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ID HUB of Bing Yang

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Id hub of bing yang

  1. 1. Bing Yang(Young) s3346184
  2. 2. professional, engaged persona you wish to present People can build different roles between online and real life, they can do some things they really want to do on Internet. This is the biggest advantage of Internet. Now, I will describe my persona on internet. Firstly, I am a online journalist when I was in China, I have written some reports and news online in past several years. Due to the reason that my bachelor background is journalism, I like to writing and sharing ideas and thinkings with other people online. These articles are all about politics, music and culture. Secondly, I am a crazy fan of rock music. I also like to write some articles about rock music, because of some reasons like political reason, rock is not very famous in China. However, I try my best to spread and introduce rock to Chinese. This kind of music is really fantastic, passional and engaging. Finally, now I want to be a professional advertiser online, because journalism and advertising are all belonged to communication. I can also find some fan in advertising. As the famous motto from Benjamin Franklin, “no president, just advertiser.”
  3. 3. Professional identity Positioning: I just want to do something on communication professional. Value Proposition: Due to the reason that I have done a bachelor degree on communication (Journalism) in China, and now I am studying master of advertising in RMIT university. I can catch some key points on communication. That can help do some research in the future. My brand story: I am a international student majoring in advertising in RMIT, this is my second semester in RMIT. During the study time in RMIT, I have learned lots of things which are professional in advertising and communication. Maybe just because English is not my first language, I often got some troubles in my study. However, I should try my best to slove language problem to reach a professional level in the subject of communication. Also, building a strong personal branding in the future.
  4. 4. The literature and theory discussed The link of the blog: ng-about-identity/ This blog I have written is about the understanding of identity from the lecture of Mr. Neal
  5. 5. Media Mapping The link of blog: mapping-week-2-2/ I just added some interesting pics in the media mapping. These pics are from my experience of living in Melbourne in the past year. Some thing about living, culture and advertisement and music are involved in my media mapping.
  6. 6. Relationship between social media & personal branding The link of blog: hip-between-social-media-personal-branding/ This article explains that how social media influences personal branding. In new digital age, social media could be a key communication tool people use. This article is very useful for me to do the research about personal branding.
  7. 7. Evidence of Twitter activity 1. Tweeting about the course material
  8. 8. Evidence of Twitter activity 2. Engaging in another hashtag conversation
  9. 9. Evidence of Twitter activity 3. replies or interactions with people within or outside your class
  10. 10. My platforms diagram ID HUB Facebook Twitter Instagram (plan to add) Worldpress Vimeo