background.. 4. ctrl+tab switch between ur tabs
  5. 5. NADEUS EDUCATION SERVICES Tel: +91-8699492964 Email: Web: TECHNOLOGY || FOREIGN LANGUAGES || SOCIAL MEDIA Try this: Save any webpage as a PDF by using ctrl+P, this opens the print screen.From the print screen click on change ( found in the destination section) and then select “Save as PDF” and click on save. Try this: 1. You can sign into your gmail account into chrome and it'll sync all your stuff (like bookmarks, cookies, history, extensions,preferences etc) into cloud and when you sign in again into chome in a different PC or tablet device, you have access to all your stuff. 2. Multiple user accounts can be created in chrome(settings->users->add new user) and the corresponding stuff (site logins, bookmarks etc) can be organised. 3. You have tools->task manager(shift+esc) where you can see which tab/extension is taking up too much memory and end the process. And there is a cool link there(stats for nerds) which gives out little more info. 4. You can write javascript directly into your address bar with prefix 'javascript:'. e.g: "javascript: alert('hello quora');" 5. Using 'Ctrl+P' you can print the whole page as .pdf or send it to any printer and it has some handy options for printing. 6. And everbody knows incognito (ctrl+shift+N)